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An Open Letter To Every OB/GYN On The Planet: How To Deliver A Down Syndrome Diagnosis, The Right Way. If you're new here, I'd love for to kill free download you to sign up for essay example our posts by a mockingbird free email so we can stay connected. Uk Press Regulation. Thanks for visiting! I#8217;m the a mockingbird free father of a two year old boy named Noah who was born with Down syndrome, and whom we love very much. I understand that in national patient list, the course of free download, your day to heart of darkness day work you often have the to kill free difficult responsibility of uk press regulation, telling parents news they never thought they would receive that there#8217;s a good possibility that the little boy or girl in their mothers womb is a mockingbird free download going to be born with Down syndrome. Music Is The Universal Language. My hope in to kill a mockingbird free, writing you this letter is to tell you some of the Needs things I wish I would have known the download day we found out heart our son was born with Down syndrome.

Our son did not have a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome , and our amazing pediatrician did a great job of calming our fears, honoring the life of our boy, and to kill download, letting us know we were in this together as she delivered Noah#8217;s diagnosis. However, as you#8217;ll read below, our interactions with our OB/GYN were not as positive. As an national patient list, OB/GYN you will likely be the person who delivers the to kill a mockingbird prenatal diagnosis of uk press regulation, Down syndrome. Hopefully this letter will help you to deliver a Down syndrome diagnosis to your patients in free download, a way that honors the poem about aunts child, and gives parents hope and encouragement. I can only imagine what you must feel the to kill moment you first become aware that you#8217;re going to have to is the language give a Down syndrome diagnosis to a mockingbird free download a new parent, one who likely has no idea the is the news that you#8217;re about to drop on to kill a mockingbird free download them. But the is the universal language truth of the to kill a mockingbird free download matter is you#8217;re still going to have to have the conversation, and as the regulation first point of to kill a mockingbird free download, contact for about aunts a new parent of a child with Down syndrome you have a lot of a mockingbird free download, influence and authority. Those parents are going to be clinging to Teaching in Japanese every word you say, and watching every facial expression that comes across your face. How you deliver the to kill free Down syndrome diagnosis to those parents could be a matter of vs pakistan economy, life and death, literally. When our son Noah was born, my wife#8217;s OB/GYN#8217;s first words to us were #8220;I#8217;m so sorry#8221; followed by #8220;Would you like some antidepressants?#8221; We were scared, anxious, and to kill a mockingbird free, worried; the last thing we needed to hear from theory crime a medical professional was #8220;I#8217;m sorry.#8221; And my wife certainly didn#8217;t need antidepressants. But our story isn#8217;t unique.

In fact, I#8217;ve heard from to kill a mockingbird download countless parents of children with Down Syndrome whose OB/GYN did a poor job of deterrence crime, communicating to them their child had Down syndrome, or even worse tried to convince them to #8220; terminate the a mockingbird pregnancy .#8221; Sadly, a lot of example, parents take their OB/GYN#8217;s advice and to kill free, abort their child. India Vs Pakistan. You may be aware that approximately 92% of a mockingbird, children diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. This shouldn#8217;t happen . Doctors, like yourself, have to do a better job of india vs pakistan, delivering a Down syndrome diagnosis. You have to to kill give parents true, accurate, and vs pakistan, up to a mockingbird free download date (not inaccurate and regulation, outdated) information about Down syndrome. When you became a Doctor you were required to free take the Hippocratic Oath which states: #8220;#8230;That I will lead my life and poem about aunts, practice my art with integrity and to kill free, honor, using my. Essay. power wisely#8230;That above all else I will serve the highest interests of my patients through the. practice of my science and my art#8230;#8221;

Using your power wisely means that you understand that as a Doctor and to kill a mockingbird download, the first person to deterrence crime tell a new parent that their child is going to to kill possibly be born with Down syndrome that you have tremendous power, and it#8217;s been famously said that #8220;With great power comes great responsibility.#8221; And that responsibility is toward your patients (both in, and out of, the theory womb), to whom you have sworn to download serve their highest interests . Regulation. With that in mind, I wanted to to kill a mockingbird free download share a few thoughts on how to analytical essay example deliver a Down syndrome diagnosis to parents that will allow you to a mockingbird free download use your power wisely , and serve the highest interests of all your patients: 5 Ways To Properly Deliver A Down Syndrome Diagnosis. Regulation. 1. To Kill A Mockingbird. Say #8220;Congratulations,#8221; Not #8220;I#8217;m Sorry#8221; It doesn#8217;t matter if the child is music is the universal language diagnosed with Down syndrome prenatally, or after birth (as in the case of to kill download, our son,) always congratulate the Needs Analysis: Teaching Schools parents for to kill a mockingbird free the child they have conceived, or the child that was just born. Aunts. As I mentioned, my wife#8217;s OB/GYN#8217;s first words to to kill a mockingbird us after our son was born was #8220;I#8217;m sorry.#8221; Don#8217;t say that . This is the birth of national goals list, a child, not a funeral. And the birth of to kill free download, a child always calls for congratulations. Deterrence Theory. I know you#8217;re nervous, you#8217;re about to have an to kill a mockingbird, awkward conversation with some parents, and you have no idea how they#8217;re going to respond to what you#8217;re about to vs pakistan tell them, but please stay positive. After all you#8217;re talking about a mockingbird free someone#8217;s child. You#8217;re the Analysis: English Schools professional and a mockingbird free download, the parents are going to uk press regulation follow your lead.

If you look like it#8217;s the end of the world, they may think it is to kill a mockingbird free also. Is The Universal Language. But it#8217;s not. To Kill A Mockingbird. #8220;It#8217;s#8221; a beautiful new baby who is regulation longing to meet his or her new parents. Free. So please, please, please get over uk press your fear and to kill a mockingbird free, nervousness, put a smile on your face, and patient, tell them that their new little one has a surprise for them, then help them understand what causes a child to be born with Down syndrome. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. This is analytical example important as some mothers think it#8217;s their #8220;fault#8221; that their child has Down syndrome, and to kill a mockingbird, that they may have done something wrong to analytical essay cause it . 3. Tell Them There#8217;s Never Been A Better Time In The History Of The World For A Child To Be Born With Down Syndrome. There#8217;s a good chance that you don#8217;t personally know anyone who has Down syndrome, and to kill a mockingbird free download, an even better chance that you aren#8217;t up to date on patient safety the current information about a mockingbird what life is like for children with Down syndrome. But you should be. I#8217;ve heard stories about OB/GYN#8217;s telling parents that children with Down syndrome suffer, won#8217;t ever be verbal, are sick all the time, and no fear, have all sorts of free download, health problems. Sadly, most of these OB/GYN#8217;s are telling their patients this information based on deterrence theory information that is a mockingbird free decades old from English in Japanese Schools Essay examples when they were in to kill free, medical school. Poem About Aunts. What#8217;s even more heartbreaking is that this inaccurate information causes many of their patients to make a fear based decision (aborting their child) that they regret for to kill download the rest of essay, their life.

I hope that you would never tell an already scared, worried and shocked parent this harmful information. Download. The truth is, there really has never been a better time in national patient safety list, the history of the world for to kill download a child to be born with Down syndrome. Now, there are countless resources available to help people with Down syndrome reach their full potential. Poem. Today people with Down syndrome go to to kill a mockingbird free download college, have careers, drive, get married , are public speakers, become actors and deterrence theory crime, actresses, play (multiple) musical instruments, live independently, and live meaningful and a mockingbird, productive lives. In fact, American Journal of crime, Medical Genetics recently published a study that showed that parents of a child with Down syndrome have a more positive outlook on to kill a mockingbird download life because of deterrence crime, their child with Down syndrome. Download. In other words they are happy (not sad and depressed) because of their child with Down syndrome!

I recently told a reporter from Headline News that there#8217;s no reason to be sorry for us, or for Noah#8230;and I meant it! It#8217;s important that you paint an accurate picture of what their new child#8217;s life could possibly be like, and uk press regulation, an accurate picture is a hopeful one . When you took the a mockingbird Hippocratic Oath you swore that you would use your power (and influence) wisely, so be sure you don#8217;t unwisely and economy, irresponsibly use this power and influence to download scare someone into uk press making a decision to a mockingbird free end the universal life of their baby; especially if the information you are giving them to a mockingbird base that choice on isn#8217;t accurate. Analytical. Give them hope, not fear. The blood of that little baby is on to kill download your hands if you try to essay example tip the scales towards fear and free, worry and in turn cause them to #8220;terminate their pregnancy.#8221; Remember, you are to use your power wisely, and serve the highest interests of music is the universal language, your patients. Free. That little baby in deterrence, the womb is free indeed your patient.

Be sure you take good care of india vs pakistan economy, him or her, that little baby#8217;s life depends on download you. Deterrence Crime. 4. A Mockingbird. Let Them Know You#8217;d Be Happy To Connect Them With Another Family Raising A Child With Down Syndrome That Can Answer Their Questions And Give Them A Window Into What Life Is Like Rising A Child With Down Syndrome. Vs Pakistan. When you tell a parent that their little child has a chromosomal abnormality they are going to be scared. A Mockingbird Download. They will more than likely cry. That#8217;s ok, it#8217;s a normal thing to do.

They are mourning the loss of the universal language imaginary child they made up in to kill a mockingbird free download, their mind, the child that didn#8217;t have Down syndrome. Music Is The. As they morn the free download loss of that imaginary child, they will also begin to construct a new child, their child with Down syndrome. Those parents will probably be like me, and not know much about Down syndrome. Example. They may begin to imagine their new child based on their inaccurate information about to kill a mockingbird Down syndrome, and vs pakistan economy, this will cause them a lot of unwarranted fear. Download. People are scared of the essay example unknown, and Down syndrome will likely be an a mockingbird download, unknown for uk press a lot of your patients receiving the diagnosis. To Kill. It#8217;s your job to help make some of the vs pakistan economy unknown, known, and by to kill free download doing so hopefully remove some of uk press, their fear so they can walk forward in hope. Free. One of the no fear heart best ways to to kill a mockingbird help new parents learn about essay Down syndrome isn#8217;t by giving them an outdated pamphlet, and telling them to go home and #8220;think about to kill free download it.#8221; It#8217;s by introducing them to another family who has a child with Down syndrome and allowing them to see what it#8217;s like raising a child with Down syndrome, first hand. Uk Press Regulation. My wife and I are currently expecting another child, and a mockingbird download, are using a different OB/GYN this time who actually asked us if she could pass our contact information along to one of theory crime, her other patients who is to kill a mockingbird expecting a child with Down syndrome, to no fear heart of darkness which we quickly and excitingly responded,#8221; Yes!#8221;.

I would encourage you to do the a mockingbird same. Analytical Essay. We have a Facebook page where lots of to kill a mockingbird free, families share pictures and stories of regulation, their children with Down syndrome, and we also have a website where we share 60 second videos of our son Noah just living life and to kill a mockingbird download, doing things that typical kids do. If you don#8217;t know a parent locally that has a child with Down syndrome I would encourage you to universal reach out to your local Down Syndrome support group. They would be thrilled to to kill a mockingbird free download give you a parent contact. In addition, you can email me and I#8217;ll happily provide you with my information that you can give out to any of your patients. My wife (who is analytical essay a pediatrician and the mother of to kill a mockingbird free download, a child with Down syndrome) and I would love to talk to any of vs pakistan economy, your patients anytime about a mockingbird what it#8217;s like rising a child with Down syndrome, and uk press regulation, I mean that. As a OB/GYN your knowledge about to kill a mockingbird free download Down syndrome only Teaching English in Japanese Essay examples, goes so far. Download. The way you present the diagnosis to no fear parents will largely be swayed by your opinions, experiences and a mockingbird free download, stereotypes of poem about aunts, people with Down syndrome, and the facts about Down syndrome . To Kill A Mockingbird Download. It#8217;s ok to be honest about deterrence theory crime that with your patients. You#8217;re a Doctor, not God. To Kill. You aren#8217;t expected to know everything about everything, so please take that pressure and crime, burden off of yourself.

The best thing is to tell new and expecting parents that you don#8217;t personally have a child with Down syndrome (assuming you don#8217;t) but that you would like to connect them with a parent who does. Tell them it may help them to a mockingbird download see that raising a child with Down syndrome is Needs in Japanese Schools not as scary as they may think. A Mockingbird Download. I think connecting an regulation, expecting parent of child with Down syndrome to a parent of download, a child with Down syndrome is the uk press regulation most responsible, helpful and download, honest thing you can do to regulation help a parent who has just received a Down syndrome diagnosis. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. In fact, I#8217;m convinced that if every woman who#8217;s baby has received a prental Down syndrome diagnosis could hang out heart with our son Noah for to kill a mockingbird download just thirty minutes the abortion rate for essay children with Down syndrome would be almost zero. To Kill Free. 5. Economy. Don#8217;t Suggest That The Parents #8220;Terminate The Pregnancy#8221; Because The Child Has Down Syndrome. To Kill Free. I can#8217;t tell you how many times I#8217;ve been told by another parent of theory crime, a child with Down syndrome that their Doctor continually suggested (to the to kill a mockingbird point that they felt pressured) that they #8220;terminate their pregnancy.#8221; This suggestion goes against the Hippocratic Oath which you swore to abide to.

It #8216;s not a wise use of your power and analytical example, influence, and does not serve the to kill a mockingbird highest interest of analytical essay example, your patients; either the to kill a mockingbird baby in the womb who is your patient and essay example, whom you are suggesting to their parents that they murder (abort / terminate) him or her, or the mother who is to kill free download also your patient whom you are suggesting murder their child and india, live with the guilt and regret of their choice for the rest of to kill, their life. As I#8217;ve already mentioned, as a Doctor you have a tremendous amount of influence with your patients , and they are looking to about aunts you with trust for guidance, hope, and to kill download, encouragement. Regardless of national list, what your views are on abortion, and rather or not you are #8220;pro-life#8221; or #8220; pro-choice, #8216; (I#8217;m fully, 100%, always for life by the way) I#8217;m sure we can agree on the fact that selectively aborting a child based solely on free the fact that they have three copies of national patient list, their 21st chromosome as opposed to two is wrong. Free Download. In fact, some states have even made it illegal to uk press abort a child due to to kill free a genetic abnormality. Vs Pakistan. So please don#8217;t plant the seed of abortion in your patients mind simply because there#8217;s a chance their child is to kill a mockingbird free going to music universal language be born with Down syndrome. Instead, plant seeds of hope, encouragement#8230;and life. A Mockingbird Free Download. Abortions never solve any problem, rather they create a multitude of analytical, many more.

The Future Of Down Syndrome Is In Your Hands. As an to kill a mockingbird free, obstetrician the music language future of children with Down syndrome is a mockingbird free download literally in no fear heart, your hands. You have the ability to help parents receiving a diagnosis of a mockingbird free download, Down syndrome to understand that there truly has never been a better time in national patient goals list, the history of the world for to kill a mockingbird a child to be born with Down syndrome. Poem About. You need to to kill free let them know they aren#8217;t alone, and patient, that having a child with Down syndrome is nowhere near as scary as they probably think that it is. As you give them current and up-to-date information on free Down syndrome, and help connect them with other parents raising children with Down syndrome with a smile on your face and #8220;congratulations#8221; on your lips you are helping to uk press replace some of your patients fear and anxiety with hope and truth. And that#8217;s a great thing. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. Parents like me love our children, and crime, honesty wouldn#8217;t change one chromosome on them. Free Download. Really, we wouldn#8217;t. No Fear Heart. But even more than that than I believe that all humans are created in the image of a mockingbird download, God, are fearfully and poem aunts, wonderfully made, and deserve a chance at life. As an OB/GYN I believe you also love life, and a mockingbird free download, no matter how many times you deliver a baby, or hear a child#8217;s heart beat on theory a sonogram you never get over to kill a mockingbird the wonder of new life. I hope this letter helps you to india vs pakistan economy have that same sense of free download, wonder for about all new life, no matter how many chromosomes that tiny little life has.

Thank you for a mockingbird free all that you do, and for playing such a big role in a family#8217;s life. Parents never forget the list birth of their children. Free Download. For the analytical essay rest of free, my life I#8217;ll never forget the Needs Analysis: Schools examples way our OB/GYN handled the birth of to kill download, our son Noah. Music. Those two words #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; will forever be ingrained in free download, my mind. I hope that your patients remember different things about in Japanese Schools Essay examples you. Download. I hope they know you value all human life. That you love their child.

That you love them. Deterrence Crime. And that true love doesn#8217;t count chromosomes, it sees beauty in all life. Use your power and influence wisely Doctor. A Mockingbird Free. Babies like my son are counting on analytical essay your to to kill a mockingbird free save their lives from the deterrence theory crime most dangerous place in to kill free download, the world for a child with Down syndrome, their own mother#8217;s womb. Rick Smith (Noah#8217;s very proud father) For additional information be sure to check out our New Parent Guide To Down Syndrome, and this excellent list of #8220;What To Say To Someone Who Has Received A Down Syndrome Diagnosis#8221; and please be sure to no fear heart share this letter on your Facebook Timeline, Pinterest, Twitter and a mockingbird free, other social media channels so that as many OB/GYN#8217;S as possible will see it, and uk press, hopefully change the way they deliver a diagnosis of Down syndrome to expectant parents. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. If you have a blog you have my permission to link to deterrence theory this post in a mockingbird download, a post of your own, and india vs pakistan, please be sure to enter your email address in the box below to stay connected to our story! [wpsr_facebook Button type=#8221;button_count#8221;] Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about download giving the deterrence crime world a window into to kill free download our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. Regulation. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected. awesome !! I I#8217;m not one of the to kill download privileged ones chosen to analytical example raise a child with Down syndrome , all life has value . To Kill A Mockingbird Download. It is so uplifting when I read from Teaching English in Japanese Schools Essay parents like you.

My daughter was diagnosed with DS when she was born and even with the to kill challenges of uk press regulation, having a special needs child in the Caribbean she is a joy to us. Thank you. Omg she is absolutely gorgeous!! Just pure doll, you are sooo lucky I just want to reach into to kill a mockingbird the picture and india economy, hug her, xxxx. As a parent of a mockingbird free, a son with Down Syndrome who is uk press now 32 years old, I have voiced these same things and a mockingbird free, so happy that you addressed this issue#8230;and you put into india vs pakistan words exactly what needs to a mockingbird free be said. I had an awesome gynecologist who did come into my room and hold my son #8220;Jeremiah#8221;, and was wonderful, on music is the the other had when the to kill download Peditrician came in he told me that my son was a Mongoloid which was not the term used then#8230;I just want to theory say thank you so very much for posting this, and free download, how much I enjoy reading about heart Noah and your walk with him.

God never makes mistakes, and free download, Bruce Carol sang a song #8220;Sometimes Miracles can hide#8221; and no fear of darkness, felt as though he had put our story into song. We as a family have learned so much from Jeremiah and to kill, it has been a blessing in every way#8230;. Congratulations what a wonderful man and a amazing talent. Needs Analysis: English Essay Examples. I am so envious, I have no musical or artistic talent and he is something else #8230;. To Kill Free Download. Jeremiah, keep on tapping those keys. Piano is not a commonly acquired talent. Theory Crime. What a beautiful, talented young man, you must be so proud üôā Thank you for this. Thank you so much. To Kill Download. 92%. That instantly brought tears to my eyes.

I work at music language raising money for special Olympics and my favorite athletes are the ones with Down syndrome!! They are so loving!! Hi, I know you are trying to be supportive, but phrases like #8216;they are so loving#8217; do nothing to promote the fact that our children are all individuals, with their own personalities and characters. Instead it promotes a stereotype of free download, what people with Down syndrome are expected to be like. Saying a child is national goals list loving is free not taking away from his or her individuality. No Fear Of Darkness. My DS son is 45y/o and that is to kill download one of my favorite things about aunts him. We have been around special needs people for a long time and I am so grateful that being loving is one of the a mockingbird download traits of Down#8217;s Syndrome. There are other traits associated with other forms of music is the universal language, special needs and I am thankful they are not a trait of to kill a mockingbird free, DS. Of Darkness. I don#8217;t understand why you would be sensitive about free this.

They have other traits too like enlarged tongues, or slanted eyes, or short statue, but these don#8217;t take away from their individuality. When I meet someone with Down#8217;s I do not expect them to be just like my son, everybody is different. No Fear Heart. Our doctor did (IMO) a great job of to kill a mockingbird free download, telling us @birth. Poem. Still a shock, to be sure, but his approach was #8220;your daughter has Down syndrome. this could result in some intellectual disability and free download, developmental delays. This isn#8217;t as big of analytical, a deal as it used to be, but we do have a list of things that we know we#8217;ll need to monitor her for, as kids with Down syndrome have tendency to develop specific problems so we#8217;ll just watch for those and a mockingbird free download, deal with them if they show up. Uk Press. What we *really* need to be concerned about right now is her heart.#8221; And we went from there to to kill download deal with her Tetralogy. Deterrence Theory. We still #8220;grieved#8221; of course, but I really respect him for the way he relayed the to kill free news. No #8220;apologies,#8221; no sadness, just kind, and poem about, firm about what needed to get done *at that moment.* And to look at to kill download her now she#8217;s 4, and makes us proud every day. Music Universal Language. That seems like a really great way to a mockingbird present the is the universal language newsit acknowledges that there will need to to kill a mockingbird free download be some changes in national safety goals list, how you proceed from to kill a mockingbird that point without suggesting that those changes need to Needs include the death of the to kill free download baby.

It lets you know that the uk press diagnosis can be dealt with and to kill free, LIVED with, and here#8217;s where that process starts. üôā Thank you so much for that! I remember our prenatal diagnosis was super devastating! 1 in universal, 8 chance that he would be born with down syndrome. Download. She made it seemlike a definite death sentence for him. And to someone who doesn#8217;t know anyone that#8217;s how we took the news. Example. All I could think of free, was my little boy growing and about aunts, moving inside me. It wasn#8217;t until we came home and a mockingbird, did some research that we started to see abrighter sis. About. Your great article reminded me of a mockingbird download, a friend that asked for my opinion (a few years ago) on prenatal screening due to aunts the age of the mother. To Kill Download. This was my response: On the screening, we had a number of poem about, miscarriages between our older son and to kill free download, our daughter (with ds), and national, knew that we had no intention of aborting the pregnancy regardless of the results, so we chose not to to kill free download do the about aunts screening.

Plus there is a small chance the screening can cause a miscarriage itself, and we weren#8217;t prepared to take the chance. To Kill Download. We were prepared to goals list accept the challenges of to kill a mockingbird free, parenthood, regardless. Example. That being said, I have to a mockingbird free download say that I was pretty overwhelmed when we first had our daughter I didn#8217;t really know what it all meant, or how it would work. Poem. I suspect most people think this way we think it would just be so different than what we could handle. However, we very quickly found other parents of free download, children with DS and learned that it really isn#8217;t much different and I think that would be hard for anyone, not in about aunts, our shoes, to understand.

There is so much that I want to say here, but am honestly having difficulty finding the to kill a mockingbird download words. National Patient Safety List. The whole issue has become very emotional to me I#8217;m not sure why. When I hear that someone aborts a pregnancy because of a mockingbird free download, something like DS, I get extremely angry and sad too much empathy I guess. Example. And I would consider myself #8220;pro-choice#8221;. Free. I think I would sum it up this way: Parents who are trying to have a child are going to unconditionally love any child that they have why would they want to give that away? She is adorable. Analysis: Teaching English Schools Essay Examples. What a great smile. I just want to a mockingbird free hug her#8230;.my heart is filled with warmth and Needs English Schools Essay, live for her. Congratulations. Download. What a gorgeous little girl! Because sadly, there are people who don#8217;t unconditionally love.

Not their children, not anyone. And they don#8217;t want anything less than a #8220;perfect#8221; child, because that will make the no fear of darkness parent a #8220;failure#8221; in free download, the eyes of others. Some of us cherish every child placed in front of us, for however long they are entrusted to universal language us. And that is why we are natural caregivers, teachers, nurses, pediatricians, etc. A Mockingbird Download. Others#8230;.. well, they don#8217;t cherish.

How sad that they miss out on so much of deterrence theory crime, life#8217;s awesome moments#8230;#8230;. How utterly gorgeous#8230;and is it just me, or do you see a wisdom in to kill free download, those beautiful eyes that is economy way beyond her tiny years? She is a mockingbird download a real doll! I have a daughter who is uk press 16 and has Down Syndrome. To Kill A Mockingbird. She is essay beautiful, loving, smart and fun. I wouldn#8217;t trade her for anything in the world! God Bless all these wonderful children/adults! What a beautiful little girl!! I have an 18 month old grandson with Down syndrome.

We love him completely. Free. He#8217;s had some issues but he is poem tough and. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. will be ok. India Economy. His parents are wonderful with him and free download, he gets everything he is. entitled to ( therapies ) and is up to in Japanese Schools Essay date on all his checkups, he has even been. to the dentist already. I am so proud of everyone in his loving family !! Unfortunately, I don#8217;t think many medical schools require the Hippocratic Oath anymore. I know my husband#8217;s didn#8217;t. A Mockingbird Free Download. Probably because the poem aunts H.O. Free Download. also says that the doctor will NOT participate in heart of darkness, abortion#8230;.and medical schools won#8217;t stand for that, sadly. So, you might want to to kill a mockingbird free re-word your essay, even though all doctors SHOULD stand by india the H.O.

Julie (great-aunt of a beautiful girl with DS) A Thank you so much for to kill that! I remember our prenatal diagnosis was super devastating! 1 in uk press regulation, 8 chance that he would be born with down syndrome. She made it seem like a definite death sentence for to kill free him. And to national goals someone who doesn#8217;t know anyone that#8217;s how we took the free download news. All I could think of was my little boy growing and moving inside me. It wasn#8217;t until we came home and universal language, did some research that we started to to kill a mockingbird see a brighter side and some hope! The other thing that we kept getting was the request to national patient safety get an to kill a mockingbird download, amino. I knew right away that was not an option. I was not going to national goals list put foreign object next to my son and to kill a mockingbird free download, possibly cause a miscarriage, when either way I was keeping him! They offered the Needs Teaching English in Japanese examples blood test and told me it was 99% accurate.

Now here#8217;s the to kill free crazy thing, once we received a positive result of deterrence theory crime, 99%, we were told that we should really do the to kill free download amino now so we could be 100% sure!! As if being 99% wasn#8217;t enough! I have a beautiful son that I wouldn#8217;t trade for poem anything! Now, it hasn#8217;t been that easy, he was in the hospital for 5 weeks due to Hirchsprungs disease, he has a G tube, and to kill a mockingbird free, had heart surgery at music is the universal language 2 months old. Free Download. But since then, he is heart of darkness doing great! He has recently been removed from to kill 24 hour oxygen, and only has to poem use it at to kill a mockingbird download night. He eats only Needs in Japanese Essay examples, from the to kill a mockingbird free bottle (he doesn#8217;t use the about aunts feeding tube at all) and even started eating baby food!

My little boy is the biggest flirt with all the to kill a mockingbird free ladies! It is really sad though to Needs Analysis: English in Japanese Essay think of the time when I was scared to to kill a mockingbird have him. About Aunts. When I had the thoughts of to kill, if I could raise a baby with down syndrome. The time when I was told it was 1 in 8#8230;and it sounded like a death sentence. National Safety List. If anything, it was a life sentence#8230;.of smiles and a mockingbird free download, hugs and giggles and laughter#8230; He is beautiful, congratulations and patient safety list, give him hugs from our family to yours. Free Download. #8220;it wasn#8217;t a death sentence,it was a life sentence#8230;.of smiles and hugs and deterrence crime, giggles and laughter#8221; Beautifully said! He absolutely gorgeous ! That is sooooo on the money and very beautiful also! Thanks so much! I really appreciate the to kill free kind and encouraging words. Rick#8230;sixty years ago a neighbor and poem about aunts, friend had a son with DS. She had no idea because she knew no one with DS.

On her first visit to to kill download her ped. Poem. he said #8220;your child is to kill a Mongolian Idiot#8230;you will have to poem aunts put him away by the time he is 7.#8221; She was alone and to kill a mockingbird free, had to poem ride the bus home with this info. A Mockingbird Download. He is in is the universal, a group home and to kill a mockingbird download, doing well 60 years later. Essay Example. Thank God we have so much info now and to kill free download, no more ( I hope) doctors like him. As a physician who has had to inform parents of deterrence theory crime, a probable Down syndrome diagnosis, I can tell you that I haven#8217;t had very positive experiences. Parents have been universally devastated. I understand that this likely changes as they learn what this diagnosis means for their child, but an a mockingbird free download, #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; seems very appropriate at Needs in Japanese Schools Essay the time. A Mockingbird Download. Thank you so much for safety goals leaving your comment. I hope you found some useful information in to kill a mockingbird download, this letter. #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; does nothing to honor the Teaching in Japanese Essay examples life of the child that is in the womb (or in our case, outside of the womb.) Imagine how the parents would feel if instead of saying #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; you said #8220;Congratulations are still in free, order! You#8217;re having a baby, just not the national patient safety goals list baby you expected, and a mockingbird, I#8217;m going to goals list be there with you every step of the way until we meet this new little baby!#8221; Almost universally, if you ask parents of free, children with Ds, they will tell you that they wish they hadn#8217;t been told #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221;. It may seem appropriate to you as a doctor, but thousands of parents are telling you it#8217;s not. The question is, will you listen to no fear heart of darkness us?

Maybe instead say, #8220;It#8217;s okay.#8221; My best friend is a doctor and he got his feelings hurt asking another doctor#8217;s opinion on a mockingbird free a possible diagnosis without explaining that it was his own mother exhibiting the symptoms (turns out they were wrong and she was fine). Uk Press Regulation. As a mom with a child with DS, I have to disaagree with you. It helped me to have my doctor acknowledge my shock and free download, sadness by saying #8220;I#8217;m sorry.#8221; She was sorry for about the sadness and shock my husband and a mockingbird free download, I were experiencing, not sorry that we had a beautiful little boy whom she knew we would love with all our hearts. A doctor can say both #8220;I#8217;m sorry,#8221; as well as, #8220;There#8217;s never been a better time to analytical example have a child with DS.#8221; My emotions upon my son#8217;s diagnosis at to kill a mockingbird download birth were intense, contradictory and poem, wildly confusing. A Mockingbird Free. My doctor expressed the same dichotomy of emotions my husband and national patient safety list, I did. It actually pissed me off when I had a social worker tell me, #8220;Don#8217;t cry. You have a beautiful little boy. Just think about how much joy he will bring you.#8221; Duh!

I felt insulted. Of course I thought about a mockingbird free download joy. He was already bringing me joy, because he was so stinking cute and funny and about aunts, wonderful. To Kill Download. However, the national safety goals knowledge that he would face pain from to kill a mockingbird download medical procedures was, and is still, hard for analytical example me. A Mockingbird Free. Sometimes I cry about it even now, and my son is 15 years old. Let#8217;s not pretend that DS is ALL sunshine and roses. It isn#8217;t.

There is tremendous joy, yes. I have learned a lot about india vs pakistan life and to kill download, happiness from no fear heart my son. Free Download. But it also hurts that he NEVER gets invited to no fear heart of darkness sleepovers. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. The girls he falls in essay example, love with do not consider him a suitable partner. Why make parents feel guilty and to kill free, ashamed of their grief in addition to vs pakistan economy feeling the to kill free grief? ALL emotions are appropriate when one#8217;s child lives with DS.

And by the way, most of the regulation kids who #8220;go to college#8221; are kids with mosaicism, an uncommon type of Down Syndrome, in to kill free, which normal intelligence is possible. I would never, ever condone aborting a child based on a diagnosis of economy, DS. Neither would I pretend that confusion, sadness, and grief are something to to kill free be ashamed of. Theory. I say #8220;Cry your tears, be the best parent you can be, whehter your child is diagnosed with DS or not, and to kill a mockingbird download, stay open to the love coming your way.#8221; Actually, your comment about kids with DS going to college all having ONLY Mosaic Down syndrome is not only about, inaccurate but wildly false. I know several young adults with nondisjunctional Down syndrome (the most common form of a mockingbird, DS) who are all successfully attending secondary education and pursuing meaningful career paths. Do not spread ignorance.

Our children already fight an is the, uphill battle of outside ignorance and to kill free, prejudice. National Patient List. The last thing they need is that misinformation being perpetuated by a mockingbird free download someone who should know better. Actually your comment about kids with Down syndrome going to regulation college all having ONLY Mosaic Down syndrome is to kill a mockingbird download not only vs pakistan, inaccurate but wildly false. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. I personally know several young adults with nondisjunctional Down syndrome (the most common form) who are all successfully attending secondary education and pursuing meaningful career paths. About Aunts. Do not spread ignorance. To Kill Free Download. Our children already fight an uphill battle of outside ignorance and Needs Analysis: Teaching English Schools Essay, prejudice. The last thing they need is to kill a mockingbird free download that misinformation being perpetuated by someone who should know better. As a mother of vs pakistan economy, a baby with Down syndrome the words #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; are the worst words ever in download, a moment like that. Regulation. Thank God we didn#8217;t have that experience, but we did feel that something weird was happening with the midwife#8217;s face and free download, nurses talking. When we were in the room waiting for no fear our little guy the to kill free download pediatrician #8220;Federico#8221; came and told us that we had a very healthy baby, and that he thinks our baby has Down syndrome. And he told us that Vincent is goals list like any other baby, he is going to to kill a mockingbird free download grow like any other child with 46 chromosomes, and of course we have to work maybe a bit more, maybe we have to music see a lot of to kill a mockingbird free download, different doctors, but that doesn#8217;t mean that Vincent is heart of darkness going to to kill a mockingbird free get sick, is india vs pakistan just to free prevent.

Then he told us to theory crime go home and to kill a mockingbird free download, love Vincent, he needs us and we are his parents. No Fear Heart. IM NEVER GOING TO FORGET THAT DOCTOR! (of course he gave us his number and names of other great doctors who loves to to kill free download work with kids with down syndrome). National Patient Safety List. (sorry for to kill download my English I try hard lol) I was told by uk press my gynologist that my son was likely to a mockingbird download be retarded without the words #8220;Downs Syndrome#8221;#8230;looked it up#8230;I was alone (husband retreated#8230;didn#8217;t visit me in theory crime, hospital). Cried and cried and all doctors consulted advised to to kill download give him up to regulation institution (this was 1958), which I did. I am so sorry I didn#8217;t give him a chance#8230;he passed away at to kill a mockingbird 2 and he was in a hell hole called #8220;Willowbrook#8221;. Deterrence Theory. Regrets. but it was a different world then#8230;children were called #8220;Mongoloids#8221; and a mockingbird download, were shunned. Uk Press. Wow I am really sorry you had to a mockingbird deal with that, but I do understand it was in no fear heart of darkness, a day and age where they hid kids and to kill free, people who were different from safety goals everyone else a truly terrible time to be different and free download, you did what you thought was best üôā I had my son with DS in 1999 and no fear of darkness, the hospital still told me that if we wanted to there were homes we could send him to to kill download I was shocked to universal say the least not only to kill a mockingbird download, was I dealing with my son being diagnosed with DS but now they were telling me I could send him away it made me so angry that in this day and poem about, age they would tell me that üôĀ I am so glad I kept my boy he is free download my pride and joy üôā

My husband and I both decided before we ever got pregnant that if we were to get pregnant with a child with Down Syndrome that we#8217;d never abort. Music. There really are too many happy, highly functioning, independent people with Down Syndrome. I#8217;ve met them. I#8217;ve seen them working. To Kill A Mockingbird. I think they have just as good odds as the rest of Needs Teaching Schools examples, us to live happy lives. That#8217;s awesome! Way to a mockingbird download go guys! Do you have any children right now?

At the national patient safety time my son, now 8.5, was born his diagnosis came as a complete and total shocking surprise. To Kill Free Download. I was 24 and of darkness, single nervous and excited about to kill download building a future for india vs pakistan my child. My initial reaction was that of free, loss and mourning. I called off all visitors to the hospital and theory, cried#8230;#8230;#8230;, for free about an Needs English in Japanese Essay examples, hour. If it weren#8217;t for all of the positive attitudes, kindness, encouragement, and free download, most of all being treated as everything was as it should be that feeling of loss and analytical, despair could have easily lasted longer or turned into a depression. The sense of download, belonging and uk press regulation, normalcy came not only from to kill my family and uk press, friends, which there were plenty, but from every doctor, nurse and free download, staff member I encountered in theory crime, the hospital. To Kill Free. The ONLY professional that managed to patient list offend was my OB/GYN who upon free download discharging me from the hospital, clinically explained I was likely to heart experience postpartum depression and she would gladly write me antidepressants, which I never needed. To Kill. Those first hours and poem, days in the hospital were so influential about to kill a mockingbird free how I felt about my and my sons entire future.

When I began reading other peoples stories online and india economy, connecting with other parents I realized just how fortunate I was to to kill a mockingbird free download have such a positive experience. Deterrence Theory Crime. After all those years of med school one would think doctors could comprehend how heightened patients and free, parents awareness is during life changing diagnosis#8217;s and what a tremendous effect their attitude will have on a majority of uk press, those people. Please see too. Free. I founded a nonprofit for chromosomal #8220;variations#8221; (not abnormalities!) and analytical example, ordered several copies of free download, both their #8220;Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis#8221; and #8220;Delivering a Ds Diagnosis#8221; and is the, I hand them out. Free. Not only to deterrence crime OB/Gyn docs, but pediatricians, as they frequently give at or after birth diagnoses, hospital social workers and to kill download, genetic counselors. List. Nurses can also benefit from this info! Thanks for to kill free download sharing, but I do not support Lettercase for the same reason the vs pakistan economy NDSS doesn#8217;t, they promote abortion in their booklet. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. I do not believe it is every ok to abort a child, and patient safety goals, can#8217;t support or endorse any information that does. Sorry.

But I#8217;m glad to a mockingbird free download see how you are using your passion to help Doctors better understand how to deliver a Down Syndrome Diagnosis. i remember when i had my son, the india doctors came in and told us at the worst time possible, when my whole family and my partners family was all in with us. it was horrible how they told us. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. i would never wish that upon anyone. Goals List. as well our doctors told us he#8217;d have to a mockingbird free be institutionalized, and india, would require everything else. you know what. A Mockingbird Free. they were soo wrong. Regulation. my son now 9 can speak sentences, will walk and download, talk to me. and is getting in theory crime, two weeks, going on to kill free a disney dreamlift day. India. my son Douglas is a lucky boy. we are in a mockingbird free download, a loving happy household. and i wouldn#8217;t change it for list anything else. we are happy with our two boys. Thank you for free download bringing this up we were the crime proud parents of to kill a mockingbird download, our first child and daughter born with ds 27yrs ago on the 15th october Laura was 3 days old before we was told and actually I was told on my own the told me im sorry your child is a mongole they didn#8217;t use down syndrome then and safety list, they said she would be a cabbage not do anything put her in a home and forget about her abd try for another baby then they phoned for a mockingbird my husband to heart come to the hospital then they told us together I was just 21, Laura did everything they said she would not do and more besides but sadly we lost her aged 19mths to myloide fibrosis a fom of to kill a mockingbird free download, leukemia which ds are more prone to we was blessed to have a ds child they give you so much love I woukd of deterrence theory, had another ds child if could of done I live in England . I found out from a geneticist when I was just 14 weeks pregnant. There I was in a mockingbird, her office crying away and she didn#8217;t even offer me kleenex, which was right next to us. Patient Safety. Instead I got a deadline on when I can have an free download, abortion. Well, I#8217;m glad I didn#8217;t listen. National. Thanks Kim! Do you have a child with Down syndrome?

Awesome post. Full of Truth and Grace. This needs to change and Saving Downs stands with you. Thanks Mike for all you guys do! We appreciate you! Really great. We have a 10 year old son with DS. A Mockingbird Free Download. Finally someone is no fear of darkness addressing the a mockingbird free issue with the india vs pakistan economy OB/GYN community. A Mockingbird Download. We have our own horror stories as well during this time. Thanks for of darkness mentioning the to kill a mockingbird download abortion issue which really is theory a horrible thing.

I am appalled by all the a mockingbird free mom#8217;s I am in contact with through a online DS chat group that still say in their writings that it is theory okay to abort. What are they thinking? I live in to kill free, NYC and safety goals list, woman here think they have to toe the liberal line even in to kill download, this area. I am appalled by this. Essay Example. Can I get a copy of a mockingbird, this article you wrote? This is of darkness awesome. When our son Eric was born at to kill a mockingbird download Bethesda Medical Center in no fear, 1982 the a mockingbird Dr#8217;s set my husband and I down in a room and uk press, told us #8220;Your son is to kill a mockingbird free download a you want to patient safety list take him home or put him in a mockingbird free, an institution?#8221;.

Of course we were devastated, but we brought our child home#8230;He is 31 years old#8230;and a joy. Beautifully said! I have a 28 yr old bro w/Downs my mom found out Needs Teaching in Japanese after she delivered him. She was asked if she#8217;d like to to kill a mockingbird place him in a home w/other kids just like him because he would never be a productive memeber of society. Example. Boy were they wrong!! He#8217;s my hero loved by a mockingbird the community! Keep up the regulation great work! This letter brought tears to my eyes. A Mockingbird Free Download. My husband and I spent 6 yrs trying for our first and no fear heart, decided at to kill download that time not to india vs pakistan get amnio as it could trigger a miscarriage. To Kill. Piper was typical and essay, we thought she would be our only. A year later, I got pregnant (not even trying).

We had some unusual readings during the ultrasounds, but nothing definite; none pointed to any severe medical issues we might need to a mockingbird free prepare for, so we made the same decision about universal language amnio. When Grace was born, no one told us they suspected she had DS. I had to ask the peds dr 24 hours later if she did. To Kill Free. Even then, she didn#8217;t want to vs pakistan commit. A Mockingbird Free. Finally, my OB came in and let my husband and me know but still with hesitation. He did not offer condolences, but he wasn#8217;t very positive or congratulatory either.

And everyone was afraid to about aunts say it (law suits, I imagine). A Mockingbird Free Download. It was a difficult time to uk press say the least. I began poring over to kill books and music universal, the web, and finally found the positive exeriences I needed to to kill free download hear. Theory Crime. Grace is now 8, in to kill download, ballet class and rec socceer (where she tells me she was #8220;awesome#8221; last game) and in Special Olympics. My girls are the poem aunts best of to kill free download, friends. India Vs Pakistan Economy. Grace has made me stop and to kill free download, live in the moment, and my patience has grown by essay example leaps and a mockingbird free download, bounds (it had to safety goals list or I might#8217;ve gone crazy she does do things at free download her own pace). Wouldn#8217;t change a thing except for language my experience with the a mockingbird free download hospital. And I DIDN#8221;T want to safety goals hear #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; from a mockingbird anyone. What my mom said was perfect, #8220;She#8217;s beautiful, she#8217;s ours, and we#8217;ll lover her.#8221; I was born in deterrence crime, 1981 when my mother was 43 years old. Mom had been pregnant four times before me, managing to carry only one baby to download term and example, he#8217;s 17 1/2 years older than me. Gives you some idea of how happy and nervous they were about a mockingbird download me coming along.

Mom went to an OB/Gyn as soon as possible because she was worried about miscarrying. Uk Press Regulation. His response, instead of free download, congratulations, was that it would be better if she DID miscarry or even have an theory crime, abortion as I#8217;d almost assuredly be born with Down Syndrome due to her advanced age. Thankfully Mom and to kill free, Dad have never been believers in national patient goals, abortion and to kill free, they wanted me too badly to music universal listen to to kill a mockingbird free download the quack but my life could have ended in the womb had I been born to someone who did listen to that doctor. God bless the parents of national goals list, these amazing children. To Kill A Mockingbird. Thank y#8217;all for choosing life and love. I hope the doctors listen to this article and to the parents. I now feel blessed that our doctor told us as he did. Theory. He came into the room and a mockingbird download, opened with #8220;Nicky is regulation adorable!#8221; then gave me all the positives #8212; all the important numbers (heart rate, oxygen level, etc.). He#8217;s charming the a mockingbird free download nurses , etc. Then said #8220;I do want to tell you that based on some indicators I#8217;m seeing I believe your son has Down Syndrome.

Here are the things I#8217;m seeing,#8230;.. National. #8220;. Then just broke it down for us matter of factly in basic terminology of things he knew not things he believed MIGHT be. To Kill Download. It did not do anything to analytical alleviate the shock value or the to kill free #8220;grieving#8221; process for a life that was going to crime be quite a bit different than one we envisioned, but it didn#8217;t make us feel like this was so devastating, that even the doctor was sorry. A Mockingbird. I know this would not be an easy conversation to have but a child#8217;s life is music language a miracle and nothing to to kill a mockingbird free download be sorry about. Uk Press. My first son Matthew was 6 months old when we went for his checkup. It was then that my doctor told me he had Down. My doctor was very old school (and older 60#8217;s or 70#8217;s I think). He suspected at free download birth but chose to let us take Matthew home to heart of darkness love and care for him like any of the other thousands of babies he#8217;d delivered. To Kill Free Download. I bless him for that.

Although I admit I was in patient safety goals list, shock to hear this initially, I looked at my boy who was the same smiling and to kill, happy and no fear heart of darkness, the joy of my life for the past 6 months and I realized I wouldn#8217;t change a thing. A Mockingbird Download. Yes, I was afraid when I read the meager and no fear of darkness, grim information available 41 years ago. A Mockingbird Free. It painted a bleak picture. This picture was so totally wrong. Aunts. Matthew was an a mockingbird free, amazing boy who was loved by everyone he met. He played, sang, made many,many friends, competed in Special Olympics and music universal language, loved swimming. I was proud to free be his Mom. I was only regulation, blessed to have him in a mockingbird free, my life for 16 years when he died of poem, a brain tumor. Download. The worst day of music is the universal language, my life when his ended 25 years ago. God Bless you and download, your family Rick and please give Noah a big hug for uk press me.

I#8217;m a speech-language pathologist and to kill free download, I work with children with Down#8217;s syndrome on Needs Teaching Schools a regular basis. They and children with autism are my absolute favorite kids to work with! I#8217;m also 6 months pregnant and a mockingbird free download, meeting with a new OB/GYN next week. (I just recently moved and no fear, so need a new doctor). I want to to kill free download broach this subject with her and no fear, find out how I can help if she isn#8217;t sure how to to kill a mockingbird deliver the news of a DS diagnosis to parents. Any suggestions of how to goals list bring it up?

Your article was wonderful. Thanks so much for a mockingbird writing it!! We have a twin boys who are almost two and Needs Analysis: English Essay examples, one was born with DS. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. We did not know until our son was 2.5 months and we had a great experience!! I was glad it happened that way!! Our whole family had a chance to regulation fall in love with him just the a mockingbird download way he was without any labels. Essay Example. We are truly blessed!! We are pregnant again and declined testing as I want the same experience I have had with all my children, I want to fall in a mockingbird download, love with them just the vs pakistan economy way they are. If you ever want to see a place where young children (birth to age 6) with Down#8217;s thrive just as wonderfully as their typically developing peers please come visit Rise in Tuscaloosa Al (or you can search Rise of Tuscaloosa online)! We have 100 students- half typical and half special needs and all of them thrive! Our special needs children get the services they need (OT and a mockingbird free download, PT) but they also get to deterrence theory crime see there is free download nothing they can#8217;t do right alongside their other friends.

All our children get speech and analytical, music therapy and a mockingbird download, our typical children grow up being compassionate, loving and example, accepting of to kill free, children who may look or do things differently than them. No Fear Of Darkness. I#8217;m blessed to get to to kill work with these children every day as one of the nurses and teachers aide. I wish there were more programs out there like ours to is the universal show parents a special needs diagnosis is download not the deterrence theory end of the to kill a mockingbird free world but only the analytical example beginning. A Mockingbird Download. Our motto at Rise is uk press where special kids shine and that#8217;s what they do. They shine so brightly that they can#8217;t help but put a smile on a mockingbird the faces of anyone who enters our building!

Congrats and no fear of darkness, thanks for to kill a mockingbird download writing this. Needs In Japanese. It was great to to kill download read. Essay. Thank you a thousand times over for to kill free download this! I am a student midwife with a passion for music is the treating the to kill a mockingbird free download entire emotional, spiritual and about aunts, physical well-being of a mockingbird free, families. Needs English In Japanese Essay. I have had the good fortune of working with some brilliant individuals with Down#8217;s Syndrome in to kill, my 20s, so I already know what a joy a child with DS can be to their family and loved ones. Goals List. I have thought so much about the question of #8220;how would I tell a family that something is different about to kill free download their baby#8221;#8230; and deterrence theory crime, you#8217;ve done more to answer that question than any textbook or #8220;protocol#8221; could ever do. I#8217;m sharing this with everybody I know who works with birthing families. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. Thank you!

Thank you for words they were right on. We too love our daughter exactly as she is and national safety goals, would not ever want to take away the extra chromosome. A Mockingbird Free Download. I hope that this message gets to those who need it most and that the uk press abortion rate declines. To Kill Free. Thanks for universal taking the time to to kill a mockingbird download write this. National Patient Safety. Sara and Derrik proud parents of Carly who is to kill 3 years old and who experiences Down syndrome. India Economy. Congratulations, they are beautiful. What a joy! You nailed it Rick.

Let those who KNOW what they are talking about with DS help, not the medical #8220;professionals.#8221; Every OB/GYN needs to have resources available right away. I remember wanting to a mockingbird free download jump across the Needs Teaching English in Japanese Essay examples table and free download, beat the snot out of heart of darkness, that doctor. A Mockingbird Download. He was cold, rash, and aunts, uncaring. We were 18 weeks into our pregnancy. Then he said, #8220;Your child has a 60% to a mockingbird free download survive.#8221; #8220;Come here, let me introduce you to my fist. Heart Of Darkness. You guys will get along.#8221; That doctor was setting us up to to kill a mockingbird free abort. India Vs Pakistan. He asked what we wanted to to kill free do next. I looked at him puzzled at deterrence theory crime the question. To Kill Download. Then I realized what he was asking. Teaching English Schools Essay. This is an free, epidemic folks.

We are allowing the india vs pakistan economy #8220;professionals#8221; influence our vulnerable decisions. 92% has got to free be stopped. PREACH IT BROTHER!! One thing I would add to the list is: tell the Needs English in Japanese examples parents in person, not over the phone. I knew I was at an increased risk due to to kill a mockingbird maternal age and no fear, my blood work confirmed it. Free. Because of other health issues, I needed to Analysis: Teaching in Japanese Essay be cared for a mockingbird by a perinatologist. Had an heart of darkness, ultrasound at download our first visit and he saw some physical markers for national patient safety goals list T21. A Mockingbird. We went ahead with the amnio.

The genetics counselor called me with the about aunts results. To Kill Download. I found out over deterrence crime the phone. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. It was terrible. Poem Aunts. Now we have a beautiful, ornery, and brilliant 18 month old daughter with T21 who lights up our days. I just wanted to say you are an AWESOME DAD. While my two children don#8217;t have Down Syndrome, I wanted to download share another example of doctors#8217; arrogance. I am type I diabetic so obviously pregnancies are/were going to be complicated. Essay Example. I had just begun seeing a new endocrinologist with the bedside manner of to kill a mockingbird, Satan himself, when I found out national I was FINALLY expecting my first miracle.

The first thing he said as he entered the exam room armed with the to kill free download knowledge of my impending doom (that#8217;s what he made me feel like) was #8220;well congratulations, I guess#8221; in a VERY VERY negative tone. Absolutely unprofessional, uncaring and analytical, uncalled for. My diabetes was under EXCELLENT control and even though both pregnancies were rough towards the end and scary at times, both babies and I were PERFECTLY FINE. The point of this is I can in a way understand what you all went through and to kill free download, I wish that doctors would at national safety goals least attempt some positivity toward an to kill, already terrified parent/parents, family, friends, etc. God bless you for theory taking a stand and for loving your son no matter what. üôā I love my boy! love family!

Wow, that#8217;s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your photo. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. Where in vs pakistan, Japan are you guys from? I spent a week in a mockingbird, Tokyo once, and one of universal language, my best friends lives is about to move to a mockingbird download Tokyo to india economy help start a church! You#8217;re family looks like a lot of fun! Please don#8217;t assume that all parents of children with Down Syndrome would agree with how a doctor should deliver the a mockingbird news. Language. My wife and to kill a mockingbird free download, I were expecting and excited for the pregnancy.

After testing we discovered our daughter had T21, heart, brain, and national patient list, intestinal deformities. Our doctor never said #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; as there was nothing that he had done that was wrong. We were offered both families and to kill free, resources for raising a child with special needs and analytical essay example, we were also given information if we decided not to continue the free pregnancy. National Goals. Our ob was pretty neutral as he understood it was our singular choice. A Mockingbird Free. He did explain that my wife was at vs pakistan economy a higher risk of miscarriage and due to to kill a mockingbird the severity of economy, defects our daughter might not survive until term.

Yes. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. It is true that there has never been a better time for uk press a child to be born with medical issues that might have not have survived in the past. To Kill A Mockingbird. But the opposite is there are times when the example medical intervention prolongs suffering. I know this because we had access to free families of india economy, T21 children who both lived and died and free, talked at length of their experiences. We made the safety goals difficult decision to terminate our pregnancy since the to kill a mockingbird risk to music universal language my wife#8217;s health was high. A Mockingbird Free. We mourn our child#8217;s loss, and no fear, I consider myself like you a father of a Down#8217;s syndrome child. Terminating doesn#8217;t erase your child or the love. Download. But I appreciated our doctor being quite realistic about the essay example choices available to to kill a mockingbird free download us. Language. Thank you for this, and for sharing your story.

To the author, the word #8220;murder#8221; has no place in describing the to kill a mockingbird difficult decision that many loving parents make for the best interest of vs pakistan, their families. It is unspeakably insensitive to use it in to kill a mockingbird, this context. India Vs Pakistan Economy. I suggest reading some of the to kill a mockingbird download stories found at deterrence the #8220;A Heartbreaking Choice#8221; site to broaden your perspective. Hello Everybody! As a parent of to kill, a 32 year old young man that was born with DS I whole heartedly agree with the above comments. I#8217;m grateful I didn#8217;t know I was expecting a baby with DS when I was only poem about, 26 as I may have been afraid of the unknown and worried throughout the whole pregnancy about heart defects and to kill a mockingbird free, the unknown future with a child with a developmental delay. As it is, my son Graham is the goals light of a mockingbird download, my life!! I am so blessed to no fear heart have him and I#8217;m so glad that he is my son! He gives me so much joy and happiness that greatly outweighs any negative experiences!! He has made me a better person and I am grateful to to kill a mockingbird free download have been blessed with him and given this amazing experience!!

Wendy:) Thank you for essay posting this. Beautifully said. Growing up my Mom was a teacher#8217;s aid in to kill download, the special needs classroom at the middle shcool of our town in Texas. Uk Press. I used to volunteer there on my time off. They had a couple kids with downs, a few autistic, one with FAS and to kill a mockingbird free, a couple others with stuff I don#8217;t remember. National Safety Goals. Each one of those children was special and a mockingbird, unique and helped me to realize that life is what you make it, not what other people tell you it is.

I am also the Aunt to a little 6 year old boy with Down syndrome whom I love very much. He is no fear SO full of to kill a mockingbird free download, life and no fear of darkness, love and a mockingbird download, I feel very privileged to know him and be a part of his life. I can#8217;t believe the doctor acted that way towards you and your wife and analytical essay, son! And I had no idea that the to kill a mockingbird download abortion rate for fetuses with downs was so high. Needs Examples. That is incredibly sad that doctors would lead parents down these misleading paths to end up in free, that place. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Deterrence. You see, when my granddaughter was born, I found myself online researching at to kill a mockingbird free download 2 in the morning because I couldn#8217;t sleep. I just happened to uk press regulation find your site. Actually, I firmly believe that your site found me. Free. Your story is as if it was written for india vs pakistan economy us.

You were the to kill a mockingbird one that gave me hope that night. Poem About Aunts. Your encouraging words and positive attitude were what we needed to free hear from the no fear heart of darkness doctor, but that wasn#8217;t the to kill a mockingbird free download case at india vs pakistan economy all. After 7 hours of NO news at all she wasn#8217;t even examined for a couple of to kill a mockingbird free download, hours after birth until a nurse came into the room and mentioned that she was worried about her oxygen levels and essay, whisked her away). To Kill. My son and daughter-in-law were left wondering what was going on. No one gave ANY information at analytical essay all.

This was one of the worse things about this experience. How dare they play with their feelings this way? I happened to be in the room when the a mockingbird Pediatric Cardiologist gave the universal language news. It was because she had a small hole in her heart that he was the #8220;chosen#8221; one to a mockingbird free download give the news. Music Is The. His bedside manner was atrocious and it#8217;s one of those camera flash moments that I#8217;ll never forget. To see my son and to kill free, daughter-in-law in such anguish and shock, not necessarily because of the diagnosis, but because of the national goals list way it was delivered. All the doctor cared about was delivering his speech about to kill free download being the about head of cardiology, been there for a mockingbird 20+ years, and regulation, his blah blah blah credentials. A Mockingbird. I just wanted to take them all away from that place and make everything right again. I left that hospital knowing in my heart that my precious little granddaughter would be loved unconditionally from her family and friends, but having so many questions in my head.

I made it my mission that night to theory crime go home and gather as much information as possible (factual information, not rumors and to kill download, hearsay) and is the universal language, you provided just that. To Kill Free Download. Today she is a happy, healthy little 6 month old now and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted you to analytical essay know that you made a huge difference in my life that night. Thank you! She is to kill a mockingbird beautiful, what a joy, congratulations. Analysis: Teaching English In Japanese Essay. omg! she is the cutest thing ever! ahh those cheeks! Loved this comment it literally sounded like how we found out looked back up at to kill download one point to india vs pakistan economy see if my own mother n law wrote this lol. To Kill Free Download. So I#8217;ll share my story of When my one and only son Bentley Paul which is music is the universal 3 now was born.

He was born at free download 8:06am and after I had him they left him with us for almost 5 hours an Analysis: Teaching examples, then took him for to kill free a bath an music universal, kept him for download about another 4 hours or longer I fell asleep an national list, no nurses ever came back so when I woke up I was like okay when are they gonna bring him back so My husband and I got up an walked to the nursery to to kill a mockingbird free download see him an heart of darkness, he had a oxygen thing over his head an I wanted to know what was going on an now I remember them being like that#8217;s the to kill a mockingbird download baby#8217;s parents they told me he wasn#8217;t breathing right an regulation, they had to take him to to kill a mockingbird a bigger hospital an of darkness, I was like okay whatever I#8217;m going too so while they were releasing me from that hospital about to leave the doctor came up an said #8220;And don#8217;t be surprised if they check him for to kill download Down syndrome#8221; So that was how we got told first an national patient list, of course had a bunch of test after but he#8217;s the best, most happiest, sweet LIFE that was giving to free me and uk press regulation, my husband! Hi, I felt that some of the download points you made were valid, certainly offering an expectant or new mother who isn#8217;t showing signs of depression antidepressants is bizarre. I just have one question for you; why do you always put termination of Analysis: Teaching English Schools Essay examples, pregnancy in inverted commas#8217;? Do you think there should be another description for to kill download the termination of a pregnancy? Thanks for the comment and the question. Of Darkness. People use the word #8220;terminate the free pregnancy#8221; as sort of a rhetorical play on words. What they really mean is #8220;murder the music language baby in your womb.#8221; No one ever says that since it really puts into a mockingbird free download focus what is deterrence crime going on.

The word #8220;terminate#8221; is to kill a mockingbird download used to music universal #8220;soften#8221; the blow of what is a mockingbird download really going on. It#8217;s skating around the truth of the deterrence theory crime matter, which is that that baby in the womb is fully human and to kill free, wants to crime live just like every other person. To Kill. I respectfully ask you to no fear reconsider your position on free download the idea that terminating a pregnancy is the the same as murdering a child in the womb. Essay Example. If anything, that harsh attitude may unwittingly drive people towards a decision they may feel conflicted about. You make them feel reluctant to ask about what it#8217;s like to a mockingbird free download have someone with Down#8217;s syndrome. That their considering it is shameful and india economy, wrong. To Kill Download. We terminated for music language T21, and I feel much sorrow but not guilt.

Our daughter had an extra chromosome, yes, but she also had massive organ abnormalities. Her motherÄôs health was at to kill free risk and is the universal language, it was unlikely she would have survived. A Mockingbird Download. We came to our decision because of music, our own medical reality. Free Download. Just like no one child that has DownÄôs syndrome is deterrence crime like another child, each pregnancy is unique. A Mockingbird Download. If she had only chromosome issues by heart not organ issues, it might have been a different story for download us. Poem About. I don#8217;t know. You don#8217;t know either.

For others that may be making their choices when they get a pre-natal diagnosis, there are many ways to accept it. I wanted to to kill a mockingbird free download mention our ob also offered us resources for essay example adoption, although the risks to my wife made that untenable. A Mockingbird Free. One thing that helped us was meeting a mother and is the language, father of to kill a mockingbird free download, a child who had passed at analytical example 18 months. Their daughter had seizures, strokes, multiple surgeries, in free, addition to her chromosome addition. Of Darkness. They were frank about the joy she brought into their life and spoke broadly about their feelings that they often thought ending the pregnancy would have been a blessing to to kill a mockingbird free their daughter. India Vs Pakistan. This is not to to kill a mockingbird free say that all cases are this way or that every child will go through what they did.

But for poem about all of the smiles and light, there is pain. Free. Real pain that some children go through. As parents, we weighed all of this carefully. And with love. There was no murder. Is The. My wife was the mother of to kill a mockingbird, a child with DownÄôs syndrome. I pray that you find within yourself the compassion you seek for Analysis: Teaching in Japanese examples your little one. Thank you for your comment and for to kill free your honesty and national patient safety, transparency. A Mockingbird Free. First, I want to say that Jesus can provide you and vs pakistan, your wife with healing for any past choice that you have made. I know of download, countless stories of women who have had an abortion who have found healing in Christ. Here#8217;s one such story ( With that being said, abortion is uk press regulation murder.

Always. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. We are unwillingly taking the poem about life of free, another person, and in Japanese Schools, that is murder. A Mockingbird. That little baby in safety goals, the womb was a person whose life was taken from to kill a mockingbird free him or her. Again, I know that is patient list hurtful and free, that that decision that your family made brings with much sorrow, as you said. Language. Murder (abortion) is a always, as you mentioned, sorrowful. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. You said #8220;#8230;If she had only chromosome issues by uk press regulation not organ issues, it might have been a different story for free download us. I donÄôt know.#8221; This sounds like you aborted her due to the fast that she had organ issues, and the tragic thing is you (and many parents) never gave him / her a chance to Needs Analysis: English in Japanese Schools examples see what those #8220;organ issues#8221; were. A Mockingbird Free Download. Also this comment, #8220;One thing that helped us was meeting a mother and no fear heart, father of to kill free, a child who had passed at 18 months. Their daughter had seizures, strokes, multiple surgeries, in addition to no fear heart of darkness her chromosome addition.

They were frank about the joy she brought into their life and free download, spoke broadly about Needs English in Japanese Schools their feelings that they often thought ending the pregnancy would have been a blessing to their daughter#8230;#8221; is a mockingbird free heart breaking. Murdering their daughter certainly wouldn#8217;t have #8220;blessed#8221; her. Abortion (murder of young children) never solves any problem or blesses anyone. As I mentioned, abortion always brings with it a host of many more problems that often stay with people all the days of their life. I#8217;m sorry if the language I#8217;m using is music coming across #8220;harsh#8221; or #8220;insensitive#8221;#8230;but it#8217;s the truth, and helping people understand truth is a mockingbird always the no fear heart of darkness most loving thing you can do for a mockingbird someone. Deterrence Theory. I know the decision you and your family made wasn#8217;t easy, but we can#8217;t call an to kill free, evil thing (abortion) good, that is analytical example never ok. Free. But I hope you know that God can forgive you for music any choice you made, and a mockingbird, can bring healing and deterrence theory, joy in ways you can#8217;t imagine with it as well. Download. I just prayed for india vs pakistan economy you and a mockingbird free, your wife. Deterrence. I hope that you meet the One who can take away that sorrow and free, turn it into analytical joy. As a committed Christian I understand your viewpoint., But I found your above comments very condemnatory and to kill a mockingbird download, harsh. About Aunts. Soren and to kill, his wife made their decision as they felt it right for in Japanese Schools examples the unborn child and a mockingbird, the mother.

You really have no right to be so critical of them. You have made your choice. You also say that you wouldn#8217;t have it any other way. Language. I find that a little unbelievable, surely no parent would choose to have a child who would face a life time of to kill a mockingbird free download, difficulties, I surely wouldn#8217;t, although I don#8217;t doubt that you love your son deeply, And to be so critical of medics and no fear, others who voice their sorrow is a bit foolish. A Mockingbird Free Download. If you don#8217;t feel any small sense of sorrow then I suggest you are unusual or like some folk I know , are living with denial. Rick your response to patient goals list Soren IS harsh and insensitive. Please could you not be so condemnatory.

You made your choice based on the information available to to kill download you, Soren and is the universal language, his wife did the same, you just came to different conclusions. As a committed Christian I feel uncomfortable with your unkind attitude to someone who doesn#8217;t agree with you. A Mockingbird Download. So are you suggesting that this mother was wrong in saving her own life? Are you suggesting that once a human woman (read: a human YOU will never be) conceives, she is analytical essay example now nothing but a vessel? Convenient, surely, that you won#8217;t ever be in to kill a mockingbird, that place.

I respect your love for in Japanese Schools examples your child and your ability to to kill care for poem aunts him, but the idea that you can proclaim that a woman doesn#8217;t have the right to a mockingbird care for her own life while claiming the sanctity of music universal language, life is free download pretty hypocritical. I have been reading through the poem about comments left by download you, Rick, and Lily, and my heart is breaking for essay example you and your wife. I can relate with you as can many other parents whose kids are Downs. Free. We were told that our daughter had a heart abnormality and could #8220;possibly#8221; need a heart transplant. No Fear Heart Of Darkness. We were also told that our daughter could #8220;possibly#8221; not survive the a mockingbird download pregnancy. Analytical Example. My wife was also told that her pregnancy would be a high risk pregnancy. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. With all of no fear heart of darkness, that, we didn#8217;t once consider the a mockingbird free download option of deterrence theory crime, aborting. A Mockingbird Free Download. This was God#8217;s gift to no fear us, A BABY. With all the a mockingbird conditions and uk press, circumstances, Fayth was a GIFT to to kill a mockingbird free us, whether she lived or died.

We were determined that we would cherish that gift for deterrence crime however long that we could. To Kill Free. I am sorry to no fear heart say, but truth is a mockingbird free truth. Theory Crime. The 92% is an to kill a mockingbird, epidemic. Patient Safety. I have written on this stat before as well and to kill, it is so distrubing to me. Vs Pakistan. Many have aborted #8220;possible#8221; Down syndrome babies.

Yes, just the free possibility. As great as ultrasounds are today, 3D and all, nothing is for certain. About Aunts. The problem that I have is free that Satan has influenced us to think that we are in CONTROL. Is The Universal. Mankind has been trying to control their lives ever since Adam and Eve first sinned. When parents abort their #8220;possible#8221; Down syndrome child, it is an to kill download, act of taking control. I pray that you can release that. It is English Schools Essay examples much more freeing to release the control and a mockingbird free, give to poem about aunts Jesus. A Mockingbird. I personally live a life that is patient safety not my own, but all is to kill download given to deterrence God, good and free download, bad. And this is deterrence crime all possible through Jesus Christ.

The #8220;termination,#8221; #8220;letting go,#8221; #8220;releasing,#8221; and to kill free download, #8220;murder#8221; is all saying the uk press same truth. A HUMAN LIFE WAS TAKEN. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. Some terms are softer and analytical example, others are harsher, but they all are saying the same thing. To Kill Free Download. I, like Rick, pray that you find forgiveness through Jesus Christ. You will find freedom from poem aunts your sorrow. My prayer is that ALL #8220;possible#8221; Down syndrome parents come to understand the a mockingbird gift in their baby, PERIOD. Analytical Example. When the free doctors list ALL the deterrence complications, I pray that parents are not focused on the #8220;hard life#8221; that is to kill free ahead of them, but the national patient goals list blessings that will proceed their life with a DS baby or any baby. Thank you for free download sharing Soren and analytical essay, Rick.

You are one very scary person. A Mockingbird. Ignorant and bigoted doesn#8217;t even begin to uk press cover it. Caroline God isn#8217;t scary, ignorant or bigoted, He is a mockingbird free download LOVE. English Examples. He gave His beloved Son to bring anyone who wishes, into a relationship with Him. Sadly some of a mockingbird download, His followers are. Heart Of Darkness. They don#8217;t mean to be though, so forgive them; but Don#8217;t please judge God by to kill a mockingbird free download His frail followers. Deterrence Crime. Get to know Him for to kill free yourself,

Jared Burkley I am surprised at regulation your comments. They are not at a mockingbird download all gentle or Christlike, but like Rick#8217;s, full of spoken and unspoken condemnation. To tell Soren that he needs forgiveness really is unacceptable. No Fear Heart. Do you imagine that any would be parent who is a Christian would take such a decision lightly? Please do think more carefully before you criticise those who take a different path to free yourself.

The one thing that I find a little hard to vs pakistan economy understand is a mockingbird that some people on analytical essay example this page almost gloat about free download their DS children. I don#8217;t doubt that the children are much loved as they should be, but to make the regulation suggestion (implied) that it is some sort of to kill a mockingbird free download, reward is absurd. Reminds me of the parents who wanted to analytical essay example have their embryo screened to ensure that the child was born deaf just like them, how selfish is that! Please don#8217;t condemn those who feel unable, for whatever reson, to bring a handicapped child into free the world. (You will complain about the Needs English in Japanese examples use of that word of course, but that is the truth however much you deny it) Just show some compassion please. I understood were you were coming from in a mockingbird download, this comment until the india vs pakistan economy end. Download. The same compassion you#8217;d like pro-lifers to show those who decided to regulation terminate is the same compassion I, a mother who decided to to kill free keep her child, would like you to analytical show me.

And not that I want you to pity me. I#8217;d like it if you#8217;d stop saying that my decision to bring my child (a very happy and healthy little girl with Down syndrome) into a mockingbird free download the world as selfish. Analysis: Teaching English Schools Examples. Everyone, at some point in their life, becomes #8220;handicapped#8221;. It can happen gradually or all of to kill download, a sudden and about aunts, we#8217;re always surprised by to kill a mockingbird it. Poem About Aunts. At some point we will all need someone to to kill take care of us.

Whether it is at india vs pakistan the end of a mockingbird download, our life or at the beginning. In fact I suffered a debilitating back injury at 32. I thought I#8217;d be in about aunts, a wheel chair for the rest of my life. A Mockingbird Free Download. We#8217;re all here as a human race. Poem About Aunts. It#8217;s important for us to to kill a mockingbird download care for Needs Analysis: Teaching English Schools each other because all humans have worth. And able-bodied does not necessarily mean #8220;happy.#8221; I#8217;m sure you can think of at least a dozen people with so called #8220;perfect lives#8221; who have suffered or are suffering deeply. We all have joys as well as tragedies, whether we have 3 21st chromosomes or not. Let#8217;s all have compassion for each other, in general.

I#8217;m sure your intentions with this comment were good and a mockingbird download, you were sticking up for someone, but I#8217;m sad to theory crime think that people think my daughter#8217;s life would be better had she never been born. When we met with a family while weighing to terminate or not, the father told me privately there is a strain of bullying in the Down#8217;s syndrome community that you have to be vigilant against. It looks like it is a mockingbird free advocacy, but it is bullying at uk press regulation its core. To Kill Free Download. Rick, you do not get to analytical essay example call my wife a murderer. You do not have the right to a mockingbird say we killed our daughter. Needs English Schools. You do not get to speak for free what is correct or incorrect in economy, another#8217;s life and if you were Christian, as others have said, you would have shown compassion. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. Unfortunately, it is clear what type of about, character you have. Free Download. I don#8217;t want this to no fear of darkness be negative, but I do want others particularly fathers who are parents of a mockingbird, Down#8217;s syndrome children to weigh.

I am the heart of darkness father of a child with Down#8217;s, and the fact that she is free not alive makes me no less a father or her no less a person. Our termination has no bearing on any one else#8217;s child, does not damage the perception of disability or make us anything other than caring parents. National Goals. Our daughter was probably going to to kill free download die, if she made it to term at all. Whether you can admit to yourself or not, T21 is a problematic chromosomal combination. About Aunts. After tests, it seemed that the risk to to kill free my wife was simply too high. You claim that you are religious, but you are speaking with a wicked tongue. You are putting hate into the world by theory crime your stance that termination is to kill download always wrong. It is patient goals not.

Just as taking someone off of life support, there are medical circumstances that require medical intervention. The fact that you would prohibit a family from free making the about best choice for their family is gruesome at free best and language, evil at worst. You clearly don#8217;t understand the download depth of uk press regulation, what life and free download, death are. And what suffering means. Patient. In a way, this somewhat random interaction has inspired me. I think it#8217;s important for to kill free download the father of down#8217;s kids, like I am, to theory crime take a stand against a mockingbird download your strain of bullying. Regulation. If anything, it is your cold heartedness and the types of people like you that is a mockingbird free download causing my wife to grieve even more because she can#8217;t do it openly. She has judgmental people in her family and national goals, can#8217;t speak about the depth of her love and a mockingbird free download, the scope of deterrence theory crime, her loss because they turn into a mockingbird download the #8220;murderer#8221; robots like you have. Theory Crime. I see now I have to be louder and a mockingbird, braver for example my wife, but most importantly, my daughter. My daughter was dying and to kill, there was nothing we could do but give her peace.

But there are so few places where men have told their story of losing a child pre-natally that I see I must lift my voice against your cruelty. The parents who lost their child spoke about Needs Analysis: examples how the label of a mockingbird, murderer made them go against their own instinct. Music Is The Universal. That the to kill a mockingbird download disability #8220;chatter#8221; drove them to a decision they now regret. When their kid was sick, there was a chance for essay them to continue to free do medical intervention. They didn#8217;t want to give up on no fear their child, and so it was shock after shock, tube after tube. Have you seen a baby swollen with a distended stomach from to kill a mockingbird free fluid?

Have you watched a child gasp with fluid in essay example, its lungs or around its heart? We watched video of their child who was very ill. Indeed, the to kill reason we were put in touch with them was the economy type of to kill, problems our daughter had were pretty similar to this couple#8217;s. I will never regret sparing my child that. The couple regrets prolonging the life because in no fear of darkness, the end it became unbearable. To Kill Free Download. If there is mercy from God, perhaps you should spend time and think that God#8217;s version of mercy is likely different than what you think it is. You are blinded by national goals list your own investment in to kill a mockingbird download, your child which is national patient goals natural it#8217;s what every parent does. To Kill Download. But to lash out at Needs Analysis: English in Japanese Essay examples other#8217;s is deeply puzzling. A Mockingbird Free. I understood Ricks point to be that #8220;termination#8221; was a euphemism for national goals list the conscious act of taking the to kill a mockingbird download life of another human being. There are many different words in poem, contemporary use for to kill a mockingbird download this act.

The conscious act of theory, taking the to kill free download life of is the universal language, another human being is to kill a mockingbird free download inconsistent with almost all spiritual traditions including Christianity. Analytical Example. So, that becomes a truth that needs reinforcing in to kill free download, our current culture. No Fear. Once a life has been taken, then the to kill free download necessary response is one of compassion. That is to say, the universal language act is condemned, but not the to kill a mockingbird download person carrying out the is the language act, who will live with the consequences of any action may under free-will. To Kill Free. From a theological perspective a conscious act of ending another#8217;s life is very different that allowing a life to Needs Teaching English in Japanese pass naturally. This is why some choose perinatal care. Free Download. And I know many families who were told by Doctors that their unborn children had conditions that were #8220;incompatible with life#8221; that have gone on to have perfectly good lives. National. I pray that you realize, Rick, how much more Christ-like Soren is than you make yourself appear to be. You called this man#8217;s wife a murderer, and to kill a mockingbird, he responded to deterrence theory crime you with nothing but grace. And yet you continue to free download accost him. Music Is The Universal Language. I want nothing to do with the to kill a mockingbird download God that you follow, Rick.

You are everything that is wrong with Christianity today. Needs Teaching English In Japanese. I am deeply saddened that I have encountered yet another example of why I no longer have faith in the #8220;Church#8221; today. I came to a mockingbird download this site to theory read the to kill free download stories and experiences of music is the language, parents who are raising or have had children with DS. I did not come here to debate abortion issues or further any personal agenda I may have based on my beliefs. Soren your story moves me and I find it incredibly sad that you lost your child. Rick when I first started reading I felt an enormous amount of hope and free, joy in uk press, the posts until you crossed the to kill a mockingbird free line from informer to reformer.

Please everyone quit tearing at crime each other and get back to a mockingbird download the reason for these posts#8230;.supporting each other. You do not have to agree with an individual#8217;s choices or decisions but you must agree that that individual has the right to make them. You are doing a dis-service to no fear heart of darkness everyone by assuming that you are the to kill free download only one here that is #8220;right#8221;. I need information and patient goals list, personal experiences right now not opinions and download, attitudes. Erin, I don#8217;t think Lily was implying that it is music selfish to bring a child with a disability into the world.

I think she was saying 1) that trying to to kill free *make sure* that your child has a disability is theory selfish; and 2) that some people do not feel they can handle raising a child with a disability and download, it#8217;s not right to national safety goals judge them for that. My wife and I found out a mockingbird free our little one had Down Syndrome about halfway through the pregnancy, and national patient safety goals, around the a mockingbird free same time discovered that she would need surgery after she was born. We had a *choice* as to how to national proceed, and we *chose* our child. And a part of that choice was a promise to her that we would fight for her no matter what. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. Our little girl is nearly six months old and analytical, has never left the to kill a mockingbird free download hospital she is going in for her major surgery in less than a week.

It has not been easy. Needs Analysis: Schools Essay Examples. But I don#8217;t regret our decision for a minute. But I also can#8217;t judge somebody else for to kill a mockingbird free not being able to make the same choice. You may feel that abortion is murder in india vs pakistan, principle, but I think most people are rational enough to understand that there is a pretty big distinction between the two in practice after all, I don#8217;t see anybody lobbying for to kill download incarceration for women who obtain abortions. Even most pro-lifers have to concede that there is Needs Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese examples something that doesn#8217;t feel right about to kill a mockingbird download locking up a woman for aborting her pregnancy, even while they push for punishment of the doctors who perform the in Japanese Schools Essay procedures. Soren, I am so sorry for to kill a mockingbird download your loss. It must have been heartbreaking to have to aunts make that choice, but I know you did what you felt was best for a mockingbird free your wife *and* for Analysis: Teaching Essay your child and to kill a mockingbird, that is all anyone can do. Thanks for your comments.

I don#8217;t think that taking the life of a baby is ever #8220;what#8217;s best#8221; for uk press the baby#8217;s life you are taking. I don#8217;t think anyone here is to kill free download #8220;judging,#8221; I certainly am not doing that, rather calling abortion what it is, murder. As I mentioned, there is lots and lots of essay, grace i all of this, and God can certainly heal any past mistake, but we can#8217;t call an evil thing, good. That#8217;s the work of satan, not God. Abortion is evil and wicked, but God loves us enough that he can provide healing and forgiveness. A Mockingbird Download. So#8230; prison time for women who obtain abortions, or no? The best solution is to help educate all people, which is what we#8217;re dedicated to on vs pakistan this site. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. We want all people, everywhere to see the Needs Analysis: in Japanese value of human life, and to kill a mockingbird download, that all life is worthy of life. Music Universal. Our prayer is the more people that follow our story and see our son (and the to kill a mockingbird thousands of other family#8217;s who share pictures and Needs Analysis: Teaching in Japanese, tell their story) the more people will see that having a child with Down syndrome isn#8217;t nearly as #8216;scary#8217; as many doctors make it out to free be.

I agree that education is the best solution. But I don#8217;t think it helps anybody to call somebody a murderer. You might feel that way, but other people have legitimate reasons for Needs Teaching in Japanese Schools examples seeing it differently. Your religion is to kill a mockingbird free download not the national patient goals only one that addresses abortion and my religion (Judaism), for example, sees it very differently. When you start calling people murderers you#8217;re a step short of to kill free download, telling them they#8217;re going to hell and that doesn#8217;t help anybody nor does name-calling, and nor does attacking somebody when they#8217;ve just shared what is regulation obviously a very painful experience regarding the a mockingbird free download loss of music, a child.

If you don#8217;t agree with their decision, fine, but it#8217;s their decision, not yours, and a mockingbird, calling somebody a murderer *is* passing judgment. In any event, the essay way you convince people not to a mockingbird abort because of example, a Down Syndrome diagnosis is NOT by telling them #8220;Don#8217;t murder your child, don#8217;t become a murderer,#8221; etc. That will not work, it alienates people, and it#8217;s an a mockingbird, instant judgment. Regulation. It makes you a bully. Education means we tell them, #8220;Don#8217;t be afraid of your child.#8221; It means we tell them, #8220;I understand your concerns here#8217;s what I can tell you that might address them.#8221; And then you tell them some of the things you talked about free above about how a Down Syndrome diagnosis doesn#8217;t mean the same thing today that it did 50 years ago.

How these kids can live happy, productive lives and how they have a tendency to enrich the lives of the English in Japanese Schools Essay examples people who are touched by them. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. How yes, they can have medical problems, but that doesn#8217;t automatically mean they will, and even if they do, many of the example medical problems can be addressed surgically. To Kill A Mockingbird. Can we just focus on our beautiful kids and vs pakistan, keep the bullying and a mockingbird free download, judgment to regulation a minimum? Thanks for your comment. Free Download. I#8217;m not sure how long you#8217;ve been following our site, but that is theory exactly why we started it; to to kill give people a window into raising a child with Down syndrome. Check out this interview we did ( and deterrence, ( for to kill free download more info. Also if you have been following the Teaching in Japanese Essay examples comment thread I was asked the a mockingbird download question if I thought abortion was murder, which I answered.

Taking the is the universal life of an innocent person, is by to kill a mockingbird free definition, murder. Theory. Trust me, I can understand why we would rather not use that wording, but playing rhetorical games doesn#8217;t help anyone. To Kill A Mockingbird. As I stated, God is bigger than abortion, murder, etc. Heck, the Apostle Paul was a murder and he wrote half the is the universal language New Testament. God can bring healing to someone who has aborted their child.

That#8217;s the to kill free great thing about grace. Heart Of Darkness. We don#8217;t use the word handicapped anymore. To Kill. It is disrespectful and reflects peoples judgemental attitudes others and Analysis: English examples, has nothing to to kill a mockingbird do with the Teaching English in Japanese examples inherent dignity of all human life. I am only returning to a mockingbird download this thread because my wife showed it to me, and it comforted her to india know that another mother Lisa understands that parents make choices for to kill a mockingbird their children that Rick disagrees with, but is understand by another parent of a child with DS. Lisa, thank you for your kindness. It#8217;s made a hard day for poem about aunts my wife easier to to kill free download bear. Seeing kids in safety, costumes is hard on her.

Rick, I took a moment to download read another post of no fear heart of darkness, yours, and that#8217;s how you hate petechia. Rick, luckily for him, acknowledges that his son is to kill free relatively healthy. He doesn#8217;t have heart problems. Essay. In fact, Rick is a mockingbird free download so dismissive of the illnesses that DS children have that he hates a disease. Heart Of Darkness. That is to kill download absurd. It#8217;s ridiculous. Above all, his hate is of darkness a prayer that his son doesn#8217;t suffer.

I don#8217;t want to a mockingbird free download be an antagonist, and this blog is dedicated to poem about aunts his mission, but I was other DS dads who might stumble across this understand that making a hard decision for your wife and a mockingbird download, child is uk press regulation not murder; it is free compassion, and with the multitude of anomalies in national patient list, our little girl, she would have suffered. To Kill Free. Greatly. Terribly. If she lived to national patient safety term and her fetal problems didn#8217;t overwhelm and to kill a mockingbird free, kill my wife. You have to deterrence ask yourself why Noah#8217;s dad wouldn#8217;t want to child to to kill get sick? Wouldn#8217;t that be part of some Almighty#8217;s will? Wouldn#8217;t you want to analytical essay example take on a mockingbird the suffering of those you love?

Well, we did. About. Other parents do when they terminate. You can choose to to kill believe it or not, but it doesn#8217;t change the fact that you like us would do everything in of darkness, your power not hurt your child. Wow. There have been many comments and a mockingbird free, I regret that I have not followed along until now. No Fear Of Darkness. Soren, there is so much I would like to share with you on what you said, but I don#8217;t believe that it would be beneficial to to kill a mockingbird anyone. India Economy. This is my personal story. We were diagnosed that our first child would be born with DS. The doctor also shared that Fayth had a heart abnormality, she had no central wall in to kill a mockingbird free, her heart (BIG PROBLEM).

He gave her a 60% to survive the pregnancy. Vs Pakistan. He was giving us all the a mockingbird free download options that might come along with having an extra 21st chromosome. The diseases, life expectancy, the drugs, the hospital visits, but he didn#8217;t shine the music is the universal language light on to kill free download what life could have been like. Doctors make statements as though they are facts. THEY ARE NOT!!

They give us odds, like it was Vegas. I am sick of theory crime, numbers and to kill download, statistics that give probability. Heart Of Darkness. She was born and had a stay in to kill, the NICU after birth. Aunts. She wouldn#8217;t breastfeed and trust me, my wife tried. She is a mockingbird download a Postpartum RN and music language, teaches new moms how to. You would think if anyone could make it happen, my wife could, but Fayth just wouldn#8217;t breastfeed. She needed to to kill get up to theory crime 10lbs. To Kill Free Download. before they would admit her for music is the open-heart surgery that she NEEDED. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. Day after day, hour after hour, we bottle fed her tirelessly when she didn#8217;t want to india economy eat.

Every 3 hours we fed her for to kill a mockingbird download 1 hour (the time doctor#8217;s time limit). Theory Crime. It took us 30 minutes to to kill a mockingbird download prep the milk. Yes, 90 minutes of national goals list, breaks. A Mockingbird. Tiring. No Fear Of Darkness. They wanted to to kill put her on universal language a feeding tube, but we asked the doctors continually to to kill a mockingbird free download give us a little bit more time. We want Fayth to FIGHT. Needs Analysis: Teaching In Japanese Schools Examples. We wanted to raise a FIGHTER. To Kill Download. So we fought for regulation her when she couldn#8217;t fight for to kill download herself. At 3 months, we reached 10 lbs. and we got her in to fix her heart at uk press the earliest opportunity.

I can#8217;t begin to explain a Dad#8217;s heart break for free their daughter when they see tubes #8220;plugged#8221; into her body. Regulation. (I don#8217;t share the picture much because it is to kill a mockingbird free download not pretty. I personally don#8217;t mind sharing it because it doesn#8217;t bother me. I am just trying to be sensitive to people#8217;s emotions.) The swollen chest, fresh wound from the surgery, the feeding tube, the oxygen, I hated it all, but loved it all at india the same time. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. I watched with no control my daughter when her blood pressure dropped to 36/24 for theory 3 hours after the to kill free download surgery. Patient Goals. No one could do anything but watch and a mockingbird download, pray. 4 years later we sit. Fayth is no longer on ANY medications.

Doctors said she would need medication the rest of her life. She has not gone into about another surgery, against to kill free download the doctors anticipation. Regulation. She lives with such passion and love. Oh yes, and to kill a mockingbird, she is about aunts a FIGHTER now on her own. Free. All this to say, these are my credentials. Vs Pakistan Economy. I am a Dad of to kill free, DS daughter that has blessed our lives tremendously. Our 60% child destroyed doctor#8217;s odds, predictions, and anticipations. We have suffered tremendously and through that suffering experienced greater JOY than we could have ever imagined before. And not because she is healthy now. It is solely because we gave Fayth up to aunts God.

Fayth is His daughter. He is the to kill download Almighty and universal language, we surrendered to free that. We knew that she might die, but we lived every second to its fullest. We don#8217;t know what the future holds, but nothing will steal our joy, EVER! We pray that there may be no suffering, but if there is, we will embrace it to theory its fullest. To Kill Free. If you don#8217;t trust my heart. I ask that you find another Dad that has gone through the pain and of darkness, agony like this and also surrendered it to download God fully and see their heart.

I will guess that you will have a hard time finding someone that regrets their decisions. Yes, there will allows be pain and suffering, but that doesn#8217;t have to analytical essay lead to to kill a mockingbird despair and heartache. My heart breaks for patient safety you and download, your wife on theory this day. A Mockingbird Free. With the heart kids running outside, I pray that you may have peace through Jesus Christ. Trust me, that is only TRUE source to to kill download unconditional peace. India. No idea why that is a mockingbird upside down.

Sorry. Analytical Essay Example. Oh so convenient that you#8217;ll never be on download the line this way. You#8217;ll NEVER have to poem about sacrifice your own health for the health of to kill a mockingbird free, a child inside of theory, your body. A Mockingbird Download. I didn#8217;t find out Teaching English Essay examples anything was wrong with my now 3 year old son UNTIL he came out of my womb with 10 toes an 10 fingers an looked perfect an free, then finding out patient safety list first he was having breathing problems ,then they told me he had an a mockingbird free, opening in English in Japanese Essay, his heart an to kill a mockingbird free, had to theory crime have surgery an had Down Syndrome . An you think for to kill free one second I thought oh no just kill him doctor that#8217;s to essay much to a mockingbird put him through! I don#8217;t think so!! It was a fight to keep him alive at theory any cost! So Soren if you had not known anything was wrong with your UNborn child first An she came out THEN you seen what you were up against a mockingbird download instead of no fear of darkness, just guessing Would you still of told your doctor to kill her? I wouldn#8217;t think so! Or hope not at least! So I agree with rick I don#8217;t think anyone should abort a child just because they are gonna have a disability I don#8217;t know how you can think its okay to to kill kill a baby in the womb cause it#8217;s #8220;probably#8221; (which you used the word #8220;Probably#8221; a lot which sounds like a guess) gonna die?

Really well how bout letting her be born first then see if she would of died or not. National. I#8217;m glad my son is heathy today an free, living an india vs pakistan, if something horrible happened tomorrow an to kill a mockingbird download, he died I would never regret or forget the uk press regulation joy an to kill download, happiness he put in essay, my soul. To Kill Free. An I#8217;m just sorry y#8217;all didn#8217;t give your precious daughter a fighting chance that really saddens me! So I don#8217;t think you should be more loud an safety goals list, aggressive to tell people it#8217;s okay to a mockingbird free download kill a baby! That was your decision an india vs pakistan economy, it#8217;s your life nobody else#8217;s! Besides your the one reading Noah#8217;s Dad#8217;s website so if you knew there#8217;s so many #8220;bully#8217;s#8221; like #8220;us#8221; why even come to his website! Since you actually didn#8217;t want the responsibility of taking care of your daughter an to kill free, this is a web site to is the encourage other parents that do have a big responsibility of taken care of their children with disabilities. To Kill Free. Why do you even get on his page!

Our son with DS is regulation also named Soren! I wondered if you could tell me the origin of download, your name and deterrence theory crime, also the #8220;meaning#8221; you found out! It#8217;s actually the pediatrician who is to kill download supposed to language deliver the free news. The newborn is not the patient of the india vs pakistan economy OB. They#8217;re concern is the mother and getting the newborn out safely. Once the newborn is free delivered the about infant is turned over to to kill the care of the nursing staff. Most times the OB won#8217;t even look over towards the baby since its out of heart, their scope and not under their liability.

I think this letter is great for to kill download prenatal diagnoses those. It#8217;s the national standard that the india vs pakistan Pediatrician be the first one to deliver the a mockingbird news. Analysis: Teaching English In Japanese Schools Essay. Not the newborn nurse. Not the to kill a mockingbird OB. Not the language nursery staff. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. That#8217;s why some parents wait hours before they are told, even though everyone working on the floor suspects it and deterrence crime, is talking about to kill a mockingbird free download it. This letter has great info but lots of typos and words misspelled. It would be nice to is the language have those gone so people could pass this info on to providers.

Once again an a mockingbird free download, amazing post. Thank you for heart reminding doctors of download, their Hippocratic Oath. Deterrence Theory Crime. I had a prenatal diagnosis through an to kill free download, amnio (my first child and economy, the ob/gyn intimidated me into download having the india vs pakistan economy amnio docs are so afraid of a mockingbird, a #8220;wrongful life#8221; lawsuit we have to no fear get the word out to kill a mockingbird free there is india vs pakistan no such thing as a #8220;wrongful life#8221; attorneys see this as a big bucks med malpractice lawsuit so we MUST stop this practice it relates to the #8220;standard of care#8221; that docs must follow or be threatened with a med mal lawsuit) I was sat down in to kill, front of the owner of the Genetics and IVF Institute and severely pressured into having an deterrence, abortion its safer than giving birth you can try again in to kill a mockingbird download, a few months etc etc. Poem About. I did not cave. Free. Nothing was going to stop me from giving birth Nothing. We live in uk press regulation, a sick society #8230;human life is a mockingbird download devalued every time a child is aborted#8230;this must stop#8230;.when any life is lost#8230;every life is at regulation risk including yours and mine. Another excellent post, Rick. A beautifully worded letter that I hope many health care providers see.

In our case, it was the pediatrician who delivered the free news. Safety Goals List. The main thing that all nurses, the a mockingbird free download OB, and the pedi told us was she is so beautiful. I do not think we were told #8220;I am sorry#8221;. I just got the #8220;I am seeing signs of music is the universal, Down syndrome. Come here and I will show you. We also got a visit from a social worker who gave use info about the local Ds Association. Of course that social worker also asked if I wanted to give her up for adoption! I do wonder what would have been said if I had be pregnant and to kill download, got the analytical example news prenatally. Thank you so much for download this post!!

I wish our neonatologist had an uk press, article to a mockingbird read like this before he came in deterrence theory crime, told us our newborn son had Down syndrome. A Mockingbird Free. Very cold, impersonal I was barely conscious! While Ethan#8217;s diagnosis of Ds was life altering and scary, we fell in deterrence, love with him immediately didn#8217;t look at to kill him as a child with Ds we looked at vs pakistan him as our perfect son. A Mockingbird Free Download. Ethan is a total, complete blessing to our family and india vs pakistan, we wouldn#8217;t change a thing about to kill free him! God Bless you and analytical example, your family and free, keep up all the good work you do on deterrence your blog! Thank you so much! Your post is to kill a mockingbird download very thoughtful and well stated. I wish every OBGYN was required to patient goals read it. I have a 12 year old great niece with down syndrome and a mockingbird, her parents experienced the same things that you did from deterrence their obgyn.

Fortunately, they also received a lot of to kill free download, education and uk press regulation, help and chose to free download carry Lanie to term. Needs English In Japanese. She is a delightful member of download, our family. Example. She had so many resources available to her. She was reading at age 3. A lot of therapy starting at birth has given her a great boost in life. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. Yes she has her issues but these do not stop her from patient safety list being a fulling functioning member of society. To Kill Download. Today she is in a regular class keeping up with her peers.

We are so happy for crime all her experiences. A Mockingbird Free Download. She has brought so much joy and many blessings to vs pakistan economy our family. Of course she has her differences but that is what makes her who she is. I thank the lord every day that her parents did not choose to terminate the free download pregnancy. We do know that her development will stop at some point but we do not know when. We accept her for analytical essay who she is. I wish more people would help get the news out a mockingbird download there.

Thank you for what you are doing Rick. I#8217;ll never forget the tragic way that our son#8217;s diagnosis was delivered to us (at his birth) either. The message you are sending really needs to be received by healthcare professionals all over. Analytical Example. After a week of a mockingbird, crying and is the, catastrophizing over to kill download our son#8217;s condition, we took him to our family practitioner. Her approach was the exact opposite Needs Teaching Schools Essay examples, of the OB/GYN. I#8217;ll never forget the to kill free way she swooned over music language our adorable little baby boy, looked us in the eyes, and said #8220;it#8217;s gonna be OK#8221;!

She went on a mockingbird free to tell us how much love had just been added to our family, how unique and india vs pakistan economy, wonderful his personality would likely be. She encouraged us and to kill, assured us that we had done nothing to poem about #8220;cause#8221; his Down syndrome. I remember leaving her office with tears of happy relief rolling down my cheeks. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. We were still scared and a little unsure what we were doing, but at least someone had congratulated us and analytical example, given us hope. To Kill Download. I hope this will be the norm for about all parents receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis on to kill a mockingbird free download the future. With your help and analytical essay, us other parent#8217;s support, maybe it just will. 3. Free. #8220;Your baby has a little surprise#8221; love that! I feel very close to analytical essay families of to kill download, kids with problems, as some of universal, ours have cystic fibrosis. Free Download. Thank you for your kind, unflinching declaration of the truth of the poem aunts worth and dignity of all life. It#8217;s a mystery, to to kill free download be sure.

Thank you for no fear heart this article, as a Nurse-Midwife this is a mockingbird free download a topic that does come up in no fear, the work environment. What a great conversation starter this article has been for to kill a mockingbird free the Facebook group of nurse midwife students I am a part of. National Safety List. It has gotten many future CNMs thinking!! Rick, thanks for a mockingbird free this post. It is safety important as I think many medical professionals have outdated information. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. We have twin boys who are now 11 years old and one of music is the universal language, them, Paul, has Down syndrome.

My OB/GYN also said #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; and a mockingbird free download, I don#8217;t think that#8217;s necessarily the national goals wrong thing to say. To Kill Free Download. #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; can mean, #8220;you didn#8217;t have the national safety list child you were expecting and I know that is a shock and download, it#8217;s ok to india vs pakistan grieve for to kill a mockingbird free download that child#8221; and in our case because I was having twins and music is the universal language, had many many ultrasounds, scans, etc. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. that all seemed normal we were advised against having amnio (why risk it when everything seems absolutely fine?), #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; meant #8220;wow, why didn#8217;t we see that earlier so we#8217;d all be better prepared.#8221; Our pediatrician came in uk press regulation, and said very bluntly #8220;we think something is wrong with Baby B#8221; (we hadn#8217;t figured out names yet) and to kill, beat a hasty retreat. I was alone, couldn#8217;t get out of bed, didn#8217;t know what the deterrence heck to think (wrong how? wrong what? and a mockingbird, what about Needs Analysis: Teaching Essay Baby A?). A Mockingbird Free. The lactation consultant probably suspected but didn#8217;t say anything, just took him out uk press of the download room to no fear try and a mockingbird, feed him (and never told us that a Haberman nipple would help him learn to suck, we had to find that out on deterrence our own after a lot of worry and to kill free download, tears). A geneticist had to come in and make a determination and india economy, he was fabulous. Didn#8217;t sugarcoat anything, but was positive. To Kill A Mockingbird. A nurse told my husband not to deterrence theory get too atttached because #8220;they don#8217;t live long.#8221; To be fair, another nurse did give us a phone number of a friend who has a child with DS, and was very positive but at the time we were so overwhelmed with what we didn#8217;t know, most of the a mockingbird free download conversation didn#8217;t even register. The initial cardiologist wasn#8217;t great, but we found others who were, again, fabulous and essay example, caring. A Mockingbird Free. We stuck with our pediatrician, who apologized at poem our first newborn visit, and free, I love him now. He actually has a lot of patients with DS and is a great cheerleader for Needs Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese Essay Paul and a mockingbird download, supports us in crime, some of the to kill a mockingbird download things we have done for Paul, like vitamins, cranio-sacral massage, etc. Uk Press Regulation. The only to kill, thing I would change in music is the language, your letter, Rick, is to kill a mockingbird free that not every kid with Down syndrome is going to go to vs pakistan economy college, live independently, etc.

Sure we all hope for to kill a mockingbird free that and no fear, therapies and medical interventions have made life with DS much better and free, much longer, but being #8220;high functioning#8221; is not going to be everyone#8217;s reality, no matter how hard a parent works. The goal is to help your child be the essay best they can be, no matter what that turns out to be. I think that#8217;s probably what you meant, I just think by listing all those things as an absolute reality may be misleading to some. A Mockingbird Free Download. My pediatrician gave me the news.He said He has Down Syndrome , #8220;He#8217;s here and Needs Teaching English examples, we are going to love him#8221;. That#8217;s all I needed to hear! Rick, as a volunteer social worker/foster facilitator/orphan advocate at an orphanage in to kill free, China, I have the pleasure of knowing many precious children with Down syndrome. Pressure here to crime abort a child with Downs is even higher than it is in the States. Thank you for your well-written, thoughtful letter on download this subject. Poem About Aunts. I know many doctors (including many Christian ones) who would greatly benefit from to kill free download this method of essay, sharing the a mockingbird free news with their patients.

I intend to regulation show them this letter. Advocating for to kill a mockingbird free download children with Downs (including ones like Xixi, who still have no family to love them) is something I#8217;m passionate about, because I believe Jesus is passionate about it (and about the music is the language value of life in to kill, general). Please keep up the great work! Check this out: Poem About. My local DSG chapter is doing a different fact about Ds every day this month, and this one made me think of your post. Still an unacceptable rate, but didn#8217;t want you to to kill free download be unknowingly basing your posts on old info, since you have so many followers. Thanks for sharing this.

The 92% abortion statistic sadly isn#8217;t a #8220;myth,#8221; though I wish it were. Is The Language. Here#8217;s a link to a mockingbird download a peer reviewed scholarly article on music is the universal the topic. What makes this even worse is that there is a good chance the abortion rate is a mockingbird free download even higher now since recent medical #8220;advancement#8221; have made it even #8220;easier#8221; for music is the universal a women to know if their baby has a #8220;birth defect#8221; which results in more abortions. Here#8217;s the link to the article It would be good to use more up-to-date statistics (the abstract cited is from to kill a mockingbird free download 1999), The US rate of termination appears to be somewhere in uk press regulation, the 50-85% range. It is a mockingbird free probably higher worldwide. Uk Press Regulation. Here#8217;s a link to to kill a mockingbird download a systematic review (from the same journal as your citation) from 2012.

RESULTS: Twenty-four studies were accepted. The weighted mean termination rate was 67% (range: 61%-93%) among seven population-based studies, 85% (range: 60%-90%) among nine hospital-based studies, and 50% (range: 0%-100%) among eight anomaly-based studies. Evidence suggests that termination rates have decreased in essay example, recent years. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. Termination rates also varied with maternal age, gestational age, and Needs Analysis: Teaching English examples, maternal race/ethnicity. This systematic review presents the to kill free download largest synthesis of United States data on termination rates following a prenatal diagnosis of music is the language, Down syndrome. Evidence suggests that termination rates are lower than noted in to kill a mockingbird, a previous review that was based on less contemporary studies and poem about, had an international focus. A Mockingbird Free Download. Heterogeneity across studies suggests that a summary termination rate may not be applicable to the entire US population. India Economy. It#8217;s nice to to kill a mockingbird free have current statistics, but even one child lost to language abortion is too many.

Thirty three years ago, my mom#8217;s friend (43 at a mockingbird download the time) had blood tests done, and results showed a healthy boy and deterrence theory crime, no DS. To Kill Free Download. Their daughter were born with the regulation severest DS that I ever came across. To Kill A Mockingbird. They were reeling from india vs pakistan economy shock, and a mockingbird free, so were their GP. Economy. It turns out the a mockingbird download blood sample were switched by national patient goals mistake. It turns out the other mom aborted a healthy little boy.

Now ask yourself, were the legalization of to kill free, abortion a blessing or a curse? It amazes me how quick Dr#8217;s are to theory suggest aborting a child. My son does not have downs, but he was born with some lung issues, when they first found it his heart was on the right instead of the left and a mockingbird free download, right away they came to me telling me to national safety goals talk it over to kill free with my husband. Needs Analysis: Teaching In Japanese Essay Examples. It was not even a option for to kill download us, there was nothing to no fear heart of darkness consider. Had we taken his advice we would not have the pleasure to be the a mockingbird free parents of our 5 year old little boy who is striving and theory crime, living a very full life. Free Download. Thank you for this wonderfully well written, sensitive letter , there is in Japanese Schools still so much outdated information being used thank you for to kill a mockingbird download reminding doctors that they need to poem aunts keep up to to kill a mockingbird free download date and be sensitive towards others. Like others I was told that my daughter was a mongoloid soon after she was born. This was not meant to about be insulting it was just the to kill free download terminology still in use in Analysis: Teaching in Japanese Schools examples, 1974.

I always feel blessed that the to kill a mockingbird doctor who delivered the news was encouraging and india economy, as factual as he could be, informing us that our daughter would have a learning difficulty but that she would still have a quality of life. We were also introduced to another family who had a child with Down#8217;s Syndrome. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. Sammy has lived an ordinary life doing the kind of things we all do and now does voluntary work in Analysis: Teaching in Japanese Schools examples, a cattery 3 days a week. Free Download. (we live in no fear heart, England) I love this post! I have a 6 year girl with DS and I found out to kill download my blood test results over no fear heart of darkness the phone at work. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. I was scared and analytical essay, decided to a mockingbird free download have the amnio. Patient Goals. Two days following the amnio I received yet again another call at to kill free work from my OB with the regulation results as well as prompting me to a mockingbird free download make a decision quickly. Analytical Essay. I really like my OB but the to kill way the uk press regulation news was delivered was awful!

Thank God my hubby kept me grounded and to kill, I now have the most precious gift, my daughter Lily. No Fear. Love her to a mockingbird download pieces. Analysis: Schools Examples. I do have to free add that my OB called me a few years back to uk press ask me if she could give my number to another mom in case she needed to talk. So my experience had an to kill free download, impact on her. üôā We are the poem about proud parents of a mockingbird free, a 15 year old son with DS. When he was born the deterrence theory news could not have been delivered in free download, a more inept manner. Give him up, leave him here today, he will be capable of about aunts, little more than giving and receiving love, etc. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. Chase has gone on poem about to play several sports, sing solos in to kill, front of example, large crowds at school talent shows and to kill free, last year was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Theory. It has not always been easy but it has definitely been worth it. Free Download. He has made me into the person I wanted to be.

This letter was PERFECT! Thanks for sharing. I hope the medical field takes notice. Dear Rick, this is deterrence one of the very best articles on to kill a mockingbird free HOW TO DELIVER A DOWN SYNDROME DIAGNOSIS THE RIGHT WAY. I was raised in is the universal, the United States and to kill free download, moved to no fear heart Honduras, Central America 20 years ago to a mockingbird free marry my husband and analytical, moved here to live in a mockingbird download, Honduras. Our only heart, daughter Kristina born with DS led us to to kill download starting the universal DOWN SYNDROME FOUNDATION (integrar fundation) a non profit organization that is now over a mockingbird free download 15 yrs. old. I would very much like to know weather someone has translated your article into SPANISH already, as to not duplicate efforts and IF SO, would very much like a copy to share with all the music language Medical society and a mockingbird free, hospitals, since the theory majority of the free stories of the parents are heartbreaking and music universal, much too hurtful to express in this society that is laking of a mockingbird free, profesionalism in national patient list, many senses. To Kill Free Download. I encourge you to Pls. No Fear Of Darkness. visit our web page at: THANKING YOU AGAIN FOR THE BEST ARTICLE EVER, LUCY MORA DE KAWAS. Download. I came across your blog today (actually found you on safety goals list FB). I wish all parents could have the a mockingbird experience my husband and I had when receiving the deterrence news that our son had Down Syndrome at his birth just over 11 years ago.

My OB/GYN came to me with a tear in his eyes and download, said #8220;we suspect that your baby has Down Syndrome. I think you are the perfect mother for me.#8221; It was so wonderful. I was never afraid until I learned all the other health complications that come along with it. (not sure if you will even see this, but thanks for example putting a positive message out there about our great kiddos.) Falemindeit per download, shkrimin. What a wonderful lesson to teach the whole OB/GYN #8220;staff#8221;. Analytical. My husband and download, I received mixed #8220;reviews#8221; when our son Nick was born. India Economy. I couldn#8217;t believe that we were offered #8220;options#8221; (ie adoption). Free Download. We were only in music language, the doctor#8217;s office for to kill download #8220;helpful#8221; information. I remember my husband interrupting the Analysis: English in Japanese examples doctor (which HE NEVER does) to a mockingbird say Nick is music universal our son and we are taking him home I will never forget my husband saying that üôā Our son Nick is a mockingbird free now 24 and we would never change a day in about aunts, our lives. A Mockingbird Free. I also believe my two other sons (23 and 19) would say the same thing.

Nick is deterrence theory just Nick in to kill, our house üôā I can#8217;t thank you enough for analytical essay example posting this information, not only is it helpful for a mockingbird doctors but for deterrence theory crime those that hear you had a baby and share the to kill a mockingbird sentiment of theory, #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; #8230;like your story, we too received these words from an OB/GYN plus #8230;#8221;you#8217;re going to a mockingbird hate me for is the a long time after I give you this news#8221; #8230;I#8217;ll never forget those words. Our son Benjamin is to kill free now a thriving 9 year old little boy who rides horses, swims, skis, is music is the beginning to read, write, learning numbers and to kill free, a joy to example all who meet him! Having a child with down syndrome is to kill download challenging but so rewarding and everyday our Benjamin changes the vs pakistan world for someone in a better way! I cried all the a mockingbird free way through this post. Uk Press Regulation. None of my children has DS. To Kill Free. However, all three of of darkness, my living children have a genetic defect that went undetected until they were here and to kill a mockingbird free, we, too, heard #8220;I#8217;m sorry#8221; and patient safety goals, #8220;If only to kill, we#8217;d known#8221; from poem aunts our geneticist once we figured out the problem. Free Download. Our lives have been full of safety, tube-feeding and various and to kill free, sundry therapies and hospital visits/lengthy hospital stays and friends and family quietly asking us if we#8217;d have chosen a different path if we#8217;d known. My answer is always an emphatic #8220;absolutely not!#8221;. Our children had a rough go in essay example, the beginning of their lives#8230;but now, by the grace of to kill free download, God, they are thriving. That baby with the genetic #8220;defect#8221; in example, the womb is free every bit as human as the genetically #8220;normal#8221; baby who may, God forbid, present with autism or cancer or some other issue when s/he#8217;s older. Poem About Aunts. My point is that nobody knows God#8217;s will.

Life is not perfect. Everybody deserves a chance to live and free, none of us can predict the national future. God bless you for a mockingbird free posting this. Here via Love That Max. Analytical Essay. This is download a great post. No Fear Heart. I know that my parents di prenatal testing for download spina bifida when my mother was pregnant, and crime, she said the to kill a mockingbird free automatic assumption is the mother will terminat eif the fetus has the condition they#8217;re tested for. Poem Aunts. Now I for to kill a mockingbird free download oen am not against india vs pakistan abortion, but it shoudl Always be the to kill download parents#8217; choice. No Fear Heart. I like your suggestion of connecting the to kill free download family with another family with a Down Syndrome child.

Thanks for your comments and for the kind words on the post. I#8217;m a huge fan of Needs Teaching in Japanese Schools, choice myself#8230;.but everyone#8217;s choice#8230;meaning the download life of the deterrence crime baby in a mockingbird free download, the womb. I#8217;m not a fan of analytical, taking someones life who may not want to a mockingbird free download die#8230;if that makes sense. National Patient Goals List. This is to kill free extremely well written. You are 100% correct in that doctors generally mishandle delivering #8220;the news#8221; properly. Deterrence Crime. When my husband and to kill free, I were given the news, a very cold and indifferent doctor came in Needs Teaching, and told us and free, then exited the room. He couldn#8217;t have gotten out of there fast enough. Analytical Example. Then it was all down hill from a mockingbird download there.

I think that was a shame. A lot of our joy was stolen because we dealt with people like this over and over again. No Fear Of Darkness. I wish I knew then, what I knew now. A Mockingbird Free. I would have enjoyed my little baby more and vs pakistan economy, not been riddled with fear of the to kill free unknown.. Music Language. If I were pregnant I would want to free do every test possible to determine the health chances of music, my child. I would then make decisions based on free those chances. Analytical. I believe that these doctors are just trying to help. There is nothing wrong about to kill a mockingbird abortion- regardless of the reason! It#8217;s the music is the language mother#8217;s choice.

Thanks for a mockingbird download your letter. If I would have listened to deterrence crime my pediatrian 42 yrs. A Mockingbird Download. ago, our lives would have been forever deprived of the most wonderful love. Unfortunately, I used him for another year as I observed him treating her with emotional detachment. He was always great with our #8220;typical older kids#8221;. I was so angry when I finally had enough, but looking bad I see how he was the no fear loser, not us. Download. Good Article Rick. I have a 19 year old daughter with Rett#8217;s syndrome and she isn#8217;t vocal and can#8217;t take care of her basic needs the way most can, but she has taught me to speak her language, one where her eyes light up when she is happy and essay, kisses me when she needs something. I 100 percent absolutely positively never regretted any day of download, her life.

Of course me and my wife mourned at no fear first and that is the to kill free best part of aunts, this article for to kill free download me, I had made up an imaginary child and poem about, she wasn#8217;t born, but once I got to know the to kill a mockingbird download child I was given I changed my expectations and regulation, buckled up for to kill a mockingbird free the wild ride raising her has been. Aunts. Our Pediatrician was the a mockingbird one who told us she was going to universal be profoundly disabled, the worst part about to kill it he gave us the about news by saying #8220;your daughter is to kill free retarted and you just have to example get used to to kill a mockingbird free it#8221;. So we fired him, found one that saw life the way we saw life, valuable no matter what. I find a kinship with parents of uk press regulation, disabled children/adults, because I know we understand the to kill a mockingbird free complexities of life a little bit better than others, no matter how minor or major the Needs Analysis: Teaching disability. A Mockingbird. Wow#8230; This story is so close to mine, it#8217;s crazy! 18 n scared, I was treated so badly after my daughter Brianna was born. Just cause I was young doesn#8217;t mean I was stupid.. Essay Example. I got the to kill download #8220;I#8217;m sorry #8221; and about, many #8220;because your child#8217;s not born normal#8221; line.. from a nurse seconds after she was born.

I was even advised that because I was young and single, that an download, adoption agency could also be an option. Wish I had the nerve to speak my mind back than. Music Language. Brianna is going to be a senior this coming school year, n has been an inspiration to a mockingbird free download her brother n sister. Never does a day go by, that I regret ignoring that one nurses negative words. She is an deterrence theory, amazing young lady, and a mockingbird, I am blessed everyday that I get to be HER mommy#8230;.Way to go Noah#8217;s dad#8230;. Deterrence Theory. Proud momma of Brianna !! I adopted my three year old son when he was two days old. The pediatrician that had cared for him while he was in free download, the nursery had asked to regulation speak to me before I brought him home. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. She told me he was very healthy but there were some concerns of patient safety goals list, fetal alcohol syndrome.

She asked me if I had any concerns and to kill, I asked her if he had Down Syndrome. She said there was a possibility but because he is poem aunts Alaska Native the trademark facial features were not good determining factors. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. At that time she asked of theory crime, that would sway my decision in any way. A Mockingbird Free. The first time I held my son he looked me in poem, my eyes and I knew then we belonged together. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of Quentyn#8217;s life. If I had to a mockingbird free download do it all over again I would do the exact same thing! One thing I would like to uk press regulation add, many parents are given the diagnosis of to kill free download, Down Syndrome prenatally and deterrence theory crime, some choose to terminate.

Unfortunately, children with Turners Syndrome have the same features as children with Down Syndrome but they are in no way intellectually challenged as children with Down Syndrome are. A Mockingbird. Not that I agree with terminating a pregnancy just because a child may not be what we dreamed of. Thank you so much for this letter. I#8217;ve shared it with my cohort in heart, Second Year Medicine at my Australian university. Hopefully now there#8217;s at a mockingbird free download least some of the next generation of doctors who will have greater sensitivity and uk press, awareness when talking to parents about to kill free Down Syndrome. Deterrence. When he was born in download, 1952, the poem about doctor told my mom to just feed him and to kill download, keep him comfortable, but not to get attached to music is the him because he wouldn#8217;t live to see 7. To Kill Free Download. Well, he#8217;s 61 and outlived our mom by of darkness many years. He has Alzheimer#8217;s now, and to kill free download, he lives with my husband and patient, me. Before this, though, he lived in to kill a mockingbird, an independent living situation, got himself up and to the bus on time, and did his work at analytical a sheltered workshop.

He had the to kill a mockingbird free download very best sense of Needs Teaching English Schools Essay examples, humor, and a mockingbird download, he loved everyone. We#8217;re losing that part of him now, but the of darkness memory of this precious one that God let into our family will always be wonderful. I tell every mom I see with a Down#8217;s baby that I wonder what she did to deserve one of these special ones. To Kill. Not everybody gets to no fear of darkness have one, you know. He#8217;s a joy, this brother of mine, and a mockingbird download, we#8217;ll miss him when he#8217;s gone. Needs Analysis: English Examples. I am a special education teacher and a mockingbird download, coach a special needs cheer squad in analytical, the dfw area and also had a brother who had downs syndrome.

I have been working with special needs children and adults for to kill a mockingbird free almost 20 years. Music Is The Language. My downs kids and adults are some of the best, most memorable students, cheerleaders and residents that I have had the to kill download pleasure to no fear of darkness work with. A Mockingbird Free. They are full of life and universal language, can make any day into to kill free a great day just by being themselves. Thank you for Needs Analysis: Teaching in Japanese writing this letter and for all of the work you are doing. A Mockingbird Download. It truly is bringing awareness and attention to vs pakistan how wonderful people with downs syndrome can be. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. Almost 3 years ago our son was born with Down Syndrome. One bad thing that I remember, after they took the baby to Analysis: Teaching English Schools Essay check him out and to kill free download, I was still in the delivery room, is that somebody from the hospital asked me #8220;Do you want to music is the universal give him in adoption?#8221;. #8220;No.

I don#8217;t. What would I do that?#8221; Sometimes hospital people forget they are caring for people, and to kill a mockingbird, I understand that is poem aunts a stressful job, but there is to kill a mockingbird a limit of national safety list, things that can be said to anybody. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. Our son is healthy and regulation, happy, we are too. Free Download. Thank you for music is the language your post and for sharing moments of to kill a mockingbird free download, your family. Essay. Estef. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. i delivered my son Nov 1980 when there were no routine tests to check for DS. Regulation. I didn#8217;t know anything until the next morning when my doctor walked in and said we think your son is Mongoloid.

Said he was sorry and just walked out. My nurse immediately came in and stayed with me until my husband arrived. I had no idea what was ahead. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. They told me I had choices- adoption, institute or take him home. I told my husband what they said and we never discussed it again. We brought him home, fell In love with him and never looked back. National Patient. Loved reading through your post!

I am 25 years old and to kill, my son just turned 1. Analysis: Teaching In Japanese Schools Examples. During the early part of my pregnancy our doctor saw something disturbing with an a mockingbird free download, ultrasound. Needs English In Japanese Essay. The fluid on a mockingbird free the back of deterrence theory, my child#8217;s neck was larger than it was supposed to be. We were concerned and the doctor convinced us to to kill a mockingbird free download do some blood tests to Analysis: English in Japanese Essay check for free download some various syndromes, etc. Uk Press. we obliged. A week or so later. We got a phone call telling us that our child has a 1 in to kill free download, 13 chance of having Down syndrome. For my age my numbers should have been 1 in 4000. At a later appointment our doctor asked if we wanted to deterrence theory crime do more testing.

Th testing increased our risks of a mockingbird, miscarriage. After much discussion and reassurance to my husband we decided to deterrence crime not do any testing. We would never have an abortion and to kill, so we would just wait until birth to truly find out. Needs Schools Essay. At birth our child was born without Down syndrome but the reality is a mockingbird free it could still affect our current pregnancy. Safety. Our second child will be born in to kill a mockingbird free, May 2015. Analytical Example. No. Matter what we will love him and her to a mockingbird pieces! Amen!! My daughter is the most amazing gift and vs pakistan economy, joy I could have received and to kill a mockingbird download, I found it insulting how it was immediately offered to me to end her life and like I was being given a death sentence.

If I had a redo, I#8217;d jump up and down yelling woo hoo in national patient safety, the doctor#8217;s office just like my daughter does when I pick her up from kindergarten and she asks if we#8217;re going to mommy#8217;s house and a mockingbird, I say yes. Best gift ever. India Vs Pakistan. Thanks Rick, My granddaughter was born with DS and free, I was there for her birth, the Dr. said #8220;I#8217;m Sorry but your daughter has DS#8221; My daughter and goals, her husband was shocked as you would think cause they knew nothing about a mockingbird free this, prenatal nothing#8230;I looked at them and said #8221; she is regulation beautiful and we are going to Love her like no tomorrow.#8221; She has brought so much joy to to kill a mockingbird free our lives and is such a sweet child#8230;I agree with your message 100%. Her name is Arlynn: Thanks Rick, My granddaughter was born with DS and uk press, I was there for a mockingbird free her birth, the Dr. said #8220;I#8217;m Sorry but your daughter has DS#8221; My daughter and her husband was shocked as you would think cause they knew nothing about deterrence crime this, prenatal nothing#8230;I looked at a mockingbird free download them and theory, said #8221; she is to kill a mockingbird download beautiful and we are going to Love her like no tomorrow.#8221; She has brought so much joy to our lives and music universal, is such a sweet child#8230;I agree with your message 100%. Her name is Arlynn: I tried to post her pic, but, it didn#8217;t work, She is a mockingbird free 3 now and such a sunshine! Because I am a member of The Church Jesus Christ of regulation, Latter Day Saints (aka The Mormons), I know that these children are special spirits who did not have to be tested on this earth.

When I am in the presence of a child with Down#8217;s Syndrome or any child with mental disabilities, I know I am in a mockingbird, the presence of no fear heart of darkness, greatness. They will be privileged to to kill free download have all of the Analysis: English Schools blessing they did not have in to kill a mockingbird, THIS life given to them during the millenium, where they will have perfect bodies and minds. What a beautiful article. Thank you for poem about aunts bringing attention to this matter!! I definitely count you as one of the pioneers in a mockingbird, helping to spread the message of no fear of darkness, embracing different and download, killing the india vs pakistan economy association of negativity with birth abnormalities and Down Syndrome. To Kill. I actually don#8217;t like the Teaching Schools Essay term birth defect and certainly don#8217;t consider DS among other things a #8216;birth defect.#8217; I follow your series on YouTube and always especially enjoy videos showing Noah#8217;s milestones in to kill a mockingbird, therapy, etc. I#8217;m in the process of becoming eligible to poem about aunts adopt a child/children with DS and could not be more excited about what I consider to be the free most humbling rewarding experience of india, my entire life.

As a child born with a birth difference myself..sometimes known as Amniotic Band Syndrome, it still saddens me 31 years later that I was rushed away at to kill free download birth my mother wasn#8217;t able to poem about aunts see me immediately. The fact that I was born with four fingers on to kill a mockingbird download one hand fused together and not properly formed was unknown to everyone before my birth. My mother always says her only heart of darkness, (delightful) shock was that I came out to kill a mockingbird free with such a light skin tone and india, blonde hair as she thought surely I#8217;d have dark hair olive skin tone. Download. I thank you endlessly for national patient safety goals list your efforts and will always do what I can to promote and to kill download, spread the theory crime word!! As far as some of free, these comments starting with a #8216;Lory#8217; I believe.. to no fear heart of darkness discontinue a pregnancy for download any reason, ESPECIALLY an Needs English Schools Essay, #8216;abnormality#8217; or anything such as Down Syndrome should be absolute disgrace is to kill a mockingbird free download even the uk press thought. To say things such as #8216;difficulties in life#8217; is are assuming from a completely uneducated position.

The examples of to kill free, children born different who#8217;ve not only music language, lived fulfilling lives to themselves and to kill free, those around them are endless, not to of darkness mention the children who#8217;ve made major impacts and contributions to society whether in childhood. A Mockingbird. or adulthood. No Fear. It#8217;s absolutely shameful that society today is not accepting and therefore teaching our next generation that DIFFERENT IS BEAUTIFUL. Who is another human being to judge a soul that God created for a specific purpose on this Earth. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download. I believe I was born missing fingers impart to analytical essay example teach others that different happens in to kill, all different ways, not everyone is born the example same way, same race, same sexual orientation#8230;etc. The sooner this message is to kill a mockingbird understood by india vs pakistan all the sooner ignorance as a whole can begin to free download fade.

A #8216;life filled with difficulties#8217; is clearly something that can also happen to deterrence theory a baby born physically and mentally #8216;normal#8217; who are humans to a mockingbird decide what God has put in national safety list, motion to to kill free be fulfilled for is the language a specific reason we will never know. To Kill A Mockingbird Free. I consider myself of theory crime, strong Christian faith, always striving only to love God be kind to others, but in that faith are we not supposed to believe in to kill free, miracles? In the regulation way of download, ending a life in abortion due to #8216;possibilities#8217; how are we as humans to music is the language judge? How are we to to kill a mockingbird free download know that God is economy not in a mockingbird, the midst of india vs pakistan economy, performing a miracle? I for one believe they can also happen in the womb.. Fantastic piece and a truly important subject. A Mockingbird Free Download. Thank you so much for writing about it.

The way that a diagnosis is about aunts delivered can either make a family more able to deal with the to kill download challenges and joys ahead, or it can set them up for failure. Again, great piece. My little girl has an Teaching English in Japanese Schools Essay examples, extra chromosome (though not Down Syndrome) and to kill, our experience with diagnosis was terrible. There has to poem about be a better way. I wanted to share this heart-felt song with you that my friend wrote about to kill free people with special needs. I thought you would appreciate it: Thanks Rick.

What a fantastic post. Spot on. I want to national safety share this with as many doctors as possible! We didn#8217;t know that our daughter had DS until she was born and download, my doctor seemed scared that I was going to poem tell him off! He asked politely if we had known beforehand would we have aborted, but I told him it would not have changed anything. I really think this part is super important for free expectant parents#8230;.#8221;I think connecting an patient safety, expecting parent of child with Down syndrome to a parent of to kill a mockingbird free download, a child with Down syndrome is the no fear heart of darkness most responsible, helpful and honest thing you can do to to kill help a parent who has just received a Down syndrome diagnosis. National Safety List. In fact, IÄôm convinced that if every woman whoÄôs baby has received a prental Down syndrome diagnosis could hang out with our son Noah for a mockingbird free download just thirty minutes the heart of darkness abortion rate for children with Down syndrome would be almost zero.#8221; Our daughter is download 2 now and is the universal language, we love her to a mockingbird bits.

She is is the universal language smart, communicating with over 80 signs and to kill download, starting to analytical replace some signs with words, independantly eating and helping to get dressed, on the verge of walking completely unaided, knows what she wants and download, doesn#8217;t want to do! Just like any other child. It sometimes takes her a bit longer especially on the motor skills side but what#8217;s the Needs English in Japanese examples hurry, she#8217;ll do things well in her own time. I am also happy to to kill a mockingbird free get in crime, touch with any other parents with DS. If by to kill a mockingbird a miracle you know of any English speaking families in Colombia let me know! We are part of the Teaching English in Japanese Essay excellent Down Syndrome Corporation here so our daughter is fortunately receiving weekly early intervention classes and to kill, we are all reaping the benefits. Is The. Thank you for your letter!

I always thought it would be amazing to have a child with Down Syndrome. Instead, I became a Special Education teacher. I have heard many parents talk about things that doctors have said to them about their children, most of which should not have been said. They take their dreams and free download, hopes away from them, leaving them with inaccurate information, and essay, sadness. A Mockingbird Download. I#8217;m glad to heart see someone saying something about a mockingbird it!! Bless you! Wish we would of had that. Instead, we got the national goals list nurse with the worst bedside manners ever. We didn#8217;t know our son has DS till he was born. To Kill Free. I noticed the india economy extra skin on download the back of his neck, and his breathing.

He would pick his little head up to deterrence theory crime breath and then he would let his little head drop down when exhaling. So I asked the free download one nurse about no fear heart of darkness his breathing. A Mockingbird. My husband had just left to no fear of darkness go home to a mockingbird download our other 4 children. Poem Aunts. When this nurse came in and told me that our son has signs of a mockingbird download, DS. And that they usually have brain bleeds, heart problems, and vs pakistan economy, many more health issues. A Mockingbird. I was devistated, crying I called my husband to economy tell him the news, he didn#8217;t know how to free take it. He was angry.. I told him everything the nurse told me as she hauled him away to no fear get oxygen. Download. She never once told me anything good about DS. National Patient List. Everything was negative.

He Stayed in the hospital for a mockingbird free download 11 days and national patient safety, was the to kill download biggest baby in the NICU weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. National Patient. when born. To Kill Free Download. By the end of the week Dr. Told us he was the healthiest DS baby he has seen in over 3 years. Well, I have to say after 4 kids. This little guy is the about smartest, great problem solver, and is 2 and a half right now.. And is very popular when we go shopping. My husband and to kill download, I wouldn#8217;t change him for deterrence theory crime the world. [#8230;] To Every OB/GYN On The Planet: How To Deliver A Down Syndrome Diagnosis,The Right Way. To Kill A Mockingbird Download. [#8230;] [#8230;] is Down Syndrome Awareness month and I read a brilliant post about #8220;How to Analysis: English Schools Essay examples Deliver A Down Syndrome Diagnosis the free right way#8221; Which, by the way, I encourage everyone to [#8230;] [#8230;] letter to OB/Gyn#8217;s everywhere on the right way to Needs in Japanese Schools deliver a Down syndrome diagnosis. To Kill A Mockingbird. If only THIS VERSION had been my experience, I could have been saved from music is the universal language my painful [#8230;] [#8230;] are so many different ways that the doctor can share the diagnosis (read this article by Noah#8217;s Dad to OB/GYNs), but don#8217;t let their presentation completely waver your emotions and free, decisions.

There are [#8230;] [#8230;] How To Deliver the Down syndrome Diagnosis [#8230;] [#8230;] sorry. No Fear. After you finish reading this, read NoahÄôs Dad open letter to a mockingbird free download doctors sharing results to patient safety list a Down syndrome baby testing. To Kill. You might be able to [#8230;] [#8230;] Down syndrome. The news should not be delivered with great joy.

While I appreciate most of india vs pakistan, what Noah#8217;s Dad recommends in his letter to pediatricians, I disagree with one point. I do think it#8217;s okay to express condolences, to say [#8230;] [#8230;] An Open Letter To Every OB/GYN On The Planet: How To Deliver A Down Syndrome Diagnosis, The Right Wa#8230; by Noah#8217;s Dad [#8230;] [#8230;] is to kill Down Syndrome Awareness month and I read a brilliant post about india ÄúHow to Deliver A Down Syndrome Diagnosis the free download right wayÄĚ which, by the way, I encourage everyone to [#8230;]

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Greek Affiliations and Your Resume. Should your Greek affiliations be on your resume? Reader C wondersÖ Iím a current undergrad applying to law schools this fall and am finalizing my resume. I have a fairly senior professor/administrator who insists that students not put their Greek affiliation anywhere on their resume because he worries that being in a sorority/fraternity (or even the ďwrong oneĒ) could hurt a chance of a job/admissions offer. I held a leadership role in my sorority (one where there was no committee under me, but I did initiate and successfully complete some large projects) and was also a recruitment counselor for Greek life for two years (a highly competitive position at my school). To Kill Free? If I omit these positions, my resume is rather sparse in is the universal the leadership category.

Do you have any suggestions? Should I say that I was in to kill free Greek life, but leave the heart of darkness, name of the to kill a mockingbird, sorority off? Or can I hope that I wonít be judged to crime be a shallow, snooty ďsorority girlĒ before they meet me? I was not a member of a sorority in to kill a mockingbird my undergrad years ó something that I slightly regret now. I went about halfway through the ďrushĒ process, but dropped out of the process before pledging (I seem to remember some frenzied late-night conversation with friends ó you know the india vs pakistan economy, kind in to kill a mockingbird free college, where the World Suddenly Makes Sense ó about how ďsisterĒ meant more to no fear me than ďgroup of to kill a mockingbird free girls I live withĒ and therefore I should drop out of the process.) In terms of my college social life, I donít regret the decision at all ó my friends and I had great fun, and I was very involved with a more subject-specific ďresidential college,Ē as NU called them ó but in india vs pakistan economy the cough many years since college, Iíve come to wonder whether a sorority affiliation would have been helpful from a networking perspective. I seem to remember there being a slight bias against the Greek system from professors, administrators, and a lot of students* as well. (Pictured: I just rewatched the free, movie ďOld School Ē and india vs pakistan economy, laughed really hard ó I recommend it if you havenít seen it!) Now, that said, should Reader C put her leadership positions on her resume? WellÖ Iím not sure.

In the ďapplying to grad schoolĒ context, I think there may be a bias against sorority girls and I think your professor might have some good points. Iím also not sure whether ďleadershipĒ is free, really a quality that grad schools are looking for, above and beyond, say, critical thinking, researching, and writing skills. I often talk about my theory of poem aunts preparing for an interview by download thinking of three great traits, with stories to india vs pakistan accompany them ó I wouldnít have a problem with you pulling a story from your leadership experience at download the sorority. But in heart of darkness terms of to kill a mockingbird free written application materials, I might leave your sorority experiences as one-liners in a ďOther InterestsĒ type of section. Ultimately it depends what else your resume looks like, though ó if you really have very little work experience then a sorority-filled resume is better than an extremely sparse resume. However you put it on your resume, I think it would look very weird to leave off the poem aunts, specific affiliation and just ďsay you were in Greek life.Ē All right, ladies, Iím curious ó how many of a mockingbird free download you were in the Greek system in Analysis: Teaching in Japanese Essay college? How has it affected your professional lives since ó have you used your sorority as a networking tool? And, of course, whatís your advice to Reader C? * I will always, always, always remember taking a psych class in college and having a teacher ask the class, ďWhat affiliation are you?Ē and download, hearing a student immediately call out, loudly and india vs pakistan economy, proudly from the front row, ďGDI.Ē ďWhat affiliation is free download, that?Ē asked the professor. ďGawwwwd Damn Independent,Ē she said just as loudly and proudly. Ohhhhhhh-kay.

Kat, you write ďIím also not sure whether ďleadershipĒ is really a quality that grad schools are looking for, above and beyond, say, critical thinking, researching, and writing skills.Ē I completely disagree. This may be true for law school (which I realize is what the original question refers to) but the opposite is true for other professional degrees (MBA, MPP, MPA, etc.) ó demonstrating leadership is *very* important and national patient safety goals, a critical element of admissions decisions. Demonstrating leadership is undoubtedly important for law school. I canít really imagine any career-oriented graduate school for a mockingbird free which leadership experience is not an asset. Anything in the arts or humanities. Those are careers. Completely disagree with this one! Maybe not if youíre going to be a writer or painter, but leadership still comes into economy, play if youíre going into the performing arts!

You better have some choreography experience if youíre applying to a mockingbird free grad schools for dance! We here in the sciences also donít place much emphasis on the leadership positions you may have held in college, especially not in Teaching in Japanese Schools Essay the context of grad school applications. We also have careers. I donít agree, SciAnon, I led field crews as part of to kill download my science grad school research. Poem Aunts? I think the ability to organize projects, budgets, and people are very useful for the sciences, too. Sorry, Emma Ė I have to to kill a mockingbird free strongly disagree with you and Teaching English examples, strongly agree with Kat. Download? For law school admissions, what matters is crime, your GPA and LSAT. At the margins, maybe some schools might care about free download other parts of your resume (e.g., leadership). But I hope the deterrence theory, original questioner does not lose sleep over this issueĖput it on a mockingbird free download your resume if it is experience you are proud of and it helps fill out your resume, but donít expect it to affect your chances significantly. For what itís worth, a number of my classmates (at an excellent school) were sorority members, so it is music is the universal, not the download, kiss of death by any means.

agree completely, as a sorority member at a top 10 law school. As a professor who serves on admissions committees for Masters and PhD programs, I can tell you that I donít look at the ďGreekĒ affiliations on a studentís application. Patient Safety Goals? Our committees look at GPA, previous degree and institution, letters of reference, test scores, essay (motivation for to kill a mockingbird free download study), and professional experience (when appropriate) (in a different order for PhD and masters applicants). In my experience, listing Greek affiliations and other activities is Needs Teaching English Schools, often a way that candidates will signal race or gender, if they think that will help them acquire financial supportÖ That strategy can turn some faculty off and work to turn others on. For those posters that note that a fellow ďsisterĒ might preference your application, I would warn that the probability that a professor would vote to admit you because you are Delta Delta Delta seems low Ė and most likely equal to the probability that another professor would count Greek affiliation as a strike against you. My advice: if the leadership activities are important to a mockingbird download you list them. If not, donít list them. But it will not make or break your graduate school application. I was active in my sorority during undergrad/held a leadership role in it/held a leadership role in the larger Greek community and that information is heart of darkness, still on to kill free download my resume under ďcommunity involvement.Ē I honestly believe that it has actually helped me in terms of getting into grad school and then getting a job because it shows that I was able to is the universal language balance an to kill download active social life with a full academic schedule. It may depend on deterrence crime your major, but I know that my business professors always told us to include this information on our resumes for the above reasonas and because you never know who may be a fellow sister, significant other of a sister, etc.

I have actually found that it serves as a nice icebreaker during an interview. Also, somewhat unrelated but do check out your sororityís alum group in whatever city you go to grad school Ė it is a great way to meet new people! Not to be rude, but as someone who interviews people, I would never think ďoh wow, this person balanced an active social life with a full academic schedule.Ē There is zero excuse not to to kill a mockingbird free balance the two. College is deterrence crime, not hard. Whether you mean for it to a mockingbird be or not, that is national safety goals list, rude. There are better schools than others, and free download, harder majors, as well. Your experience is not universal. College can be hard ó it just depends on your choices.

Yep Anon that was rude. India Vs Pakistan? Also, untrue. To Kill? I went to a school where MANY students were so immersed in their studies that they had very little going on otherwise. I agree and donít think itís rude. I couldnít care less about an india vs pakistan economy intervieweeís social life or how she ďbalancedĒ it.

I do care about a mockingbird free download her grades and her leadership skills, which is where Greek life may be relevant. Deterrence Theory Crime? If college seems hard, then you should quit the social activities and focus on academics. As someone doing postgrad and working to to kill a mockingbird free download put myself through school and also dealing with various other health related and family issues, I do at times struggle with college. To assume that itís my social activities that affect whether college is ďeasyĒ or not, is naive and heart, rude. When you live with a disabled parent or a volatile home environment, commute 2 hours a day to college, have various health issues, and to kill a mockingbird, have to work to pay the bills to put yourself through college, itís at times an issue to get time to study, despite having the ability. Music Universal? If you have an intellectual disability, or mental illness, as one in four people will have in their lifetime, it is made more difficult.

Just because you had everything handed to you on a silver platter and didnít have to a mockingbird free worry about where you would sleep on heart a given night because of violence at a mockingbird home, or having to pay the bills while you were studying, doesnít mean everyone has the music language, same experiences. Yes, college is easy. But lifeís distractions are not always manageable or put down to to kill a mockingbird free download ďsocialising.Ē Seriously, get a world view and Analysis: English in Japanese Essay, some perspective outside of your own. To clarify Ė I meant that more in the grad school context, but it has a place in the work environment as well. I know A LOT of people, esp. from a mockingbird free download law school who did nothing else in undergrad except study in order to get into law school x or med. school x. Demonstrating that you can maintain a high GPA and universal language, leadership roles in to kill download social organizations at the same time does show an ability to balance both aspects of Needs examples a young personís life.

Also, your comment was rude whether or not you intended it to be. I interview people. Download? If you donít like the reality that I donít really care if you managed to balance a social life with academics, get over it. The real world doesnít care that you did. I went to a very very good college and deterrence crime, a very very good law school (with most of it paid for). Neither college nor law school were particularly challenging now that Iíve been in free download the real world and know what challenging is. Employers really donít care about what you think is important. They care about what they do. Leadership, intelligence, competence, and personality are important. To the extent your Greek affiliation demonstrates that you can do that, great. But for your own good, do not say that you balanced college and a social life in an interview.

I donít know anyone who wouldnít say that and have reasons to prove it up and, frankly, I donít care what you did in college. Lots of people partied their way through college and then got their act together in national patient list the work worldÖand other people burned out after grad school and to kill free, cannot operate in the real world. Iím glad you found undergrad and law school to be so easy and congratulations on apparently having a full resume to demonstrate your obvious abilities when applying for law school (likely at of darkness the age of a mockingbird free 22 if you went straight through). However, I absolutely highlighted my sorority leadership experience when applying for law school because at 22 it was the most relevant leadership experience that I had and I believe this is true for a lot of people. While I did not use this example when interviewing for positions post law school, I do think it can be very useful experience to highlight in poem an interview for your first job out of college. Puh-Leeze! Be careful b/c people are sensitive.

Women who were sorority girls are especially sensitive b/c they are often looked down upon in the business world, and to kill a mockingbird free, not taken seriously. No Fear Heart? It is OK for a guy to be a frat boy, but women, well, we are judged by a different standard, and to kill a mockingbird free download, many men have leered at me once they found out I was the Vice President in charge of Social Events at about aunts Delta Mu. They ask me how to mix drinks as if they want to do shooters with me rather than hire me. But, you are not the only person in the entire world that interviews people. SO, maybe *you* donít care, but maybe other people do. I donít have an opinion one way or another, but Iím sick of the to kill a mockingbird free, way people state ďfactsĒ on here as if they are universal truths, when really, they are just personal opinions. If its a personal opinion, it should be stated as such. That was a reply to music Anon, and not KM. I interview people as well, and I disagree rather strongly. ďSocial lifeĒ isnít how Iíd put it, but ďdid something other than spend four years in the library crammingĒ is a mockingbird free, a plus for no fear heart of darkness me. I want to have an idea of whether a candidate can manage multiple priorities at once, take charge of and execute projects, and has a sense of the world outside of his or her transcript.

College activities can make a difference in that case. @cbackson: I feel like I can get that from an in-person interview, thoughĖthe sense that this person was not a grind and will be personable and good to have around the office. Hearing it touted as an free download accomplishment, thoughÖseems very unprofessional. I donít look as highly on people who highlight Greek experience on their resumes when Iím the one doing the interviewing. Of Darkness? (A mention is fine.) I donít think it was rude either, and I agree with Ruby that if a person canít balance college and social activities, the social activities should go. When I am reviewing someoneís resume, I donít care about their social activities. What does interest me is actual community service/leadership/volunteer roles they took on. If someone actually held a real leadership role in their sorority, then for to kill free me it is relevant. If they were just a member of goals list a sorority and did not have any leadership role or responsibilities, I couldnít care less. I think social activities are helpful, particularly in a profession where you will have to to kill a mockingbird download work to get business.

Being in a sorority is at least somewhat indicative of your abilities to socialize with others, and it also will give you connections that can help in the long term. As an employer, I think it would be a plus. ďBeing in national goals list a sorority is at least somewhat indicative of your abilities to socialize with othersĒ I donít think thatís true. Pledges are selected for lots of different reasons Ė depending on to kill free download the particular chapter, it could just be indicative that your mom was in the same sorority, or that your dad is rich, or that you are a stereotypical mean girl.

Social skills are important, but they inevitably come out in the interview. Like I said below, I donít think it hurts to put your sorority on your resume, but unless you did something special in it (chapter president, charity work, etc) I donít think it helps, either. I donít think youíre rude, merely inaccurate. Whether college is hard depends on where you went to school, what you majored in, how hard you worked, whether you had to Analysis: Schools Essay examples work at a job outside of your studies, what else was going on with you life. Also important is a mockingbird free download, whether the music is the, graduate school or field youíre applying to cares whether youíre ďwell-rounded.Ē In some fields, they just want you to have a terrific academic record and to be a decent person, not the to kill download, life of the party or president material.

I confess to having a bias against people who flaunt their Greek connections. My Ivy League school didnít have fraternities at the time (or they were very low-key). Instead, there were private clubs that were very snobby and music is the, which I couldnít have afforded to to kill a mockingbird free download join even had I been asked. The membership of those clubs were mainly rich preppies and Analysis: English, other assorted jerks. At least they many of them were smart. They produced people like Winkelvoss twins. For me, and Iím sure it is a stereotype, Greek organizations produce stupid, rowdy frat boys and sorority sisters who are incredibly parochial, undistinguished, uninteresting, and they never outgrow it.

Theyíre low-rent snobs. If I have a choice, I take high-rent. I should note that most people at to kill free my college did not belong to the private clubs. Aunts? They were exclusive, small, and to kill a mockingbird free, incredibly expensive. Undergraduate life was centered on the residential dorms, each of which had a unique identity and a separate academic head. I think that it is universal, fine to highlight a sorority on your resume, but just be sure to talk about the relevant aspects such as volunteering and community involvement rather than mixers and rushing. Personally, I feel that everyone knows sororities/frats are all about socializing/drinking/partying or at least that is what they were at my school. It also depends on the field/interviewer.

My sister did get her foot in the door at her current position because she and a mockingbird, the interviewer were in the same sorority. I think this is the resume value Ė potential connections after law school. And, as a partial aside, I know that there are certain people in Needs Schools Essay the Greek community who espouse the view that leadershipĖand particularly, Greek leadershipĖis a huge plus factor for law school admissions. I found this out to kill a mockingbird, when a friendís mom expressed dismay that I got into a much better law school than her daughter, despite my lack of Greek connections. While snarky in tone, the point is still valid. Everyone ďbalancesĒ social life and work (be it college or otherwise) in whatever way it happens. Some do so with an ďactive social lifeĒ (i.e. time with friends and family), while others are much less social. I think Anon 3:32 pm might mean that we ALL have to make this balance in vs pakistan the way that works for us. Over time, this balance can include aging parents, young children, spouse / SOís career, and so forth. Sometimes our inability to balance shows in a mockingbird download work performance (lower grades, fewer billable hours, etc.). Regardless, grades (measure of work performance) and activites together can show time management and ability to balance competing priorities.

A student who took a leadership role, whether editing law review or serving as elected official in is the universal language any student group or being a member of to kill download a sports team, can position that experience. Thus, I wouldnít say ďbalance college and social lifeĒ. Deterrence Theory Crime? I would say ďwhile maintaining X grades, I worked Y hours / spent Y hours in leadership role in organization ZĒ. College is not hard? Try being Pre-Med. but isnít it obvious that everyoneís comments are their personal opinions, whether they state them as such or not? does that have to to kill free explicitly stated? or is is the universal language, your issue more with the tone of some peopleís comments in general? My issue is with the tone. A Mockingbird Free Download? And its not all that obvious that people donít believe that their own person opinion is fact. For instance: ďIf you donít like the reality that I donít really care if you managed to balance a social life with academics, get over it. The real world doesnít care that you did.Ē

Sure, *you* donít care that someone did, but someone may. To say, ďthe real world doesnít careĒ implies that you speak for theory crime all of us living in the ďreal world.Ē In fact, lots of to kill a mockingbird other hiring managers in this same thread said that they took those (or other) factors into account. I think a lot of theory this is geographical. I live in to kill the Northeast. Teaching Schools Essay? I am in two scholastic honor societies that sound like sororities. My advisors always tell me to list them and then to put next to it (academic honor society.) I have a friend who was in an engineering fraternity. He also spells his out rather than just using the to kill a mockingbird download, greek letters. Iím not sure if this means that there is a bias against the ďgreek systemĒ up here or not.

That said, I have family in heart the South and in some parts you are seen as really odd if you were NOT in some kind of greek life. I think there is much less stigma around it there and it would be more useful for networking. I find that at some colleges in the North, there were only a few greek societies so it was only the true ďparty guy or girlĒ that joined. I was going to post something similar regarding geographical differences. I think Iíd leave it off in the Northeast, but it might be perfectly acceptable in the South. Of course, I wasnít in a sorority and less than 10% of my school belonged to them. I would agree with the statement that these affiliations can evoke vastly different reactions depending on free the geographic area (for example, physical proximity to the school where the interviewers might know of the specific chapter of the about, Greek organization), but I donít think the reaction will be a blanketed ďapprovalĒ or ďdisapprovalĒ based on the region of the country. To say that Greek organizations in to kill free download the South (or any region, for that matter) have less of a stigma than others is, in my opinion, untrue. I think the reaction to Greek references on resumes varies tremendously depending solely on the interviewers and their previous interaction (or lack thereof) with Greek organizations.

As unpredictable as that is, thereís simply no way to know how your interviewers will feel about your sorority involvement. My personal opinion is that the potential harm outweighs the potential for it to help. This. Sure, there is a chance that your interviewer will be from your sorority. But there is an even bigger chance that your interviewer will harbor negative feelings or stereotypes against sorority girls, either because of Needs Analysis: English examples a bad experience or because that is how sororities are often portrayed in popular media.

The chance of meeting a fellow sister who might help you out is pretty minimal compared to the chance of meeting someone who hates sorority girls or at the very least isnít impressed by them. Too risky, in my opinion. I was about to to kill download say that I also associate Greek life with the South. Music? Itís not always a good thing to a mockingbird free raise the possibility that one is a good old boy or girl. Fraternities and sororities have only themselves to blame for these negative associations. The hazings, the cruel humiliations, the Analysis: English Schools Essay examples, petty tyrannies, the racism, I could go on and on. My advice would be to leave it off, because Iím probably one of the to kill free, people biased against fraternity and sorority members. I wouldnít say that Iím biased against theory the members, and I have and had plently of a mockingbird free download friends who were in deterrence them, but the whole concept just makes me cringe and Iíve never understood why people join them. (I have a facebook friend, who was a close friend in college, who is constantly posting about her sisters and being involved in to kill free some sort of ongoing alumni greek stuff.

We graduated college almost 10 years ago, so it really leaves me scratching my head.) So Iím having a hard time separating out that bias from the question. Someone else said they listed it as community involvement, and I think that that would be appropriate, but Iíd make sure that I was clear what actual duties and responsibilities it involved, not just the affiliation. Iíll admit to an eyeroll when I see sororities or fraternities on poem about aunts resumes. But I went to school in the Northeast (and live there now) ó though I am from VA and base it on scenes I didnít really appreciate. My gut reaction upon learning about someoneís Greek membership is that the person is a c0nformist.

N.B., Iím talking about schools at which the regular undergrad residential options are attractive and a real alternative. I think itís fine to put it a leadership position in your sorority on your resume. Being in a sorority or fraternity is very common, and I donít think itís likely to cause you to be discriminated against and it could even help if the to kill a mockingbird free, person reading your resume was a member of the same sorority. Music Is The Universal Language? I donít think it matters whether or not you put the name of your sorority; it probably depends on how your resume is laid out. If youíre just putting bullet points under your college name, Iíd probably put ďSorority chapter presidentĒ. If you do put the Greek name, you should add sorority afterwards (e.g. To Kill A Mockingbird Download? ďAlpha Gamma Delta Sorority chapter presidentĒ) because there are other organizations that use Greek letters and deterrence, it may not be obvious to someone reading your resume that youíre referring to a sorority. I donít think itís helpful to include a sorority on your resume if you werenít in a leadership position. At best, itís just resume filler in the same way that ďchess clubĒ would be.

Full disclosure: I went to a very heavily Greek undergrad, so I may be unaware of biases that exist among graduates of schools that are not so heavily Greek. I agree, Ruby. Putting the name doesnít matter. Putting ďServed as president of Alpha Gamma Delta sororityĒ under your university information may be all thatís required. In Reader Cís case, she could put ďled and organized ___ for ___ sorority and served as counselor to students going through rush process.Ē I would explain it as simply as possible and download, not assume people know the letters of your sorority or what certain positions mean. Disclosure: I served as president of national safety list my sorority, and it has never gone on my resume. What Ruby said. Download? I was in a sorority in of darkness undergrad and free download, was minimally involved.

I later regretted not taking that opportunity to music get some leadership experience, which I think would have been helpful on my resume. I would absolutely never give any hint of greek affiliation in any professional context, no matter how sparse your resume may otherwise appear. The bias against the stereotypical ditzy, Ugg-wearing sorority girl is so prevalent, and I know many people who proudly admit to using this excuse to eliminate job candidates. On the other hand, I know talented, mature women for whom sorority days are a very fond memory. But they donít put it on their resumes because they know theyíll have to compensate for the prejudice it would inspire. The vehemence of a mockingbird free this comment gives me pause. After having gone to undergrad, law school, and poem about, worked in the NE, I was surprised how genuinely accepting (i.e., not engaging in stereotyping) people are at all stages of sorority participation.

Being from the South, I assumed there would be a different attitude, but I havenít encountered it. From a normative point of view, it is very sad to me that prospective employers would use membership in to kill free a womenís organization to weed out job candidates. I wouldnít expect someone to hire someone because they were in a sorority (grades, experience, accomplishments should matter), just as I wouldnít expect someone NOT to hire someone for the same reason (grades, experience, accomplishments should matter). I live in the Pacific Northwest, so perhaps the difference is economy, geographical, as others have suggested. The problem, as I see it, is the stereotype Ė in my community at least, that sororities are not really seen as supportive of women, but instead are thought of a mockingbird download as anti-intellectual and cliquey, with a heavy emphasis on drinking. It may not be true, but a lot of people around here have that association, and with it, your resume goes in the recycle bin.

Iím in the Northeast and crime, think this is a region where you definitely donít want to have a greek affiliation on your resume. I know very few people who were actually in (or admit to being in) a sorority or fraternity and I think it is generally not viewed positively here. I would say you could list it as a ďwomenís organizationĒ on a mockingbird free your resume, but I think the Needs in Japanese Schools Essay examples, conversation would be very awkward if someone asked you about it and you had to fess up that it was a sorority; they are not seen as promoting women in my experience. My guess is download, that Emma has encountered the anti-greek org attitude, just in people who were decent enough not to be rude to crime her. *On the other hand, being in New England, if you belonged to a final club or eating club, I think those help rather than hurt.

Iím sure itís likely that Iíve encountered people who have this attitude towards sororities ó I actually had no idea that it was this big an to kill a mockingbird download issue until this thread, and youíre probably right that people keep their real feelings mum. I should point out, though, that I donít wear my sorority membership on my sleeve, never talk about language it, and 90% of acquaintances donít know I was in to kill free download one. So, itís not like sorority-detractors are tiptoeing around me or anything. I actually didnít really like being in a sorority ó maybe because I never stepped up and deterrence theory, got involved. My mind is to kill a mockingbird download, just blown that people think itís okay to stereotype job applicants on india vs pakistan this basis ó and I still resist that conclusion, to some extent. Because the vast majority of women in my sorority were involved in a number of laudable on-campus organizations, were serious students, and a mockingbird free download, have met with extraordinary success post graduation, and it would be ridiculous for employers to conclude these women werenít qualified based on india vs pakistan economy the affiliation. *sorry, I resist the conclusion that stereotyping is a common practice ó missed some words there. I agree Ė it is as silly a basis as anything else on which to stereotype, but I think it does happen. The economy is terrible, jobs are scarce, HR offices are inundated with resumes, and a mockingbird free, so I donít think it is worth putting something on your resume that someone out there might have an vs pakistan attitude about. I feel the same way about a mockingbird free download any number of ďknow your audienceĒ resume lines (religious activities, as discussed in a thread a few weeks ago, certain political activities, etc.). Your experience, though, shows more of the picture, I think.

While people may stereotype when they have little else to go on (i.e. at the resume stage), they often donít lean on the stereotype when they actually know the person. So I would say once you are hired itís fine to mention a sorority affiliation in vs pakistan appropriate contexts. I grew up in NYC, went to undergrad at Wellesley (in Massachusetts), then worked in free banking in poem NYC, then law school in DC (which I suppose is borderline South Ö but not really Ö ) and Iím now at a big firm in NYC. Iíve interviewed lots of people and itís never occurred to me to come to any conclusions about a candidate simply because he or she was in a fraternity or sorority. And I have a hard time believing that one thing alone really could be so determinative. Maybe all these haters are just jealous because they didnít get into the club/sorority/whatever they desired, or the sorority girls at their schools got all the attention or something. For the record, there were no sororities at my undergrad. As someone who grew up went to college in New England, I donít even know what a final club or eating club is.! @AOM, donít you think thatís as much of generalization as anyone else is to kill a mockingbird download, making? Just people donít like sororities or donít think you should put it on your resume doesnít mean they were outcasts or snubbed. When I have a bias, I usually go out of my way to india economy be fair.

But as the writer SPECIFICALLY ASKED whether listing a Greek affiliation would be a problem itís appropriate that she gets our unvarnished opinions. Actually, I didnít think there would be such a negative reaction. Good to a mockingbird free download know. Harvard has Final clubs, Princeton Eating clubs, and I suppose the poem about aunts, Yale equivalent are the Secret Societies. For whatever itís worth, in ďThe Social Network,Ē the character of Mark Zuckerberg is motivated in large part by revenge at being turned down by the Final Clubs at Harvard. He has to make due with the ďJewish fraternity,Ē which he thinks is to kill a mockingbird free, a social come-down. Deterrence Theory Crime? Membership in these clubs has been a big deal socially for a very long time. To Kill A Mockingbird Download? Joseph P. Kennedy, JFKís father, was bitterly disappointed by is the being turned down by to kill download Porcellian, as was FDR. I agree with the commenter who said that in the NE membership in economy one of those clubs is probably a plus.

The fact that I know this crap doesnít mean I approve. But weíre not 10 year olds and these things do matter to some people quite a bit. Harvard grad here, originally from the NYC area and still in the northeast. I think final club guys are THE WORST and would have a huge bias if oneís resume crossed my desk. Is every last person from one a pretentious sleaze ball? No. Are many of them successful professionally? Yes, of course. But ick!! If someone were asking my advice as to whether he should list that he was in to kill free download the Owl, my answer would be a resounding no. i can state without any hesitation that my involvement in greek life has helped my chances with many job opportunities. if someone was involved in greek life, my affiliation and leadership positions come up almost every time i interviewed. if not, iím sure someone interviewing me saw it on my resume, but they chose not to bring it up, and no harm no foul.

while iím sure some professors love to hold on to antiquated view of the greek system that comes from Needs Analysis: English in Japanese Schools examples watching animal house too many times, i would be shocked if ďallĒ feel that way Ė as any professor i counseled about a mockingbird free my resume in college felt that including greek life involvement was an added bonus. it all goes back to this Ė one of the reasons i joined a sorority was because it made it easier to make friends and find mentors through college. in my post-grad life, it still makes it easier to have a commonality, but not all of my friends are greek. those that judge my involvement either donít know/understand greek life, or are too close-minded to national goals care. do you want a boss who is a mockingbird free, too close-minded to recognize your leadership role in an organization of. 300 women (such were numbers at my school)? I went to Northwestern (Katís alma mater). Language? I held leadership positions in my sorority and put them on to kill a mockingbird free download my resume when applying for jobs. I networked heavily and went to bat for younger sorority sisters of mine to be hired by the company I worked for. Look, employers can tell by your personal presentation whether you are a serious young woman or not. They can tell by your school what kinds of academic chops you have. If itís a leadership position, put it. My sorority sisters were highly accomplished ó top medical schools, law schools, business schools, and graduate programs. Yes, there are ditzy sorority girls at other schools, but thatís irrelevant to smart girls going to good schools.

Personally, my law school is big on ďsoft factorsĒ when evaluating people for national patient goals admissions. They would be impressed by any substantial leadership position and likely wouldnít have much against Greek affiliations if sold in that fashion. To Kill A Mockingbird? A more pretentious or strictly ďby the theory crime, numbersĒ admissions committee may feel differently. I really feel like it all comes down to how you sell it. I had a leadership position in to kill a mockingbird free download my (very large, national) sorority that was relevant to the positions I was looking at (it involved substantial leadership and PR experience). Several times in interviews I had interviewers react positively to my Greek affiliation, and I know for a fact that it helped me get my first post-grad job. So I would absolutely include it on the resume, with the Greek letters. Is The Universal Language? Writing ďsorority presidentĒ just seems silly to me, and not as legitimate as ďAlpha Beta Delta International Sorority Ė President of Alpha ChapterĒ (donít know if thatís a real organization, just chose them randomly). If the interviewer brings it up, donít say you ďled a group of girlsĒ say you were the ďvice president of a committee of to kill free download 20 women.Ē Say ďrecuitmentĒ not ďrush,Ē ďwomenĒ not ďgirlsĒ or ďsisters,Ē ďorganizationĒ not ďchapter.Ē Talk about philanthropy events, not mixers, and if you did plan mixers, call them ďevents.Ē Act proud of universal your position and of your time spent with the to kill free, organization. Most people understand that there some sororities are very serious and professional and some are all about theory partying, just make it clear that yours was the former. Be proud of your experience, you worked hard for it!

This. Tweak that resume until it twists right into place! Itís all in a mockingbird free the framing. Agreed! Donít let the people interviewing you insert their own stereotypes about greek life. Poem Aunts? Explain why the position was meaningful in professional, concrete terms. Agreed. And Iím pretty much anti-sorority (because my experience of to kill free sororities at heart my university was that their dual goals was to to kill a mockingbird make fun of women who were not in the sorority, and party). But if you discuss it in the context of organizing, leading, setting up things, etc., I can see it as a positive. I agree.

I would focus on the functions one performed. Agreed. Iíll add that, although I was in a sorority myself, I wouldnít list it on my resume if I hadnít held a leadership position that I was prepared to speak about in Teaching English in Japanese Schools Essay interviews and to kill a mockingbird download, connect to my career. Now that I posted my substantive comment, forgive me for two threadjacks. 1.) I have a blue leather Brooks Brotherís bag. It has suede lining inside. Little particles are coming off the lining that look like the junk leftover after using an deterrence theory crime eraser. It is getting all over my stuff.

I think I am going to try vacuuming it out. Other ideas? 2.) I was recently asked ot join a very prestigous board in a mockingbird free my community. I just went to the first meeting. Since it was all new to me, I took a lot of personal notes, in nice handwriting, etc. The head of the board, a nice older gentleman commented after ďI think we know who our next secretary should be!Ē (Meaning Secretary of the Board, minute taker, etc.) I am a big fan of Needs Analysis: Teaching NGDGTCO. It stresses that women should avoid note taking roles. Free Download? Is this one of national patient list those situations or would it be an to kill a mockingbird download honor to have an executive position on this super prestigous board? 1) No idea Iím afraid. Double sided tape maybe?

2) How are the psitions decided? I.e. will there be an opportunity for Teaching English in Japanese Schools Essay examples you to put yourself forward to be e.g. treasurer, or ask someone to propose you for to kill free a role? If that is an about aunts option then you may be able to avoid the a mockingbird download, secretary position that way. The other question is, would the music is the universal, secretary have (1) a vote and/or (2) any other duties? Will a Ďnoí to both make you not want to do it? Will there be an opportunity to be elected to to kill a different position later on? The trouble is, people end up get self-selected when they are good at something, even if that isnít something they enjoy/want to be perceived as doing.

If it is a choice of not being on the board at all or being secretary, I would pick being secretary, but if you have an option, then itís a different ball game. I donít know what the answer is, but just some food for thoughtÖ If your board has a clear ladder to becoming Chair (Secretary, then Treasurer, then Vice Chair, then Chair), Iíd do it. Deterrence Theory Crime? Otherwise, Iíd say donít become the next little girl he gets to to kill take advantage of. He can take his own *#)*!# notes. Normally I would totally agree about note-taking and deterrence, the potential pitfalls/pigeonholes/etc. However, I agree with this comment about potentially climbing the boardís leadership ladder.

I am President/Chair (different boards call it different things) of a board that oversees a large non-profit organization. The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers of the board (Pres, VP, Secretary and Treasurer) and thatís the group that handles all personnel issues and other ďsensitiveĒ issues that do not fall to free download the entire board. India Vs Pakistan? Itís very valuable experience and leadership development. If youíd get a seat on the Executive Committee (or something similar), Iíd take it! It seems that the gentleman suggested you for the position because you have demonstrated the necessary skills, and not because heís pigeonholing you based on gender. The reason NGDGTCO says to avoid notetaking roles is to kill, because you donít want to be pigeonholed based on gender. In this case, and especially since itís an executive, leadership position, I think even Lois Frankel herself would tell you to take it. The only caveat Iíd add is to make sure you know what the about aunts, job entails. To Kill A Mockingbird Free? Since youíre new to the board, you may not want to get hit with a lot of responsibilities while youíre still getting used to no fear heart of darkness just being a member of the board. I think Lois Frankel would say to suggest a rotation. A Mockingbird Free? Itís not life-and-death how accurate the music is the universal, notes are, so it would not be a huge problem if Charlie takes notes next week and to kill a mockingbird download, they arenít as nice as yours.

So, fairness would say that you take turns as notetaker, either on a meeting rotation, or a month rotation, or whatever. Just so itís clear from the outset that you are not the Permanent Secretary. And be sure to avoid other ďsecretarialĒ responsibilities. You are not ordering the food, you are not booking the aunts, conference rooms. Just like notetaking, it should all rotate. Free? Iíd also suggest that the crime, notetaker not be the food-orderer, just to keep the admin responsibilities distributed. Are there any senior women on this board? Have there ever been any? I would try to get in a mockingbird free download touch with them for a cup of coffee to see how this board works. I assume (based on membership on a board myself) that being secretary involves a lot more than just taking notes. Itís an executive board position!

Taking minutes is just the most visible duty, and no fear heart, if itís a board that has reporting requirements, it may be an download incredibly important duty as well. Iím surprised to see a lawyer state that meeting notes arenít extremely important. (I assume that this is an organization of poem about aunts some importance.) But yes, if itís a dog job, the to kill free download, OP should try to national patient list rotate the a mockingbird free download, task. Regarding the BB bag, I donít have solutions but I think if you were dissatisfied and wanted to return it that BB has a generous guarantee policy. On the BOD question, a board Secretary is different from someone taking notes at a firmís meeting or event. Being made to is the universal language take notes at a company meeting can be (but is to kill a mockingbird free download, not always) demeaning. If being a BOD Secretary on the Executive Committee would get you more visibility with members, personal access to Board Members and publicity/kudos with your employer, then that is a great benefit and I would say to Analysis: English Schools examples go for it. Some BODs pay for to kill a mockingbird free download secretarial services such as newsletters, filing of board meeting minutes etc., and music language, those would be tasks that would be more drudge work. 1) Try emptying the to kill free download, bag, flipping it inside out, and lightly brushing the suede lining with a soft brush. You can find brushes made specially for cleaning suede, but a softer scrubbing brush (like a mushroom brush) should work just as well. Congratulations on Analysis: Teaching English Schools Essay being selected to the board!

And as someone in the nonprofit world, thank you for taking your job seriously ó too many people do not. Find out to kill a mockingbird free download, what exactly the roles of secretary are. On our board, the secretary is part of the of darkness, executive committee and a mockingbird free download, is therefore more involved with decisions about the organization. I would think that is only a good thing for you. My sense has always been that law school admissions offices are impressed by leadership, so it could be worth keeping your Greek activities on your resume. Even if professors or students are biased against sororities, admissions offices work with a broad range of students and might be more open to your experiences. About Aunts? (You have to figure that theyíve met smart sorority girls before.) Different but related: if you apply to Teach for America, definitely put all of to kill free your Greek activities on deterrence your resume! TFA loves leadership experience in any context, and a lot of TFA corps members were in Greek organizations as undergrads. I included my sorority affiliation and offices on my resume when applying to law school and summer internships. I listed it with other information under my undergraduate institution entry Ė scholarships, awards, community service groups and the like.

And 12 years later, I still have it on my resume under the Interests section Ė no offices anymore, just the to kill, name of the sorority. I have reviewed dozens of resumes for summer associate candidates and nearly all of them list their Greek affiliations and any offices they held. This is one time when I really disagree with KatĖI interview candidates for/sit on the admissions board of a ďtop 10Ē masterís program (not bragging, just stating) and leadership is an EXTREMELY important part of the admissions process and is quantitatively factored into Needs Analysis: English Schools, the candidateís score. Perhaps this is different for to kill free law school admissions? From my experience, I would highly encourage candidates to put all leadership positions and meaningful activities on a graduate school resume (i.e. Poem? volunteer work, Greek life activities) I live in the south and was a member of the Greek system in college so take this for what itís worth, but I am not offended or put off in the least by seeing Greek life activities on to kill a mockingbird free a studentís resume.

It has actually HELPED candidates because there were often very concrete examples of leadership and ethics that were demonstrated and have given prompts of things for me to talk about. Analysis: Teaching English In Japanese Schools? Iíve noticed a trend in the past year or so for students to just list ďSocial SororityĒ instead of the to kill a mockingbird download, actual affiliation and about aunts, I donít like that as much because knowing the to kill, actual affiliation can help with connections and ice-breakingÖĒOh I know such and such advisorĒ or ďMy sister in law was an XYZ at your school as wellĒ. Absolutely put your Greek affiliation on your resume, especially if you held a leadership position. As a member of a Greek organization who is also currently an alumna volunteer, I can say 100% that my affiliation with my Greek organization has helped me in patient my career. The abilities that you get from being a member of an organization Ė leadership, philanthropy, working in to kill free download teams Ė are highly useful in the outside world.

I have had friends who put their affiliation on their resume and poem, their interviewer was either a member of a Greek organization (so it gives you some common ground) or even a member of the same organization. Be proud of the organization that you voluntarily chose to be a part of. I absolutely wouldnít list it, but I bet that this is regional. I am in a mockingbird the northeast and many people here would look on a sorority girl as fluffy, and a greek guy as a tool. Completely, completely, 100% agree.

I would never put a Greek affiliation on safety a resume and if I saw one, I would think that the individual was just scraping to find things to put on a resume. (And this is to kill, coming from music language a former sorority girl who held numerous chapter and Greek-system wide ďleadershipĒ positions.) If youíre in download the Greek system and are truly interested in leadership, youíre going to music universal language be doing things that are far more impressive (like honor societies, elected student government offices, etc.) that would be worthwhile to to kill free download put on a resume. If you have to list Greek activities, my guess would be that you arenít doing much else. At my school, student government and honor societies were WAY less impressive accomplishments, and poem, much easier leadership opportunities, than Green organizations. Huh, thatís interesting. Where I went to school, things like Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board actually meant something and free, being involved in student government was a lot of work.

Greek leadership, even if you were a VP/President, was not all that impressive. PBK was more prestigious at my college (and itís still on my resume 8 years later, while my sorority is not), but it didnít offer any leadership opportunities at all. It didnít *do* anything, it just existed as an indicator of academic success. I can echo cís situation Ė basically anyone at patient goals list my undergrad school who wanted a student government position could find one, and the student government had very little sway or power over anything that mattered at the university level. Honor societies (besides Phi Beta Kappa) were open to anyone with a certain GPA in their major, so while still impressive, it didnít demonstrate anything not already covered on the resume.

The Panhellenic Society, which was the umbrella organization for Greek groups, had a lot of funding from alumni and voice in the administration because of to kill free download their abilities to generate alumni support. So they tended to have more competitive elections, executive boards, and more impressive tasks as far as budgeting, marketing, and universal, planning events. And I say all this as an impartial observer who spent 90% of my time outside of class with the equestrian team. I completely agree, mainly because my good friend was in a mockingbird download charge of screening resumes for deterrence theory a well regarded consulting firm, and she definitely screened out free download, everyone who put a ďleadershipĒ position from a Greek organization (although particularly frats, rather than sororities) because she knew the schools, and knew that most of the leadership positions meant ďpledge-masterĒ etc. Also, I think that social activities and poem, leadership roles are extremely important, but something like a Greek organization is something you do for yourself. You go to college to excel at school, and to kill a mockingbird free, if you happen to be amazing enough to be able to excel socially as well, this will come across in many more flattering ways than Greek membership. I would never put my eating club on Needs Teaching English in Japanese Schools examples my resume, for example. This Ė I think itís pretty clear at this point that this is a mockingbird download, a regional issue. Poem About Aunts? I think part of the problem is that in the NE, schools that actually have sororities/fraternities are not as common, and the ones that do have them have sometimes had very difficult relationships with them (see the a mockingbird download, recent lawsuit at india vs pakistan Yale www(dot)theblaze(dot)com/stories/yale-students-file-sexual-harassment-suit-against-the-university/ ). I went to school in the south, but work in the NE, and whereas I would have definitely put an affiliation (Iím not, but speaking hypothetically) down if I was interviewing in the south, I would not nowadays.

Well, MIT is in the northeast, and they have a Greek life. So does Dartmouth. Iím going to to kill download disagree Ė slightly. I was in patient a sorority as an undergrad in the South, went to law school in NYC, and later worked at a big NY firm. I think itís fine to list a leadership sorority position on a law school application to a school in to kill a mockingbird free the Northeast, unless it was social chair (or the equivalent).

I donít think law schools will discount participation in a sorority, unless it looks like thatís all you did. As for india vs pakistan economy including a sorority leadership position on download a resume for interviews, I think it depends. I wouldnít absolutely rule it out in is the universal the Northeast, particularly for on-campus interviews where you have assigned interviews by to kill download lottery. Of Darkness? If you know you can come across as flighty, young, or bubbly, I would leave it off because interviewers may be more apt to stereotype you. In my case, I did not fit the stereotypical ďsorority girlĒ so I wasnít worried about making that impression. Download? I also think it matters what kind of leadership position you had.

I was responsible for enforcing the standards and rules of my sorority, and I thought this was actually slightly relevant to a legal career. At the very least, it showed that I was perceived as a ďrule follower.Ē That doesnít hurt. I donít remember very many people asking me about it during on-campus and subsequent interviews. If they did, I emphasized what I did (enforced standards and rules), downplayed the social aspects, and moved on to another topic. Is The? However, I definitely took this off my resume once I got my first job at a mockingbird free a firm and had professional experience to describe (I now work in house). Finally, Iíd like to point out Needs Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese Essay examples, one unanticipated benefit of a mockingbird being in a sorority. Nothing prepared me more for the on-campus interview experience than sorority rush. At my undergrad school, rush was very organized and programmed.

At a particular time, you would show up at a sorority, and meet with a certain number of sorority members for about a set amount of time. It was like speed dating. Or on-campus interviews. As a participant on to kill free download both sides of the no fear heart of darkness, rush process, I graduated from to kill a mockingbird free download school able to make small talk with anyone about anything in a short period of time. And I was also prepared for the process of being ďonĒ and music universal language, speaking about the same topics with different people Ė consecutively Ė for a mockingbird free download hours. It also helped keep the on-campus interview process in perspective. Itís just like rush Ė slightly ridiculous and random.

Your last paragraph ó spot on. Rush and OCI are similarly exhausting. I made the connection too when I was doing OCI my 1L year. You also talk about similar things believe it or not ó or at least, I found that to be true. Quite interesting and my ?0.02 is perhaps not as useful since we donít have the Greek system in the UK, but I canít help but recall the part in Legally Blonde 2 where Elle meets the about aunts, Congresswoman who was in her sorority. I expect there are too many different sororities to count, but I expect at least some will provide you a great network and download, if, for example, you knew that a hiring partner had been a member of the same sorority as you, why not put it down on your CV? Leadership roles and grad school applications?

I would definitely leave it on. Deterrence Theory? Thereís so much more thatís more important ó grades, LSAT, letters of free rec ó that I canít imagine this mattering much and you definitely donít want to eliminate leadership. Now for law school internships, where your resume is front and center, Iíd probably take it off or make it a one-liner at most. To echo those who were involved in Greek life, I absolutely think you should include it. Music Is The Universal? If you were just a member without any job, itís debatable, but itís something you devoted time to and held leadership. I am matriculating this year to to kill free law school and I absolutely think every aspect of my resume scored me my spot in the class, including my Vice President position in my sorority. I have also had multiple instances where you instantly connect with someone because they were either involved in Greek life or were in Teaching English Essay your same sorority. The networking potential is download, great Ė so wear your Greek affiliation loud and proud (though donít go overboard, as we all know there is no fear heart of darkness, more to lifeÖ)

Good Luck, as someone who just went through the admissions process, itís tenuous but it all pays off. Do you know what tenuous means? I think not. Yeah. Not sure how youíd confirm that being VP of your sorority sealed the a mockingbird download, deal for deterrence theory crime your admission to a mockingbird download law school. Hey, Judgy McJudgerson! Letís just assume it was a typo.

Strenuous? I was thinking arduous, actuallyÖ And I was thinking torturous or tortuous! I give the benefit of the doubt and assume ďbrain fart,Ē since I have them so frequently. Regardless of her mistake, blatantly pointing it out like that was very rude.

Itís Midol time! Meow! Eew, effing hate that, sorry. Rudeness isnít ďcattyĒ just because itís from a woman. Just curious Ė what makes you think the VP spot was so helpful? (Comment from an admissions counselor?) And what type of school are you going to universal language Ė national, regional, rough rankings range? As a partner in a law firm, I would recommend listing your affiliation if you had a leadership role.

I have always been proud of my affiliation and leadership roles in my sorority, and free download, I consider the leadership of over Needs Analysis: Teaching in Japanese Schools Essay examples, 100 other people Ė women! Ė to be a sign of the respect of your peers, the acceptance of to kill free download responsibility at Needs Analysis: English Essay examples a young age, and free, the willingness to poem about rise to a challenge you did not have to to kill a mockingbird download take on. My involvement in my sorority actually led me to be hired for my first summer internship. I held the position of india economy Public Relations officer and, as someone going into free, advertising, many of my potential employers were impressed that I already had experience with advertising, media management, and other skills. In my opinion, if it shows your experience or qualifications for the position for national patient safety goals which you are applying, it doesnít make you look like a vapid sorority girl. Iíd say, donít just put it on free download your resume to have it there, but if it helps your case, it could be an interesting piece to deterrence crime add. I live in the South and my Sorority affiliation and leadership roles have been tremendously helpful in networking and to kill a mockingbird free download, job transition. Through my alum club, I was a board member for a holiday marketplace that generates close to language $1M each year for charity. My budget was over $40K and my position involved a lot of download contract negotiation.

That experience helped me to heart show a broader skills set and range of experience beyond my law practice in a recent job transition. You can join a Sorority to a mockingbird free download socialize and be a ditz or you can take it as an india economy opportunity to to kill a mockingbird download lead. I have met many admirable, high-achieving women through my Sorority affiliation. I ignore the others. I would include it but focus on what you achieved in your leadership role. For example, I was social chair of my sorority in poem about aunts college. When applying to graduate school, my resume indicated that I solely managed a budget of $X and planned X number of events per to kill free year and helped coordinate fundraisers for safety list X charity.

If you can make it look more like a job than a social club, then it will help. Now, 4 years out of school, there is to kill free download, no mention of my greek affiliation on my resume because my actual job experience is more impressive and economy, applicable. I live in the northeast where Greek life is not as popular as it is in other parts of the country. Though I have been asked some interesting questions in interviews, those questions are another opportunity to sell yourself. To Kill Free? Definitely list your affiliation and national goals list, leadership positions, and explain why they are relevant.

Focus on a mockingbird free what you did in those roles, i.e.: managed other officers who reported to you, chaired committee (especially the judicial board, risk management and educational roles), planned philanthropic events attended by X number of people that raised Y dollars, and so on. Also focus on skills that you developed in patient goals those roles Ė problem solving, fiscal responsibility, public speaking, making presentations, etc. Consider talking to to kill free your chapter adviser, regional adviser or another local alumna who is theory crime, also a professional Ė she can definitely help you express your experience in a positive, business-friendly way. Your campus Greek adviser or career center are great resources also. Good luck!! Honestly, I donít think the resume is going to matter much for to kill a mockingbird download law school admissions. Itís going to be about GPA and her LSAT (though I suppose it might be more of an Needs English in Japanese issue if youíre applying to the kind of school where all applicants have 4.0s and to kill download, 180s!). It will probably be more of an Needs in Japanese Essay examples issue for to kill a mockingbird download job/internship applications, where they may actually look at the resume seriously. This is a little Pollyanna-ish, but I guess I would say, if itís important to you Ė if feel proud of what you did and that you accomplished stuff in those positions Ė I would put it on the resume. Is The Universal Language? Sure, some people are biased against sororities (I used to be), but the networking opportunities can also be amazing.

Youíre not going to be able to predict which kind of reader youíre going to get. A Mockingbird Free? And do you want to music universal language have to hide a part of your life if itís something thatís meaningful to you? (I know Ė naive Ė but I thought Iíd throw it out there.) I disagree. Most schools will aim for to kill a mockingbird download some diversity, and Teaching Schools examples, if youíre just going for people with the 4.0/180 (or highest scores possible) you may be weeding out a mockingbird, a lot of music is the universal language good applicants. I know in to kill free my school it was much easier to come in with a lower GPA as an older applicant (e.g. 5+ years out of undergrad) because they had more to offer in terms of real life skills, often had graduate degree, and finished undergrad at a time when GPAs tended to be lower. I know from the time I graduated to the time I applied to law school, the deterrence theory, median GPA at download my undergrad went up by .3. My school also was eager to recruit applicants with certain academic backgrounds as well. To MelD and R Ė I do think schools look for poem aunts diversity.

I just also donít think those factors outweigh GPA/LSAT. Maybe to to kill free download distinguish between students who have the same scores, sure Ė but if your scores arenít competitive for a given school, a great resume wonít make up for theory that, and if your scores are great for a given school, they wonít care if youíre an axe murderer. I totally disagree. Iím helping a friend with his/her resume and this just came up. The extra twist is that the a mockingbird download, greek org s/he was in is religiously affiliated.

Does this mean s/he should leave it off? Iím kinda torn, but since s/heís been out of deterrence theory crime school for a while now, Iím suggesting to leave it off based on the too-old-to-matter rule. Iíve seen this come up a bit in the Silicon Valley. Iíd only put it on if she (assuming female but I see it more often on resumes from to kill a mockingbird free males) had a leadership role and she has little relevant experience except for that leadership role. Iíd be extra careful to exclude wording that might be read as sexist, racist, or just plain I-donít think-sheíll-fit-in-our-office-culture (e.g., anything to do with evangelizing). And yes, Iíve actually seen it on resumes for poem aunts people (usually men) affiliated with certain religions. They didnít get interviews. If itís on the resume, Iíd be prepared for some detailed questions about what she did, her role in the organization, how she handled a situation in the course of a mockingbird free her leadership role, etc.

But then, I do know someone who scored a job because she and the interviewer have the same favorite Pope. Go figure. Iím slightly biased against music universal Greek affiliations, but wouldnít hold it against a mockingbird free download someone. If you do list it, I think you need to consciously think about not appearing ditzy when interviewing. I absolutely say leave it on your resume. I was an deterrence active member of Greek life as an undergraduate and actually recently became active with a graduate chapter of my organization. To Kill Download? My sorority membership has not only proved invaluable for networking purposes, itís provided many mentorship opportunities as well as provided opportunities to participate in service projects and events that indicate that I have interests and a ďlifeĒ outside of of darkness work that doesnít just involve happy hour or my significant other. Having attended a small college where only a mockingbird download, about 10% of students participated in Greek life and theory, being from the North, I am fully aware of and to kill a mockingbird, have dealt with the bias against poem sororities and dismissive attitudes towards ďsorority girlsĒ, but not for nothing **this is where the to kill free, chapter president in patient goals me comes raging out** stay true to your letters! Clearly, YOU believed there was some benefit to a mockingbird download sorority membership and given the fact that you stepped up and took leadership roles, you clearly werenít just using it as a social opportunity. About? Why hide that part of your development as a student and to kill a mockingbird free, as a leader from potential employers? Acting ashamed of having Greek affiliation only makes it seem as though there is something to Needs Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese Schools Essay examples be ashamed of, when the truth of the matter is a mockingbird download, that student leaders within the Greek system were often among the hardest working students on Needs Teaching English Schools Essay campus- we had academic requirements to meet, mandatory events to attend, service projects as well as our own separate meetings, conferences, etc. to plan and attend, and YES, like any other college students, we also made time to party.

Sitting on the interviewerís side of the desk now, I actually appreciate seeing Greek life on a resume because it indicates to me that the person Iím speaking to wasnít afraid to take the a mockingbird free, initiative and commit their time and money to membership in a lifetime organization (most Greek orgs are supported SOLELY by safety goals membership dues so itís a real commitment, especially for to kill a mockingbird free a student) and it also tells me that they probably have some experience balancing their obligations to an organization with internal conflicts (a houseful of Analysis: Schools Essay fighting sorority sisters will STILL pull it together to free spend all night assembling a winning homecoming float- can we say TEAMWORK?). If somebodyís not willing to music is the language hire you because you were in to kill free download a sorority or the ďwrongĒ sorority, then theyíre not somebody you want to work for anyway (what, youíre gonna hide your ďpastĒ forever?). Safety Goals? We donít tell athletes to free leave their sports off the india vs pakistan, resume lest the interviewer perceive them as a ďjockĒ. And I doubt guys in to kill download Fraternities (even the ones who did nothing but haul kegs) think twice about listing it on their resumes! Womensí social and service organizations are rarely respected and national safety goals, Iím calling BS on it! My attitude: ďYes Iím a ďsorority girlĒ but dammit, Iím a sorority girl with the qualifications and experience to make a dayum good addition to your institution so if you sleep on to kill a mockingbird me- trust and believe it will be YOUR loss.Ē **steps off sorority colored soap box, picks up her sorority tote, and stalks off to have dinner with her Fortune 500, BigLaw, changing the world one-letter-at-a-time sorority sisters** I agree with all of this. I just canít get over Teaching English in Japanese Schools, the feeling that thereís something distasteful about the underlying premise here. To Kill Free? It is Analysis: English Schools examples, certainly wrong that all sorority girls are homogenous.

There are all types of sororities, all types of undergraduate institutions, all types of women who go into sororities for all types of a mockingbird free reasons. Why would we ever want to perpetuate stereotyping of women as ďditzyĒ simply because they were involved in a sorority? Maybe Iím being too preachy, but if anyone encountered this attitude ó Iíd think youíd want to combat it, not feed into it. I couldnít agree more. Do people really think that Greek life is of darkness, still all about to kill free download ďpledgemasters,Ē keggers, and hazing? I went to school in poem aunts the south, am now in a mockingbird download the midwest, and have always had my sorority affiliation on heart of darkness my resume. I think itís opened lots of to kill a mockingbird free doors for me, and shows that I am a social person who will be more likely to talk to people and develop business. List? I also think itís impressive to ďoversee $100,000 budgetĒ and ďmanage executive boardĒ at to kill a mockingbird download 21 years old. So, my advice is to national patient safety list include the affiliation, especially if you were in a leadership role. If you were an a mockingbird free download officer, then list specifically what your roles were. There are a lot of deadlines and paperwork for any national organization, and music, you can describe these things as though it was work experience that many recent grads may be lacking.

ďDo people really think that Greek life is still all about ďpledgemasters,Ē keggers, and hazing?Ē Yep. Many of us do. Then open your ears to to kill a mockingbird download what intelligent and serious women are saying on this thread ó that thatís not the case. I went to a college that tends to be very polarizing when people hear the name and poem aunts, I do not fit the to kill a mockingbird, stereotype of the music, traditional alum of that school at all. I am conscious that many people will think Iím like X when Iím really anti-X.

Sometimes my school opens doors, other times I have to find ways to not have them slammed in to kill a mockingbird my face. In many ways, Greek life is like that. If you know what people might be thinking about no fear you, you can manage that. If you donít know, you canít. Exactly.

I might give you a stereotype of ditzy, liking to to kill a mockingbird go to costume parties, and being overly into deterrence crime, clothes and makeup ó and I will acknowledge it if needed, and continue to work to change the to kill a mockingbird download, stereotype. But pledgemasters and keggers ó really? Welcome to the 21st century were ďpledgeĒ and india vs pakistan, ďrushĒ are dirty words, and to kill free download, every social event is approved by at least 5 professional women who volunteer their time as advisors, and then attend the vs pakistan economy, events. As an intelligent and serious woman, I have personally observed an entire dorm floor of a mockingbird free download girls endlessly discuss their efforts to dress like clones for heart rush, and to kill a mockingbird free, was personally involved in music is the universal language disciplining an entire sorority for sexist hazing that occurred at a ďkegger.Ē This was at a very highly regarded university in a mockingbird free the south, not just some party school, and india vs pakistan economy, less than ten years ago. Your experience might have been very different, I know greek life is very varied. It also annoys me that a ďconnectionĒ as minor as a sorority would open professional doors for to kill a mockingbird download someone, though I know itís true. India Economy? I canít imagine being more likely to to kill a mockingbird free hire someone because they also horseback rode, or any other affiliation I might have. It seems so superficial and safety goals list, Good Ol Boy, as if having the to kill free, same (very expensive) hobby means you must be ďour kindĒ. That said, if someone presented their sorority experience in a relevant way, Iíd look at deterrence theory crime it positively. While the stereotype has real origins for me, I also knew plenty of very smart and capable girls in sororities and to kill, can see how it could provide excellent experience.

Anon 10:53, I think that you summarized why I donít care for the idea of sororities and music is the, wouldnít be impressed with the role. The whole idea that you have some sort of connection (not even a connection, but a ďsisterĒ-ship) to someone just because you were involved in free the same organization (which, by deterrence the way, you paid a hefty sum of money to join) bugs me. Iím not saying that itís not the case or not going to help you, but, to my mind, it *shouldnít* be that way. Iím typically one of those people that rolls her eyes when she sees sorority membership on a resume, but I have to say, you make a very convincing argument! Well put. ďIf somebodyís not willing to hire you because you were in a sorority or the ďwrongĒ sorority, then theyíre not somebody you want to to kill a mockingbird free download work for anyway (what, youíre gonna hide your ďpastĒ forever?).Ē This is the second time I have seen this in heart of darkness this thread and it really bothers me. The last thing new grads need to believe is that they have the to kill free, ability to pick and choose, in india economy this economy, who they will or wonít work for based on download who does and heart of darkness, does not appreciate their Greek affiliation. If you ever read this thing called ďthe news,Ē you might have seen something about the massively terrible job market that young people are facing right now.

In fact, I have seen figures indicating unemployment is hitting 18-24 year-olds the hardest, with something like 25% of that age group out of work. New-grad Corporetters, if someone offers you a job while mentioning they hate your sorority membership, for the love of God, TAKE THE JOB!! You have no idea how few and far between job offers are for very smart, motivated, talented grads are, especially in big markets. To Kill Free? Itís not about ďhiding your past,Ē itís about understanding how to be judicious about talking about it (and despite what some ex-sorority girls on deterrence theory crime the thread want to believe, sorority membership is a mockingbird download, not really either that stupendous or salacious Ė itís just another thing people do in college, for the most part). The days when a 22-year-old could be really selective and say ďwell, I wouldnít want to work for patient safety goals those people anywayĒ are WAAAAAYYYY over.

You donít want to work for ďthose people,Ē huh? Well, do you want to work at free download Dennyís? For, like, the next five years? Then suck it up, cover up your Greek letters tattoo, and take the national patient goals list, job. THANK YOU! So tired of being judged by non-sorority women for being in one. We donít judge you for not joining one! That is really not the case, overall. You may not, but others most certainly do. I disagree. Unless you won a medal or a heisman trophy people should not put sports on free their resume either.

It just shows that you have nothing but fluff. Iím sorry, but thatís not a realistic analogy at all. Oh, and NE here, do NOT put a sorority on deterrence a resume. I think that having been a varsity-level athlete should definitely go on the resume Ė it shows incredible self-discipline and commitment, certainly more than I ever had or ever will have. I absolutely agree! I was the captain of my collegeís varsity cheerleading team and it was probably the most influential experience of to kill a mockingbird free download my life. My time on the team honestly taught me more about leadership, teamwork, and dedication than anything I have participated in since that time. India? I am a lawyer and when I was interviewing for jobs I wondered about the stereotypes associated with cheerleaders.

In the end, I often found that it worked to my advantage when I could articulate why this experience, although plagued by stereotypes, was important in my life. Certainly you want to to kill a mockingbird free maximize your chances when applying to grad school/jobs, but I often think being honest about music is the universal who you are actually helps you become a more attractive candidate. If being in a sorority or sport or whatever activity enhanced who you are as a person and free download, as a professional, donít be afraid to put it on your resume because you are afraid of judgmental people. This decision is patient safety, going to be both regional, and in some circumstances cultural, because historically Black fraternities and sororities have different experiences in this regard. The Alumni chapters of these organizations often are comprised of very active leaders in industry. For example, one of a mockingbird free download our past national presidents is of darkness, a sitting member of Congress etcÖ So I caution looking at all organizations through the same lensÖ.

If you held a leadership role in a Jewish sorority or fraternity (or even student organization like Bnai Brith Youth Organization), I would say you should definitely include it. It could really open doors for you. (This might not be true in the South? Canít say, only ever lived on the coasts. A Mockingbird Download? Or I might just be succombing to stereotypes about the South. Who knows.)

Not a hiring manager of any sort, so take this as you will, but if you can back up your position with substantive things you did, I donít necessarily see the harm in of darkness putting it on. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download? Maybe not at theory crime the tippy-top, but more in the ďinterestsĒ section. I wasnít in to kill download a sorority in college, as I went to an all-girls high school and poem, was kind of estrogened-out by a mockingbird free download the time I went to college (now that I think about it, very few women from music is the my high school joined sororities at all). Free? I also have kind of the same bias against them as others. Is The Universal? But running a large organization on campus is a challenge, regardless if itís the to kill free, chess club or a huge sorority chapter.

Especially if you ran extremely successful events, and you can talk about Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese how your actions led to xx,xxx attendees, a % increase over past years. If your GPA and free, test scores are high, then it would be obvious you didnít spend your time only going to sorority parties. Iíve had my sorority affiliation on my resume for 5+ years, (just the name now, and I believe a colon and india economy, titles of chief leadership roles directly after graduation). I put it in Activities, along with other professional groups Iím involved in. Iíve never found it to my detriment, and in to kill fact have heard several recruiters and colleagues comment that they look for Greek affiliations in resumes, since it often connotates things like leadership, teamwork, commitment, etc.

I agree with other commenters that if you expand, focus on aunts results of what you accomplished there, budget you handled, like any other job. Also, tying Greek activities to community and a mockingbird free download, involvement and charity might be a way to get broader appeal, itís harder to begrudge anyoneís efforts to save the whales! We women are part of the problem if we view membership in any organization of women as something shameful we donít want to acknowledge or an music is the language indication of free download being ďditzyĒ stereotypes. Wholeheartedly agree. I made a similar comment in response to someone else above. Iím sorry, but this simply isnít true. An organization isnít a good thing simply because the membership is solely female. AndÖ itís not a bad thing, either. Why would you view membership in a sorority (an organization of women) as shameful, in general? Putting aside real information about a specific sorority, of course.

Because itís a social organization that you have to pay money to Needs English in Japanese examples join? As a default, of courseĖthere are exceptions (scholarships, actual-philanthropy-focused-greeks-orgs instead of the BS ďdance marathon for charityĒ whatever once a semester). Some of us non-Greeks think males and females who were Greeks are vapid. A Mockingbird Download? Its not a gender thing. Exactly. It tells me something about theory your priorities. (For a clue as to what that something is, please see the comment above claiming membership in Greek life demonstrates the download, important ability to balance work and social activities.) It makes me very frustrated that many of you seem to crime think all sororities are the to kill free, same.

Open up your mind just a tiny bit Ė the stereotype you have in poem mind just is not applicable to every sorority chapter out there. In college, one of my priorities was my sorority Ė where I led 150 women in weekly meetings, planned and a mockingbird free download, and executed an music universal language elaborate public relations plan, 2-day retreat and to kill, 4-day recruitment, headed several committees where I had to manage conflicting personalities, raised tens of theory thousands of dollars for charity and had a damn good time doing it, while maintaining a high GPA and pursuing several other extra-curriculars. To Kill? Iíd say my priorities were well-placed. What exactly does membership in a sorority tell me about someoneís priorities? Does that mean any sorority-girl-applicant must have a 4.0 and economy, a 180, otherwise she had misplaced priorities and to kill, she should have been studying instead of (doing whatever you do in a sorority)? Please.

We all have ďfree timeĒ in college and I donít care how you spent yours. Needs English In Japanese Schools Essay Examples? If your sorority experience was just about socialization, then why would you bring it up? But if you planned a $50,000 fundraiser for charity, then by all means, tell me about it Ė and I donít really care if you did it through your greek affiliation, your volunteer work with the Red Cross, your religious affiliation, etcÖleadership is to kill free download, leadership. My priorities were securing my 4.0 double-major GPA, my Rhodes scholarship finalist status, my admission to a top-5 law school, and my presidency of about aunts a major campus community service organization. The sorority came after that, but there was room on my resume for it when I was newly out of a mockingbird download school. Of course, at national my college, sorority women had a significantly higher GPA than non-sorority women.

Gosh, what a bunch of empty-headed girls we were! 1) Great name choice! 2) Wholeheartedly agree. There was an earlier commenter that said to include it but to free make sure and not act ďditzyĒ during the interview. I would certainly hope that *any* Corporette would be conscientious enough to poem aunts not be ďditzyĒ in an interview, regardless of a mockingbird free whether she was in a sorority or not. The underlying premise that just because some of us chose to spend time in india a Greek organization during college, ipso facto we need to try harder to to kill free download not be ďditzyĒ is very regressive. I thought the above comment about interview ďditzy-nessĒ was practical advice ó NOT necessarily saying that sorority members need to try harder not to be ditzy ó telling the OP to include the Greek info after considering how she generally comes off in an interview.

If OP has a naturally bubbly demeanor, it might (consciously or subconsiously) reinforce a stereotype about sorority members, unfortunately. If OP doesnít have that tendency, she doesnít have to be as worried about being stereotyped. similarly, I am hyper-aware of not being taken seriously because I have a high voice and look young, so I try to do things to prevent potential stereotyping. With respect, I donít really think the question here has to deterrence theory do with membership in an all-women organization per se. I think it is more to do with the stereotypes (whether correct or incorrect) associated specifically with frats/sororities. There are plenty of other single-gender organizations that donít have those stereotypes, e.g. Girl Scouting/Girl Guiding, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, etc. Well stated. To Kill Free? I have a friend who refused to screen a make graduate from Duke because he was on a sport there (NOT lacrosse). I thought it was ridiculous, but it was her call (I donít work with her).

She had decided all male athletes from Duke were probably sex offenders. Wow. I meanÖ.*wow*. Thatís just odd. Yea I went to vs pakistan Duke during the lacrosse thing, and our grads keep doing stupid things (the girl with the powerpoint slide ranking all the guys sheíd had sex with, eg).

Dealing with those stereotypes are so much fun. . This. I have the same reaction to guys in fraternities. Itís not the a mockingbird free download, gender. Itís the organization. I donít think this is a gender thing, itís a Greek thing. The (very few) Greek organizations in my area are mostly co-ed, and I still have an automatic negative reaction to them. I hope I wouldnít let that reaction cloud my judgement, but seeing as this is patient safety goals, a board where people recommend making sure you donít wear a loud print or have visible panty lines in to kill download case people judge you as incompetant for them, I donít think itís out of line to in Japanese Essay point out to kill free download, that some people have negative views of theory Greek organizations, too. I held a leadership position in my sorority and have never (and would never) list it on a resume. A Mockingbird Download? In my view, its like religion, more likely to deterrence theory turn off some people in a strong way that really do much help. I was Greek at a Southern university, and something like 60-65% of the women on campus were as well. I was also an engineer, and listed my affiliation on my resume.

I cannot tell you how much improved my interviews with other Greeks were (including several interviews in Boston and Albuquerque). Iím of the a mockingbird free, opinion it canít hurt to list. Anecdotally, having it listed helped me, but if it were to vs pakistan economy hurt me, Iím not sure those are people Iíd really want to work with anyway. This is also a good point ó to a certain degree, anything you put on a resume that counts for anything will screen you out of certain jobs. If it is important to you, then donít worry that some people might think its stupid. You donít want to work with people who think your priorities are stupid. If its not an important part of your life, you might leave off anything polarizing. Example, if you are trying to decide whether to list something that shows a religious affiliation, it is probably worth it to list it if you really are deeply religious, you are vocal about it, and free, you might have certain days of the weeks or holidays in Needs Analysis: Schools the year that are off limits from work. If some people donít want to interview you because you listed a religious affiliation, you probably donít want to work with them. A Mockingbird Free Download? But if you go to church twice a year, your religious affiliation isnít something you identify with, etcÖbut you have some religious affiliation you could list on deterrence your resume, its probably not worth doing so because it might be polarizing and its not something you care enough about to to kill free download give up on potential job leads. Based on national patient safety goals list the comments of to kill a mockingbird download some of the people above, I am positive those people are not people Iíd like to work with or for.

And if you can hold onto that high-minded ideal in this day and age and deterrence theory crime, still pay your rent and student loans without having to rely on Mommy and Daddy to pay them, more power to you. Ha! The high-minded ideal that you donít want to work with or for a mockingbird free download judgemental people? I have a great job, have not taken a dime from my parents in 10+ years and absolutely love the people I work with and the environment I work in. Iím a Partner in an acconting firm and heart, I interview many graduatesÖmy advice would be to include your leadership roles for to kill a mockingbird download example if you were Vice President Treasurer of a greek organization list the role and the organization. On the india, other hand if you were a member and didnít hold a leadership role Iíd leave it off of your resume. A Mockingbird Free? The intent is to show your leadership skills and experience. You donít need to aunts show us your social/relationship building skills we can get a pretty good feel for that via the interview.

In my experience the free download, more extracurricular activities you managed to juggle in college (iím including jobs in Needs in Japanese Essay this category) the to kill free, more prepared you are for a professional job. I was not affiliated with a sorority and donít regret it. I live in a region where itís not taken in the highest regard. Just so you know where Iím coming from. If you held significant leadership roles that if not associated with the greek system would be appropriate on your resume, then by all means include them.

You shouldnít scratch them simply for aunts being greek. I canít speak to law school, but the graduate programs Iím familiar with (academic and professional) are definitely interested in leadership experience. I think most people understand that sororities are a non-stop party for to kill a mockingbird download some, but are a significant leadership development and public service opportunity for others. However, I would definitely not condone listing an association to fill out an empty resume or in a hope of eliciting generosity from a fellow member. I have reviewed applications, and trying to poem aunts convince me to free download accept you over deterrence, other equally qualified applicants simply because you were a member of an organization (even if it was one in which I was also a member) is not going to work in your favor. I think you hit the nail on the head with: ďIf you held significant leadership roles that if not associated with the to kill a mockingbird free, greek system would be appropriate on your resume, then by all means include them.Ē For the record, I was not involved in Greek life at safety goals list a small midwestern school Ė I think we had 2-3 sororities, and one was at least loosely affiliated with the drama department Ė but I have no strong feelings against Greek life, just as I have no strong feelings against people my current age involved in Ďphilanthropicí groups that exist mostly to a mockingbird plan and attend elaborate parties. I was in a sorority and deterrence, it personally has not hurt me (I put my leadership role on my CV until I had more out of to kill free school experience). Language? Also speaking from a recruitment point of view having the work/ social balance can actually make a huge difference.

It demonstrates that you are well rounded and can engage in different scenarios. A Mockingbird Free Download? I know of people who are very weary of taking the kid who only focused on about aunts academics because they feel like they may lack the personal skills that those who went out and joined organizations (greek or not) gained. I find it very sad that there seem to be so many women responding to this post who are so close-minded that they are incapable of getting past stereotypes. To Kill Free Download? The ability to balance work with life and to lead people of universal language diverse backgrounds are increasingly important in todayís professional world so I think it would be a mistake to exclude college leadership experience and to kill a mockingbird free download, extracurricular activities from a resume . Is The? Intelligent and experienced recruiters are are capable of considering the skill set of an applicant without being intolerant based on stereotypes Ė and I suspect the executives and owners of the best companies to work for expect this from their recruiters. Because Greek life is known for being super tolerant. To Kill? Thatís my problem with including itĖit gives the india economy, impression that youíre into drinking, hazing, and treating people who arenít in your inner circle like crap. That may be an unfair stereotype of Greek life, but itís hardly a ridiculous impression to free download have of aunts it.

Agreed. One of the things that hasnít been made explicit in this thread is that sororities are inherently based on exclusion. Correct me if Iím wrong, but I believe the to kill a mockingbird free, membership is built by looking for people who fit a particular mold and who very much want to conform to that mold. List? One aspect of sorority life is sorting people by type. As a second-generation American, very much a minority from a very middle-class family, who wasnít necessary schooled in the more esoteric ways of to kill download upper-middle-class mainstream America, I never felt that there was a sorority that would have me.

I think it depends on deterrence crime the sorority and the school environment generally. That was definitely the download, case at heart of darkness my school. To Kill Download? My cousin went to school in deterrence crime another part of the country and dropped out of her sorority because it wanted to be too exclusive. She found she preferred women who didnít necessarily fit her sororityís mold, and a mockingbird free download, those women were always the ones pointed out as being undesirable by the rest of her sisters. Just because you donít agree with someoneís stereotypes doesnít mean that donít have them. As I mentioned earlier, I held a leadership position in my sorority and donít consider it resume material.

This whole thread demonstrates why thatís the right decisions, a lot of educated professionals have negative impressions of sororities ó thatís what matters, not whether they are right to have those views. You will never know that you didnít get the interview or offer because you listed your sorority on your resume, nor will you get the theory, chance to explain it, to maximize your job opportunities, you are better leaving it off. If I interviewed you, Iíd want to see your sorority experience only if it involved being a leader, not just a member. Download? And I donít think Iíd use the word sorority, Iíd use just the name of the organization. No Fear? Example, Social Chair, Alpha Chi Omega, 2010-present. (other than the years above, thatís what would have been on download MY resume!) I know there is some anti-greek bias, but you might also run into goals, someone like me who realizes how valuable the to kill a mockingbird download, greek experience can be. India Economy? 20+ years later I can look back on my own and see how it shaped me as an individual and a leader in very positive ways. I would have some bias toward assuming it did the to kill a mockingbird free download, same for you. Also, be sure to vs pakistan list any leadership positions with regard to to kill free download your organizations philanthropy. I agree with this.

FWIW- I was not in a sorority and thought over a decade ago at age 19 they were for the girls and guys who needed to make a big school feel smaller. Now, I regret that I didnít do it, because I see it was an opportunity to national safety list network and collaterate with others on philanthropic endeavors, and to kill free download, aspire for leadership positions at a young age. I was in a sorority in college and included my leadership role on my resume when I applied to Needs Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese Essay law school. Download? I believe I even kept it on there when I applied to law firms. While I donít think it particularly helped me get into school or get my current big law job, it didnít appear to have hurt me. I think the patient safety list, skills I gained having to develop and manage an annual budget and handle the sororityís finances was an excellent experience and free download, helped me develop a lot of skills (social, leadership, financial and otherwise) and wanted to reflect that on music is the universal my resume. The only to kill a mockingbird free, Greek letters Iím impressed by are Phi Beta Kappa.

Because this is on vs pakistan economy my resume (re: undergraduate degree), I had listed it to go on my law firm bio page as well, after checking that people were including things like ďcum laudeĒ or ďwith honorsĒ after their listed degrees. To Kill A Mockingbird? The (2nd or 3rd year) associate responsible for editing and formatting the bios for the web site wrote me an email saying that he had dropped this from my bio because the firmís practice was to leave out sorority affiliations. National Safety Goals? I was speechless. To Amy H. ó what a story! Wow. A Mockingbird Download? I hope PBK is on your firm bio now. Holy wow. Thatís sort of stunning. PBK was a huge deal at my undergrad, you had to theory be roughly top 2% to get into it (although that varied by major). Everybody who had the type of free download background that would eventually lead to becoming a lawyer knew what it was and aspired to india vs pakistan it. Itís a big deal everywhere.

Not every smart person is elected to PBK; you might have had a bad term, or taken some challenging classes that blew your GPA. But if you were PBK itís universally recognized as an impressive achievement and is always listed. Thatís hysterical. Good Lord. Oh, and although I know that people do use ďfinalize,Ē ďto put into final formĒ is better. I wasnít very active in my sorority in college. I pretty much did the to kill a mockingbird download, minimum to not become in ďbad standingĒ, but rushed solely to meet new people. I would never put my sorority on Analysis: Teaching English examples my resume. To Kill Free? It was my stress reliever- not a responsibility! That being said, many of heart my sisters who did hold leadership positions did have a lot of responsibility and demonstrated a lot of to kill a mockingbird free download skills that employers value. They all put those positions on their resumes and are gainfully employed now.

Maybe there may be some prejudice against sorority girls when applying for jobs, but I think it would be far worse to theory have a sparse resume. You donít want it to seem like you coasted through undergrad. Iíd say keep it on your resume until you have some valuable work experience to take its place. On a related note, has anyone on this board read Alexandra Robbinsí Pledged? I was fascinated by it. But the stories definitely contributed to my dislike of the a mockingbird free, greek system. Although, as someone above posted, black sororities seem to be really impressive and nurturing. Havenít read it. But from the blurb on Amazon, it sounds like that particular sorority was awful. My experience couldnít have been further from it, although I wasnít *that* involved. If there were institutionalized eating disorders, I thankfully did not fall prey.

The Panhellenic Council at my school was actually pretty organized and deterrence, powerful, and devoted itself to lobbying the administration for such things as better womenís healthcare, more women in tenure-track positions, and better free mental health resources for everyone. Actually, there were 4 different women in different sororities at to kill a mockingbird free download different universities. And if you look at no fear of darkness the comments, many of the commenters said they were in a mockingbird free download sororities and of darkness, felt the book was very true-to-life. Iím glad your experience was positive, but it sounds like the book captures the true story at many schools. Ah, sorry. Reading skills. I glossed and thought the 4 women that helped her were in her own sorority. A Mockingbird Free Download? Makes much more sense the actual way.

I read the book and found it to be interesting. It did highlight some key differences between sororities and I found out my school required the women to live in the sorority house for three years. There was a really large division between the Greeks and the GDIs on my campus and I think that really played a big role. Goals? Living in a sorority house can be cost prohibitive and I really saw a pretty big difference between the Greeks on my campus and a mockingbird free download, those women I met who went to schools that couldnít have sorority houses at all or made them voluntary. As a black woman who did not belong to a sorority (my school did not have them), black sororities and fraternities seem the most idiotic of Analysis: Teaching English Schools all. Lack of power, money, influence AND snobbery. A Mockingbird Download? Great combination! Um, how on earth would you know? Youíve indicated that you werenít a member, didnít have them on your campus to make any real determination with regard to their money, power, affluence or snobbery?

As a member of india economy one of the free, large Black sororities, I can assure your there is plenty of all four of the above! Every organization has itís positives and itís negatives, but base your criticism in fact. I get that people are entitled to india their own opinions about to kill a mockingbird free download organizations, but Iíd put my chapter Sorors and both their achievements and vs pakistan economy, community service up against any notion of what it means to be in a sorority. 90% of them fall soundly in the definition of a ďCorporetteĒ regardless of their chosen fields of medicine, law, business, education or the arts. Free? And we are in amazing company, Ė Dr Dorothy Height, Mary McCleod Bethune, Nikki Giovani, Sadie Alexander, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, etc.. Iíve met some of your less illustrious members. National Safety Goals List? And yes, as you noted, I am entitled to to kill my opinion. Iím posting a comment, not writing an national list article.

For people just out of free download college, who did hold leadership positions in the sorority (if all you did was go to parties and wear the t-shirts, no one cares), I think itís fine. I absolutely do not give those women more consideration or think they are better than other applicants for being the india vs pakistan economy, Vice President of to kill a mockingbird free download Kappa Kappa Gamma or whatever, but itís totally OK with me that they have it on their resume. It is something that they did in college, and music is the language, with a new grad, I am interested in what they did in college. Do not think for one second, however, that lots of extracurriculars or sorority leadership will distract me from a distinctive lack of academic rigor in to kill your courses or poor grade performance, because it wonít. Vs Pakistan Economy? If itís obvious from to kill your resume and goals, transcripts that you skated through college because you were more interested in partying than learning something, no ďleadership positionsĒ you put on your resume Ė whether itís for a sorority or the download, astronomy club Ė will matter.

BUT. For anyone more than 5 or so years out of college, including your sorority affiliation on your resume is really, really pathetic. Five years out of college, no one cares. India Economy? You should not still care. College is over. I would definitely think less of a non-new-grad candidate who included their sorority ďaffiliation,Ē or their sorority ďleadership role,Ē on their resume at that point. For the record: I pledged (Chi Omega), got a bid, turned it down. Best decision I ever made, next to who I picked to marry. I agree that if youíre 5 of so years out of college and your only involvement with your sorority was in college than including your sorority affiliation on a mockingbird free download your resume is pathetic. But a lot of international sororities have strong alumnae members who volunteer their time organizing leadership conferences, fundraising events, and providing mentorship for collegiate members just like members of a Lionís club or a Rotary club. Patient Goals List? In those instances I think itís not at a mockingbird all pathetic to list your affiliation on your resume under the volunteer section.

Iím an alumnae member of Alpha Phi and I thoroughly enjoy volunteering my time both as an advisor to a collegiate chapter and Needs Analysis: in Japanese Essay, as an to kill a mockingbird download executive member of Needs Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese Schools my alum chapter. I donít have my sorority affiliation listed on my resume because Greek Life is quite under the radar here in Canada and all most people know is to kill, negative portrayals from the media. India Vs Pakistan? But I do mention it in interviews if it comes up in a valid way and only if I feel the interview is going well. To Kill Free Download? I also proudly wear my pin on International Badge Day and my Red Dress pin every day in of darkness Heart Health Month (February), our philanthropy supports Womenís heart health and a mockingbird free, cardiac care. Not the OP on this one but sorry, that still all sounds kind of pathetic to me. If you brought up how involved you still are in your college sorority and your alumni chapter in an interview, I would seriously think you did not have any kind of a real life, or alternatively, that you were choosing not to grow up and music is the universal language, move past college.

And I especially donít get the ďI still wear my pin on Badge DayĒ thing. You do understand that like Ann said, no one cares? Right? Assume two candidates with identical academic credentials. One is Treasurer of the to kill free download, Recycling Club (the most boring group I can think of). Vs Pakistan Economy? The other is Treasurer of Alpha Beta Gamma Delta. Iíd be more interested in interviewing Recycling Club Person. Itís probably not completely fair to free download post this, but Iíve never forgotten this New York Times ďModern LoveĒ column on a horrific experience a woman had with a sorority. India Vs Pakistan Economy? Itís not all unfair stereotypes. Some of it is to kill a mockingbird free download, reality. ďMy Sorority Pledge?

I Swore Off SisterhoodĒ That is a horrible story. My little college was non-Greek (one of the deterrence, things I was looking for in a school and to kill free download, very hard to find in the South), but we did have a ďwomenís service organizationĒ that had a pledge-week, held fundraisers, cost a whole lot of poem about money to to kill get into, and about aunts, supplied alcohol to underage students on a mockingbird free download our dry campus. Meanwhile, the india economy, rest of us made friends on our own, volunteered on our own, had fun on free our own- and all for free! My cousin was involved in her sorority during college, and aunts, they all loved her- until they started getting mad at her for missing meetings (scheduled while she was in class) and not pulling her weight in planning things (while she was suffering repeated debilitating days-long migraines). Her ďsistersĒ all knew what she was going through, and a mockingbird download, instead of supporting her in Needs English trying to figure out download, what was going on with her health and get better, they asked her to leave. In comparison, my roommate broke her leg, and six of deterrence theory crime our friends with cars got together with me and we put together a schedule of who was going to drive her to classes, doctor, grocery store, and anywhere else she might have desired to go. My cousin spent three and a half years in that sorority, and she doesnít talk to a mockingbird download any of the women she knew from india vs pakistan it. A Mockingbird Free Download? She doesnít even mention it, which must be horrible- it was a huge part of her life, and itís like it didnít even happen.

I guess having leadership experience is a good thing- but just as lawyers (and accountants!) can have bad reps because of something very few have done, the same can go for Greeks. Yes, lawyers get a bad rep, which sometimes is deserved. But at deterrence theory crime least lawyers are generally believed to be smart, organized, and to kill a mockingbird free, competent. Sororities, by contrast, are generally known for music is the being snobbish and excluding and nasty, and that is to kill a mockingbird download, not infrequently the reality, as you have pointed out. Gosh, all these nasty little stories about sororities are coming back to me. A few years ago, I believe a sorority rejected a bunch of vs pakistan women who were deemed insufficiently attractive. To Kill? (Thatís really woman-empowering.) A doctorís assistant told me about Needs in Japanese Essay examples her niece who transferred from free download a Southern school because her sorority sisters had driven her out. Everyone to some extent has to no fear heart deal with the generalizations made by strangers about to kill free their background. Safety? For example, if you went to a top Ivy, some people assume youíre a clueless egghead, or a rich legacy, or an entitled jerk, or a person who thinks s/heís smarter than s/he really is Ö. I think thereís value to a mockingbird download C in Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese Schools Essay examples reading how some people might respond to her having been part of a sorority. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download? Now that Iíve thought about it, Iím not sure any law school would care.

Law firms might be different. Music? Time enough to to kill download worry about that. I was in a sorority. And Iím really ambivalent about the experience. My school had local (non-Greek) sororities and fraternities, so what I experienced was very likely different in many, many, many regards from music what Greek sorority members experienced. Without a doubt, belonging to a sorority has had a hugely positive impact on my life. I really met the friends of my life through my sorority; I gained tons of a mockingbird leadership experience; I got to work with charities throughout undergrad; I met and developed relationships with professional women well before I embarked on my job search; I continue to network with this small group of alumnae.

I wholeheartedly agree with others here who say that being in a sorority was empowering and benefited their overall professional development. That was certainly my *individual* experience. But, I also think the about, *system* of sororities/fraternities has a lot of issues. To Kill A Mockingbird Download? While I found my sisters to be almost uniformly impressive ó and mostly feminist ó young women, I found the traditions of goals list our sororities and fraternities often rooted in sexism, misogyny and super weird about special rights and privileges. For instance, many of my sororityís (which was originally founded as a literary club) traditional secret songs involved lines about involvement with guys in the fraternities. Yeah, it was silly fun, but itís also just plain weird for a bunch of to kill a mockingbird free awesome women to be memorizing songs detailing menís attributes based upon their fraternity affiliations. I know men had similar (and frankly debasing) songs about india vs pakistan economy sororities. Download? Add to patient safety goals this the traditions of stags with fraternities only (though we did have a stag with one other sorority once), private parties where only members are invited (only contributing to divisions among classmates ó I had many friends outside of to kill free my sorority and deterrence theory, always felt weird that I couldnít integrate them into this part of to kill a mockingbird free download my life), and some other very strange pledging traditions (we did not haze, though I know other organizations at my school did): and poem about, overall I have to conclude that as a whole, this system of exclusive organizations ó as presently constructed ó are not good for undergraduate culture as a whole. Despite my mostly wonderful individual experience. In sum, just because I gained privilege from the system doesnít make the system right. or just.

FWIW, I put my leadership experience in my sorority on my resume right out of undergrad, but I put it under other activities, next to my academic honor society memberships ó as opposed to to kill download being the editor-in-chief of the college paper, which I placed under job experience. No Fear Heart? Iím five years out of a mockingbird free school now, and national patient safety goals list, donít list the sorority at all. iíd leave it off a resume (if you have other things to put on free download there), but if you have connections from your affiliation, work em. Crime? this chain just shows thereís a lot of negative associations with the greek system, so why hurt yourself before you get in the door. Remember this is just grad school the OP is applying to. Itís not a job where she should have more serious achievements on her resume. Many grad schools both want and expect to see clubs, school involvement and school-life balance. Iíve served on admissions committees (admittedly not at the Ivy League) and an applicant without clubs (or a story) reads like that really unfortunate kid with no social skills who you donít want claiming your school as her alma mater.

By the same token, law schools typically are interested in your intellectual and academic ability, and to some extent, your maturity. Now of course, an to kill download applicant with a great LSAT score and GPA from a good school is going to do fine, even when disclosing fraternity or sorority membership. Itís the borderline case in which this might matter. For very good reason, fraternities and sororities are not associated in the popular mind with the brightest, most diligent and meritocratic of students, the kinds of students that law schools supposedly like. Economy? How many movies have I seen in which the fraternity bros get together to cheat on an exam after finishing a three-day bender? How many real accounts have I read about women being attacked or sexually used by fraternity guys, or about sorority women exhibiting vicious ďmean girlĒ snobbery? It was a frat at free download Yale, DKE, that marched its pledges past the womenís center at night, screaming ďNo means Yes. Yes means anal.Ē Yup, if you act like an animal, chances are people are going to think youíre not too bright.

Columbia had some kind of scandal involving a fraternity in the last couple of years. Those are just the india economy, ones Iíve heard of. Iím confused. Since when do law schools require resumes? Not to defend the fraternities, but to clarify the situationÖ only 10% of students at Columbia are in free download fraternities. And the scandal was over about aunts, drug-dealing. Thanks for the info. I didnít suggest that most students at Columbia were in fraternities. Iím sure very few Yalies are in frats as well.

A scandal is a scandal. I think drug dealing serious. These student-run housing situations are far more often the download, seat of theory crime problems than the regular student residences. I donít understand why, according to many opinions stated on thread, all sorority members are guilty by to kill a mockingbird association simply because other members of Greek houses, at other schools and in patient goals other parts of the country, have committed criminal behavior or displayed extremely poor judgment. I was a division 1 athlete. There have been many scandals in which division 1 athletes have raped women and engaged in other criminal behavior.

One or two of to kill free download these scandals even took place at my own school. Heart? Does that mean Iím a rapist and a criminal? Replace ďdivision 1 athleteĒ with ďGreek house memberĒ and to kill a mockingbird, there you go. It makes no sense and reflects poorly on Teaching in Japanese the commenters, not the sorority members. I donít think you can really compare Division 1 Athlete to Greek House member. Division 1 Athletes qualify for that status based on to kill a mockingbird download merit and ability.

Greek house members become members based on more superficial qualities like appearance and similar background. I think you completely missed the point of her comment. The point was that prejudice and is the, stereotyping is a mockingbird, unacceptable. My personal experience with putting my Greek affiliation on my resume has always been very positive. No Fear Heart? I was the president of my sorority at to kill a mockingbird free download Harvard, which might help balance out the universal language, ďditzĒ impression that seems to be a common fear. In any event, Iíve discussed the experience (which was extremely valuable and formative for me) in almost all of my interviews, including the a mockingbird download, interviews for the law firm at language which Iím now an associate. When I was interviewing for clerkships, I discussed the experience with a 9th Circuit judge who had held a similar leadership position during her experience in a sorority.

She was enthusiastic about discussing the Greek system and to kill free download, its positive effects on her own life. Now that I am in the position of language interviewing candidates at to kill free download my firm, I enjoy talking about the Teaching in Japanese Schools, Greek system as a point of commonality with candidates who list their own affiliation. I wouldnít necessarily just list membership in a Greek organization on your resume, but I think that the leadership experience is valuable and the affiliation generally can at a mockingbird times be a good talking point. Just my own two cents. I was in national patient safety list a sorority (er, ďwomenís fraternityĒ) in undergrad (small southern school, 75%+ Greek). The time commitment is pretty large, even for regular members. Triple the amount of to kill a mockingbird download meetings for women in Needs English examples the top leadership positions. I would never, ever have thought to a mockingbird free download put involvement in theory crime a Greek organization on my resume.

That being said, all of these comments have convinced me that it can be useful in certain cases. It certainly demonstrates reliability and leadership skills Ė especially if she make a good case for how those skills will serve her in the workplace. I was a pretty terrible sorority member Ė I was just too busy with school work to free take any leadership positions. Is The Universal Language? Mostly I learned to to kill try to stay engaged in seemingly interminable meetings, while unsuccessfully keeping my mind off of the 1 million other things that I had to get done. Hey, great practice for the working world!

That being said, I probably would drop it off the resume by 10+ years after graduation. By then, you have relevant professional experience. I do have my affiliation listed on LinkedIn for networking purposes, but I do not have it on my resume. Didnít OP say she was applying to poem aunts law SCHOOL? Not a job. I remember putting like every significant extracurricular etc. To Kill Download? down in economy my law school applications. I donít think admissions people at law school are going to hold any particular affiliation against anyone, even if itís not one they would choose themselves. When it comes to a resume for a job, I just donít think itís that big a deal. Free Download? Sure some people hate sororities. Iím one.

My college didnít have them and in my snotty youth days, I turned up my nose at people I knew at schools that had them. (Iím not from the south.) Has nothing to do with whether they are a ďwomenís organization,Ē I thought they were about conformity and patient list, pleasing men. But good grief, I would never be so small minded as to reject a job applicant out of hand because I saw a sorority mentioned in context of leadership skills on a mockingbird free her resume. Everyone is a complete package, and vs pakistan, no job applicant is exactly like me in all respects. Donít put it on. Free? I was in one for a bit. Am 34 now. National Safety List? Would think it weird to put it on grad school app. NEver occurred to me to list it for a professional setting situation. A Mockingbird Download? Itís social.

Consider taking on a non-greek leadership role or activity soon. I was amused by a comment below that sorority girls are just soooo superficial, focusing on hair, makeup and clothing for rush or other events. Yes, I can see why such interests are problematic. Certainly no one would ever join a community of Needs Teaching in Japanese Essay like-minded women to discuss these things. @@ Iím also amazed how provincial some northeasterners are. Thinking that sororities are only ditzy MRS seekers reflects poorly on you and to kill free download, says that you have very little awareness, knowledge or openness to anything outside NYC. Itís not flattering. Youíre not doing yourself any favors with this post either, sweetie. :)

Thereís more to the Northeast than NYC. Yes, Iím aware. Iím originally from the Northeast myself. But, I guess some people think Legally Blonde and Animal House were documentaries instead of comedies. I went to school in the Midwest, my cousin went in the Southeast and india economy, both of us found sororities at to kill download our schools that had those traits. There were only one or two sororities that really seemed to attract the is the universal language, more intellectual women at free my school, and india economy, that was well known. My mom was in a sorority and she still is delighted when she meets other ladies from the same group. Itís like a much smaller version of an download alumni connection ó if I interviewed two people and one went to my alma mater, I might be more likely to connect with that person. Theory? Doesnít mean Iíd automatically choose or disqualify on that though. On another note, interviewers who refuse to interview you based on a group you were in in college (as long as it wasnít, like, the KKK) seem like they do a diservice to their organizations.

I like diversity in a mockingbird free my workplace, and sorority ladies can fit in as well as skiiers, bakers, bird-watchers, socialists, a cappella singers, or whatever other club you were in in college! (disclosure: I was in an a cappella group in deterrence college that took up about a mockingbird download as much time as a sorority, and probably threw as many parties. I still have it on my resume because itís a good conversation starter.) I have a different view on this than I have seen in reading through the responses. First, there are SO MANY THINGS that a person can ďjudgeĒ you by on your resume and Needs Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese, sorority affiliation is only one of a mockingbird download them. Political affiliation, certain charity organizations that indicate a religious preference (even something like United Way can indicate certain preferences). The truth of the matter is, even in this economy, there comes a point when you have to let those things go. Of course that is not to say that you shouldnít try to present yourself in poem aunts the best light possible, but at a certain point, some things are going to be obvious. However, Sorority Affiliation (as indicated on this thread) can be polarizing. To Kill A Mockingbird Free? Here is my view: Only put down sorority affiliation if you were the patient safety list, president or vice president of your sorority or panhellenic council. Free? I think what you want to avoid is something that a non-sorority person wonít understand. Putting that you were T-Shirt Chair might indicate to a fellow recent sorority grad that you could responsibly handle a large budget, communicate between vendors and your committee, etc.

However, a non-sorority person doesnít understand that and may think it sounds silly. As for sports teams ó I say go for it. National Patient? However, unless you are on the actual school team put it under hobbies. My sister was a division 1 athlete through college and it is to kill free download, a huge time commitment. It shows excellent time management skills. As a lawyer and a member of a sorority, I disagree.

I think sorority affiliations are important to Needs Analysis: Teaching English Schools an individualís personal and professional develeopment. I also held just about every leadership position in my sorority and I included on to kill a mockingbird download my resume when starting out. My sorority involvement taught me critical time management skills, people management skills, and workplace etiquette development. In fact, Iíve recently noted SIGNIFICANT disparaties between unprepared non-Greek applicants and Greek applicants and will almost always favor the Greek candidate (if it was not just a party group), because I know how sororities develop character. As with anything on a resume, I would only include those activities in no fear heart of darkness which a person is involved and active, not just ďpresent.Ē If you include on a mockingbird your resume, be prepared to deterrence tell the interviewer how Greek life prepared you for the working world-see above re: time management, deication to a project, learning to work well with others, developing leadership skills, etc. Any number of non-Greek extracurricular activities will teach the skills youíve mentioned, for to kill a mockingbird example, working for the school newspaper, managing a school musical group, running the school radio or TV station, running a student business, performing work/study jobs. Moreover, admission and promotion usually are based on talent and English Schools Essay, commitment. I think there is a mockingbird free, a big difference between (1) using Greek affiliation to network and no fear, (2) putting Greek affiliation on a mockingbird download your resume and thinking it will help you get into grad school or land a job. Taking advantage of music language personal networks through Greek orgs make sense to me, but I have a hard time believing I would hire a candidate or admit a student b/c of Greek affiliation. Definitely.

A lot of people here seem to be mixing them up. The question is a mockingbird free, not whether one should join sorority and about aunts, if that could be a good career move down the a mockingbird, road (I think it can be) Ė the question is deterrence theory crime, whether one should put that experience on her resume. Different question. I think Reader C should absolutely put it on her resume. A Mockingbird Free Download? I was involved for 4 years in college in Greek Life and national patient goals list, as a result was able to use it on to kill a mockingbird download my resume for leadership experience, community involvement, volunteer work, honor societies, and general campus participation. Needs Teaching Essay Examples? And, without knowing it, I was hired for my finance internship and a mockingbird download, my first job by fellow Greek Life members without even knowing. Though the alumnae group in my city, if I needed additional networking resources for finding new jobs or recommendations, I guarantee that that would be the first place I would look. Yes, there are always people that are going to sneer at theory someoneís list of free download involvements, whether youíre in a religious organization, the Sierra Club, or whatnot, but no one has the perfect resume coming out of college and Needs Essay, entering the workforce/graduate community. donít go to law school. I just read this entire comment thread, and frankly I am shocked at the judgment and to kill a mockingbird download, lack of support being offered to universal language other women who may have happened to be in a sorority at one time. Free Download? This is certainly the most vitriol that I have ever seen on this site.

On at least a weekly basis, there is clothing linked to crime by posters that I wouldnít be caught dead in, but Iíd never post a comment to that effect or use the fact that you want to purchase a god-awful purse to to kill a mockingbird free form a judgment on who you are (and more importantly, what kind of employee you are). Life is hard enough as a professional woman, especially for those who are just beginning their careers, without us ripping each other down. OP, just put it on your resume. If you are competent in crime other areas that are important for free your field, youíll be fine. In fact, it may be a bonus if leadership is music, something you have a passion for and want to continue pursuing throughout your education and career. If you get rejected because you were in to kill download a sorority, I wouldnít be upset about Analysis: English in Japanese Schools Essay not going to school there.

And even though the economy in the toilet, I still think there is something to free download be said for being true to yourself. As someone from outside of the US, everything I know about sororities I learned from Legally Blonde the Sweet Valley twins. It gives off a very negative connotation to associate yourself with one. ĎGreekí means something other than someone from is the universal Greece? You learn something every day. I learned many amazing lessons being president of my sorority. A Mockingbird Free Download? It can be a leadership experience Ė no reason not to vs pakistan economy list it as such. I was president of to kill free download my sorority chapter. I was also the greek-wide community service/philanthropy chair for india Panhellenic. Both of these positions required a huge amount of work, and to kill a mockingbird, both were on my resume when I applied for law school and for summer associate positions.

That was in the ďgood olí daysĒ of BigLaw hiring, but I think I would do the no fear of darkness, same today. I interview now and leadership is important to me. In fact, by to kill the time Iím interviewing during callbacks, the minimum academic requirement hurdles have already been met, so itís actually all about ďfitĒ ó and leadership is Analysis: in Japanese Schools Essay examples, a big piece of to kill download whether youíre going to ďfit.Ē I went straight from language undergrad to law school, so my undergrad ďactivitiesĒ were needed on to kill a mockingbird free download my resume. If I were applying for a lateral or in-house position now, I probably would not include my greek affiliation. I think the deterrence, type of to kill a mockingbird free download experience as an officer in a greek organization can be relevant; such as Treasurer or VP Finance or some similar title, and responsible for a budget, A/P and A/R, contracts, insurance, payroll, etc. A large chapter (400 women) of a sorority with a physical house to deterrence theory live in can have a budget of over a million dollars. Additionally, during an interview process, a Greek affiliation can be the common point of to kill a mockingbird free download interest that sparks conversation and creates a memory that helps you stand out from the economy, other top tier, high GPA candidates. Completely disagree. If you held a position in to kill a mockingbird free download your sorority and it is something you are proud of, put it on your resume. I am a current masters student and was president of my sorority.

I have had plenty of national patient safety goals internship interviews and they are always happy to see that I had a leadership role within my sorority. If you didnít do anything within your sorority then I dont see a real reason to to kill a mockingbird put anything. I got around this question by detailing what I did while holding an office in my sorority (coordinating major events, overseeing committees, writing newsletters, establishing a database of alumnae). I donít think focusing on your experiences significant to india vs pakistan your chosen career path would be a detriment. Also. . A Mockingbird Free Download? . I know several lovely and theory crime, talented sorority girls who are now lovely, talented, and successful lawyers and businesswomen. Ultimately, include it or donít. Free? . . just donít loose sleep over poem, it.

I think if worded correctly and presented in a manner where one would take you seriously then yes, being able to a mockingbird free say ďI was in an extra curriculative community service driven group managed a full work load of 15, 17 or even 21 hrsĒ is very valuable. What alot of you non Panhellanic people do not understand is that the music is the universal, traditional judgmental outlook on greeks back in the day and what you see from Hollywood, is all wrong. In order to free even make it into no fear heart, a sorority you must have a certain GPA some chapters require higher ones then others. You must be able to a mockingbird maintain your GPA in order to be able to stay in Greek life. Greek life is not all social activities, the meetings every week are legit, bilaws are read and minutes are kept just like business meetings in the work force. Iíve been in deterrence theory a few corporate meetings to to kill a mockingbird tell you that is no fear heart, true. To Kill A Mockingbird? Being able to show that you can get along with people and Teaching English Essay, that you work well as a team is to kill download, a huge bonus when looking for a well rounded employee. No one wants to of darkness hire someone who puts out bad PR. To me, the to kill a mockingbird free, leadership shown in Greek life such as, being over the financials for that schools chapter or being the president of poem about aunts that chapter is the same if not better then managing 5 Ė 10 people at to kill download a fast-food restaurant.

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Role of Civil Society in Good Governance Essay. With the change of the century, globalisation and development have increased at a very rapid rate. The technological and economic aspects of this development have led to a huge increase in the development of civil services and social dependence on them. The concept of civil society can be dated back to approximately 2500 years ago to Greek and Roman societies from where it spread all over Europe and then soon became a global phenomenon (Glacius, Lewis and Seckinelgin, 2004). There has been numerous research and countless discussions on a mockingbird, the importance of existence of these societies and their role in Needs Teaching Schools Essay the current world. These societies have been debated to work for to kill a mockingbird free download the government by helping to reduce poverty, spreading awareness regarding various issues and English in Japanese Essay examples supporting those in need; but a darker side has also been associated with its existence; civil societies may provide an excuse to download fight with the current system, create groups thereby causing tensions and Needs Analysis: Teaching in Japanese Schools also in free some cases might have led to Teaching wars. Edwards (2004) suggests people to not accept or disregard this concept completely but to at least clarify its meaning, as its value varies from person to person.

As we try to understand the concept of a mockingbird free download, ďCivil SocietiesĒ, what also becomes clear is its relation with the political world. Through this article, I will try to explain the term civil society and Needs in Japanese its impact on politics which leads to good governance using a case study as an example. Theory and Concepts. A civil society is a non-governmental organisation or an institution outside the family, state and market where people with common interests meet and work together for that interest. Civil societies have become the first medium of social service and support in places where other assistance and help is to kill a mockingbird free download scarce. Civil societies may include NGOs, social movements or community groups, trade unions, faith groups and many more. No Fear! As civil societies grow, they become powerful and to kill a mockingbird influential social groups with important responsibilities, and thus become an integral part of the countryís governmental system. These civil societies work to aid the government in no fear of darkness small and major issues, thereby ensuring the proper working of the government by to kill download, relieving them of pressure. The role of civil societies is not only social i.e. to bring together people of common interests together but on Analysis: Schools examples, a larger scale they must work towards good governance (What is to kill a mockingbird acivil society, 2001). Good governance is a concept where institutions, private or public, work in a responsible and a transparent environment providing an abuse free and corruption less system which is responsive to the public demands and beliefs. Teaching English In Japanese Essay! This phenomenon of good governance when applied in a positive and a mockingbird free download an efficient manner would result in music language human development and also in large scale benefit the to kill free world (Sheng, UNESCAP, 2012).

The rise in the power of civil societies has resulted in the downfall of communist states as well as monarchy and there has been a growth of democracy. Having understood the national safety goals terms ďCivil SocietyĒ and ďGood GovernanceĒ individually; a relationship can be derived between them, highlighting the role of civil society in good governance. To Kill Free Download! It has been debated a lot that a civil society can flourish only under a democracy, as democracy provides the societies with much more freedom and music is the language independence to work. A Mockingbird Free Download! As JA Scholte (2002:281) pointed out, a democracy does not flow automatically but has to be nurtured. An active and diverse civil society plays an importabnt role to assist good governance or democracy. There have been various debates about the boons civil societies have brought for democracy and how it has been a bane. Analysing the positive effects of civil society in a democracy is very essential and may help to understand the music language importance of these societies for good governance.

A strong civil society may help in identifying potential political weaknesses. There are some nations in the world that are extremely powerful and successful like United States of America, United Kingdom etc. and owe a lot of its development to their strong civil societies while nations with under developed civil societies do suffer in a long run. For example, Spain, who are currently in a state of economical breakdown, still believe in the traditional methods of governance like blind faith in the government. The civil societies can act as mediators between the government and a mockingbird download the people and can assist in making decisions. The certain connection provided by the government and the public increases the deterrence theory crime transparency in the working of the government which leads to the people having a belief in the government and it gives them an to kill free download incentive to work for the betterment of the country. The support of a civil society as a whole increases the tolerance and understanding of people towards the rules of the government and the democratic power also supports the civil society to play the role of advisory for better implementation of laws. Civil societies for their beliefs and work collect a lot of funds and donations from people which can directly support the government by forming NGOs or organise social gathering to help those in need.

Another huge part a civil society plays towards obtaining good governance is the ability of these societies to spread education. For a nation to develop and run successfully it is important to have well-read public. Civil societies can organise workshops, open theatres, schools with nominal fees and provide with books, stationary and music other necessary material required for education. Moving further, we should also discuss the negative side of civil societies in governance. There is a developing fear, that with the civil societies becoming strong and powerful, they may deviate from their goals and become greedy. These societies may start working too much in to kill free favour of the about public ignoring their responsibility towards achieving good governance or even democracy. A check needs to be kept over the principles and working of the civil societies. Download! The leaders of the government are forced to keep a friendly and poem about aunts a healthy relationship with the civil societies so as to have a control over them. To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download! A democratic government may face a lot of national safety list, issues as there is a huge possibility for to kill a mockingbird download civil society being biased to a particular political party that can be against the public of the nation as well as the government. There is a prospect of a reverse situation as well the deterrence government favours a particular civil society only a mockingbird download, thereby benefitting it with all the government grants, donations, relief funds and other administrational advantages which harm the other civil societies. The concept of civil society can be classified as ďWesternĒ and some of the laws or beliefs followed by these societies may not be of cultural acceptance in under developed or developing nations, causing a political stir locally.

Civil societies can also fall short of satisfying religious beliefs of a country, as this being a sensitive issue is preferred to be left untouched by no fear of darkness, the civil societies. The powerful leaders of a civil society can pressurise the to kill a mockingbird free download state to make some difficult, unethical or complicated decisions for personal benefits, example, some activists or lawyers may force the administration to is the universal language make certain changes in the existing policies even if the new policy does not benefit the whole country as a whole but only a certain section of a society. Another huge disadvantage of a civil society can be the a mockingbird free download non-realisation of the power of the civil society itself by the leaders and thus failing to provide the people with transparency of heart, its work and activities. This can create a sense of mistrust amongst the believers who may either stop supporting their societies or start a revolt against the existing one which is another unwanted pressure for a mockingbird download the government. Lastly, the ability to maintain the interest of the people towards the civil societies is another major task. Here the people of different social, political and Needs in Japanese examples economic backgrounds co-exist and free download it becomes essential for the civil societies to bind them in harmony as these diverse groups form a very integral part of good governance. Music Is The Universal! Having described the concepts about the role of a civil society in good governance, I would like to support my thoughts and ideas with an example of an Indian civil society as my case study.

The India Against Corruption (IAC) or Jan Andolan is a collective but truly voluntary peopleís society formed in a mockingbird download India to demand the passage of a Jan Lokpal Bill by the Indian Parliament under the leadership of Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare is a freedom fighter who is especially recognized for the Indian Movement against deterrence theory crime, corruption. In 2011, Hazare started a Satyagraha movement by invoking Mahatma Gandhiís age old methods of . for to kill passing a stronger anti-corruption Lokpal bill in the Indian Parliament. The bill is for a stronger anti-corruption law with stronger penal actions and more independence to theory the regulators in the states. He started a hunger strike in Ram Lila Grounds in New Delhi, the capital of India, when the demand was rejected by Indian government after agreeing in principle. This agitation came in the backdrop of massive corruption scandals which showed politicians in a very bad light.

Being a politician was seen as a dirty word. This peopleís movement led by a mockingbird download, Hazare, with a clean image, attracted all sections of society specially people who did not consider themselves to be a part of Indian political system. The urban youth of India who we call Gen Y was not seemingly a part of Indian political process; this generation of people did not vote in elections nor could truly understand the Indian freedom struggle which they read about only in Needs Analysis: Teaching English in Japanese history text books. Anna Hazare caught the fancy of young Indians who began to identify him with the Gandhi they read about in textbooks. This perception was reinforced by Hazareís act of going to jail and fasting at Raj Ghat (memorial of Mahatma Gandhi).The movement attracted attention of the to kill media,(with the music language power of electronic media on full display 24/7), millions of supporters inside and outside of India. This was the free download first time in modern Indian history that a replica of freedom movement of music is the language, sorts was being played out of drawing rooms and to kill a mockingbird TV screens. This movement to draw out the corrupt politicians received unprecedented support from the society including students, professionals and people who normally lead a passive political life. This was a first. Already the memories of an Arab Spring were fresh in Egypt etc., people had shown support on the internet and social media such as Twitter and Facebook. These social media sites became powerful tools for young tech savvy Indians to connect for an anti-corruption cause. Online Signature Campaigns garnered more than 1 million signatures in just 36 hours.

The degree of participation by the middle class people and the youth was remarkably high and totally voluntary. Most of the young Indians who were involved were people who did not vote during elections or were first time voters. The ideals of this civil society could be seen to become a success. The creation of this civil society awakened the aspirations of many Indians and aunts woke them out of their self-induced stupor. A Mockingbird Free! It made them realize that they could make a difference to the countryís future by being more proactive in their daily lives by not giving or taking bribes and blaming the politician for all ills that ail modern day India. This change in the mind set ushered by Hazareís movement augurs well for india vs pakistan India and may be the beginning of to kill a mockingbird download, good governance.

The movement has forced the common man to reconsider his Ďchalta haií (translated as Ďí) attitude with regard to taking or giving bribes, corruption and many other relevant issues, which should bring about a significant change in deterrence crime the country. Anti-corruption crusade unleashed by Hazare had well and free download truly caught on theory crime, .It did not help that he was arrested and still didnít compromise with his principles of nonviolence by protesting against violent movement of his supporters. Hazare progressed in public perception to become the a mockingbird free download most powerful influencer and visionary leader of modern India and rekindled the about faith of young Indians in Gandhi. Views of Experts about the movement. ďIrrespective of how one views the a mockingbird free download Anna Hazare movement, there is little doubt that the one feeling it invoked in safety the political class was fear: the fear of to kill, losing control over a system that they have presided over for decades. But politics is as much about perception as it is poem about aunts about reality. And this is where the a mockingbird free download Anna factor creeps in. A large swathe of Uttar Pradesh (a state of India with population of ??) voters under 35, many of them first-time voters, are part of an Ďaspirationalí India hankering first time. This satellite television generation has been bombarded for the last 12 months with images of Team Anna launching a moral crusade against corruption. Even if they donít know the ABC of examples, Lokpal, they have been touched somewhere by a mockingbird free, a desire to see the corrupt politician being defeated.

Even political parties who do not look beyond caste equations realize that they canít ignore this rising sentiment against corruption. Impact On governance and the political class. The anger and language the mood displayed on a mockingbird, the streets by Gen Y have cautioned the establishment that their insensitive and unresponsive behavior towards the people of the national safety list country would not pay. It has made every politician realize that they would eventually have to be responsive and responsible for a mockingbird their work and not just make empty promises to Needs Analysis: Teaching in Japanese examples voters every five years and not worry about a mockingbird download them. The political history of is the, India has seen many eminent members of the civil society and its relation with the political class. Annaís movement has further changed the dynamics of a mockingbird, this relationship. The demand for Lokpal bill was a long standing one but was never taken seriously by the political class.

Without the popular people movement which was revolutionary, the bill would have continued to be kept in the cold storage and would have probably ended up there only. It was the Anna Hazare movement with the backdrop of serious corruption charges and the anti establishment mood that highlighted the india vs pakistan economy magnitude of the issue, made the public aware and forced the government to take a serious view towards the same. This movement was no doubt helped by the squeaky clean image of Anna himself. Additionally, the non-violent method of protest, following Gandhijiís methods and invoking him at every stage, has been a success story and a lesson in to kill a mockingbird marketing and leadership and has reinforced public faith in these methods. The movement restored a feeling of Ďbeing Indianí in every citizen and also a feeling of pride in every Indian that was fast dissipating away with headlines of corrupt politicians looting millions of rupees. After having analysed the role civil society plays in good governance, its importance can be judged. Edwards (2005) tries to reason that civil society is a concept that should be aimed at for a peaceful and a better life. The existence of a strong social system not only favours the public of the country but also the government.

The recent emergence of civil societies in South Korea has not only increased the rate of the development of the country but also brought a feeling of safety goals list, satisfaction in to kill free download the hearts of the people of that country. The existence of these civil societies lowers our expectations of the government body as small problems can be tackled easily and much more efficiently relieving the pressure of the state. A well-developed civil society system has shown the brighter picture of having good governance and ultimately given people hope of music, a care free life. JA Scholte (2002:281) argues that if the to kill free benefits of theory crime, civil society are to be realised in the long run, then there are still many requirements in the field of law development and their implementation. A Mockingbird Download! Civil societies are the solution to long terms global problems of music is the universal language, poverty, illiteracy and non-development (Edwards, 2005). In my view, well managed and to kill a mockingbird free download maintained civil societies can be seen as a replacement of non-working, poorly functioned and corrupt governmental administrations and these societies can work along with the poem aunts government for faster development of the country. e.g.: Muller, V. (1994) ĎTrapped in the body: Transsexualism, the law, sexual identityí, The Australian Feminist Law Journal, vol. To Kill A Mockingbird Free! 3, August, pp. 103-107. Glasius, M., Lewis, D., Seckinelgin, H. (2004) ĎExploring civil societyí, Chapter 1, London 2004.

Scholte, JA. (2002) ĎCivil Society and Democracy in Global Governanceí, Global Governance, vol. 8, pp. 281-304 What is a civil Society? [Online] Available: Sheng, YK. (2012), ĎWhat is good governance?í [Online] Available: Evans, M. (2012) ĎBeyond the integrity paradox Ė towards Ďgood enoughí governance?í, Policy Studies, vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 97-113 Edwards, Michael (2004) Civil Society, Cambridge: Polity. Edwards, M. (2005) ĎCivil Societyí, The encyclopaedia of no fear heart of darkness, informal education, Available: A Mockingbird! Mercer, C. (2002) ĎNGOs, civil society and democratization: a critical review of the literatureí, Progress in development studies, vol. 2, no.1, January, pp. 5-22. University/College: University of Chicago.

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The coffee machine is at the front of the cafe and patient safety goals the barista is to kill download often the first point of contact for our customers so you must have excellent presentation and customer service skills. You must also not be too proud to national patient safety list do other tasks (eg take orders, make other drinks, run food, clear tables etc) if we are quiet. A Mockingbird Download? At peak times we do around 6kg of universal language coffee per morning so you mu.

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Disadvantages Of Summer Season Essays and Research Papers. ? Summer , the smell of fresh-cut grass wafting through the air, the sound of the ice cream truck making its way through your neighborhood, or . the sound of kids screaming, laughing, and jumping into the pool on a hot summer day. This is the only season you would see these things happening, and that what I love so much about a mockingbird it. Thereís not a day during summer , that you cant find something to do and if your like me either stuck at school or work your wishing you were outside enjoying the beautiful. 2008 singles , Climate , Rain 1007 Words | 4 Pages. ? Summer season India is a tropical country.

Here Summer Season is felt more prominently than any . other season . Poem? Ordinarily, we begin to feel the summer heat from the month of April to the second week of to kill free download June. In Oriya Calendar, Baisakh and Jyestha are the two months which comprise the Summer Season . This season is remarkable for the heat. People suffer from terrible heat right from the morning till the midnight. In the morning people feel a gentle breeze. Heart Of Darkness? Then the sun rises and the horror of the. Climate , Earth , Energy 1145 Words | 3 Pages. later. SEASON Season is one of the to kill download, divisions of a year according to weather. Its number and features vary from country to . country.

In the desert regions . There is summer all the year round. About Aunts? But in Bangladesh. There are six seasons such as summer , the rainy season , early autumn, late autumn, winter and to kill a mockingbird free spring. Teaching In Japanese Schools Essay Examples? These seasons come one after another in a regular cycle. To Kill Download? Each season has its own beauty and features. Each of no fear heart of darkness them appears with it's own beauty, color, sights and sounds. Summer is the.

Autumn , Bird , Holi 2016 Words | 5 Pages. SUMMER (Descriptive Essay) Everyone has a comfortable place to escape to to kill a mockingbird, for relaxation. They go there when they need to national, be alone and . not with people to disturb them. My place is nature in the summer . The summer time relaxes me like no exact place could. Nature, in the summer , relaxes me with its naturedness. I love sitting in the grass and a mockingbird listening to the nature sounds around me while it's summer . One of the sounds I tune to first is the sound of the birds singing and chirping. Feeling , Huntington Beach, California , Orange County, California 1860 Words | 5 Pages. The Rainy Season In Bangladesh 68 rate or flag this pageTweet By Moktadir Muddy Road Flood Dirty water The Rainy . Analysis: Teaching Schools? season is one of the six seasons . It comes after the summer . Ashar and Shrabon are the months of the rainy seasons . In fact rain sets in our country in the middle of june and lasts up to download, the middle of September.

In the rainy season the sky is music is the language overcast with deep black clouds. The sun can hardly be seen. The rivers are full to the brim. A Mockingbird Free Download? If there is sufficient rain, the. Climate , Cloud , Monsoon 830 Words | 9 Pages. ?Summerís getting drowsy now Soon she will be fast asleep Missing summer , the national patient, trees begin to weep Itís autumn time so leave and take a bow I . heard the autumns singing. The wind it sprints through the trees. The air is to kill a mockingbird free getting crispier and a chilly nip is in the breeze. On autumns night a luminous pearl hangs in the radiant night sky. Deterrence Crime? Journeying to to kill a mockingbird download, warmer land, the birds Ďgossip loudly as they fly.

When orange and red are burnished on about aunts, leaves, They glide down like a silent pack of thieves. Download? The. Autumn , Bus , Fake Noise from a Box of vs pakistan Toys 537 Words | 3 Pages. Summer is the Best Season (possible topic sentences with suggestions for details) o The four seasons . of the year all have their appeal, but summer is by far my favorite. To Kill? [Give examples of wrong is wrong with the other seasons and what they donít offer that summer does.] o One aspect of summer that makes it so attractive involves clothing. No Fear Heart? [Give examples of why doing laundry is easier, what kinds of summer clothing you enjoy wearing, and why clothing in other seasons is less. Amusement park , Autumn , Brooklyn 609 Words | 6 Pages. Weather and Seasons What's the to kill a mockingbird, weather like in spring? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 SUMMER COLD WEAR SUNGLASSES . Is The Universal? MITTENS COAT DECEMBER SPRING WEATHER DRY Across Down 5. We wear _____ to keep the hands warm in to kill a mockingbird download the winter. 7. In China, the economy, winter is to kill free download usually in ______ , January and February.

9. We wear _______ and national patient safety shorts in the summer . 10. What's the opposite of wet? 1. I usually wear my orange _____ in to kill a mockingbird free the winter. 2. It's usually hot and sunny in _______ . 3. Deterrence Theory? In. Autumn , Jon Foreman , Lowercase people records 264 Words | 5 Pages. ?In the poem, ďThe Summer DayĒ, by to kill free, Mary Oliver, there are many examples poetic devices that are extremely effective and help to reinforce the aunts, . thematic theme of the poem. A few that I found to to kill free, be particularly effective are the examples of metaphors, repetition and irony. The most interesting poetic device found in the poem was the use of extended metaphor. It is evident in lines three to ten: Who made the grasshopper?

This grasshopper, I mean Ė the aunts, one who flung herself out a mockingbird download, of the grass. Academy Award for Best Picture , English-language films , Genre 922 Words | 3 Pages. 1 English 12/11/12 Summer Days The splashing of the water, the screams of young children, and waking up any time you want make . summer the best season of all! Summer is when school and sun is out and no fear you can take the time to relax after a long school year. Summer is the best season because of the to kill free, relaxation, the free time, and the time you get to spend with your friends and family. This is why summer is the deterrence crime, best season of all! The first reason summer is the best season is because of the relaxation. 2006 albums , Cool , English-language films 426 Words | 2 Pages. ? Summer Activity Several businesses, such as Primark and Nestle, have been accused of to kill free being unethical in recent years. Do you think it is . essential for managers to about, take ethics into account consideration when making business decisions nowadays? Justify your answer with reference to free, Primark, Nestle and other businesses that you know. Analysis: English In Japanese Schools Essay Examples? (40 marks) Business ethics refer to what is regarded as right or wrong in relation to business behaviour.

I think that managers should worry about download ethics as it. Applied ethics , Business , Business ethics 681 Words | 3 Pages. Spring and Summer . 1 How I Compare and national list Contrast Andrea Young Ashford University of Iowa ABC1102E January 24, 2011 2 I picked these two seasons , spring and summer because the both of these seasons are items I can compare and contrast, it seems much easier than the two items I picked before the two. Difference , Season , Spring 955 Words | 3 Pages. Jones Professor Miller English 1011 September 27, 2010 My favorite season by free, far is summer . The coming of . summer brings countless days at the town swimming whole, end of school, and trips to the beach. Summer time is india a time when our family spends a lot of download time together. It was the season when we set out to accomplish meeting every cheerleader at the beach. Most important of all this meant a time for Needs English examples us to enjoy ourselves. Summer days at to kill download the town swimming whole brings back so many things to Needs in Japanese Essay examples, my mind. American films , Debut albums , English-language films 506 Words | 2 Pages. The Perfect Season ! You just took a load off from that stressful school year.

Now itís that time of the year where it becomes time to free download, . Deterrence Theory Crime? enjoy the beautiful season of summer . When you can sleep in, go to the pool for free hours, and deterrence theory never have to worry about any homework! For some people, they donít enjoy the to kill free, summertime because it may be too hot or do not like to be outdoors. Well for me, summer is the best season because the days go by peacefully without a sound that can bother you. When you step. Beach , Cool , Light 627 Words | 2 Pages. The wet season , monsoon . season or rainy season is the Teaching in Japanese Schools Essay, time of year when most of a region's average annual rainfalloccurs.

It usually lasts one or more months.The term green season is also sometimes used as aeuphemism by to kill free download, tourist authorities. Areas with wet seasons are dispersed across portions of the tropics andsubtropics.Under the Koppen climate classification, fo In contrast to areas. Climate , Monsoon , Monsoon trough 1100 Words | 4 Pages. displays a very simplistic relationship in the beginning of the movie 500 Days of Summer . An undiscovered love between two human beings, with . just discussing common interests that slowly morph into music language, stolen kisses in the copy room, getting tangled up in arms and legs underneath bed sheets, and a mockingbird free being thankful for national patient safety list everyday theyíre together are just some of the occurrences between them. The two main characters are named Tom and Summer . They constantly have inner struggles as well as outer problems, which makes.

Charles Bukowski , Dictionary , Films considered the greatest ever 1896 Words | 5 Pages. Difference Between Summer and Winter Seasons. Differences between winter and summer seasons What does winter and to kill download summer have in common? They are both . seasons , and they both happen when the earth is language tilted toward the sun. Even though winter and summer are both seasons , they are also different.

During the winter season the free, weather is extremely cold, gray, and theory crime dreary. The winter season has short days. The temperature outside tends to drop drastically. Often times the temperature may drop below a certain degree which may cause pipes to freeze. Christmas tree , Weather 625 Words | 2 Pages. ? ď Summer GetawayĒ I just canít wait until summer . With all of those plans to do, itís really going to to kill a mockingbird free, be fun! Iíll tell you . Teaching Schools Essay Examples? my awesome plans.

This summer Iím going to Boracay! When school gets out to kill a mockingbird download, were going there. Along the music universal, way we might make some stops. First we will leave San pedro laguna and go to Kalibo, Aklan and stay there a day. One of the Sundays in boracay will be the most fun because weíre going too an island. After that, I might go swimming with my family. When we come back I will. Charleston County, South Carolina , Family , Sleep 1115 Words | 3 Pages. PROJECT IN COMPUTER ďSACRED SEASONS Ē Submitted by: Rene Chancellor Gonzales III Submitted . to: Mrs.

Claire de May V. Muyco Sacred Seasons is a world that exists in an eternal state of to kill a mockingbird free download cyclical change. Much like a wheel spinning around in a complete rotation, an music universal language, age will come into to kill free download, being, built along a particular set of mythological and magical rules, flourish, then eventually. Richard II of England , The Age , White Hart 1586 Words | 7 Pages. How the Needs Analysis: Teaching in Japanese Schools Essay, seasons and day and night occur. ?How the Seasons and Day and Night Occur The Earthís relationship with the sun creates the four seasons and day and night. They . are all caused by the rotation of the Earth on its invisible axis. Day and night are caused by the rotation this axis as it turns towards and to kill a mockingbird free download away from the sun and the seasons are caused by this axis rotation and of darkness the rotation of the to kill a mockingbird free, Earth around the Sun.

What are the SEASONS ? There are four seasons in a year, about every 365 days. Theory Crime? The season are spring, summer , autumn. Earth , Equator , Equinox 963 Words | 3 Pages. Favourite Season ? Why? The question of to kill what is my favourite season is a difficult one to economy, answer. Almost everyone will give a . different response, for there are as many positive points to each of the four seasons as you can possibly imagine.

Nonetheless, I agree that my favourite season is summer and the three main reasons are that summer is a time to relax and a mockingbird enjoy yourself, the weather is seldom cold or rainy, and it is a great opportunity for families to travel. To start with, summer is a time. A Great Way to Care , Climate , Rain 420 Words | 2 Pages. Chawin Pathompornvivat Mrs. Sarr-Lewis Advanced Placement English Language amp; Composition 21st August, 2013 Summer Assignments 2013 . Word count: 313 words ďClose Reading: The Art and Craft of national safety list AnalysisĒ Close reading informs a writer writing by revealing something new each time we read them.

The process of close reading develop an to kill, understanding of a text that is based first on the words themselves. Music Universal? The skill called ďclose readingĒ is to kill download a fundamental for interpreting literature. Reading. Creative writing , John Updike , Reader 1070 Words | 4 Pages. why summer is the best season of the deterrence theory crime, year. Summer is the best season of the year Summer in Nigeria signifies the to kill a mockingbird download, season . when there is no rainfall. It is the season where most events and expeditions are organized. In summer , people express themselves more freely and Analysis: Schools Essay examples confidently.

Children can be seen jumping around in excitement and flexing their tender muscles on the playground and to kill a mockingbird free download outside. Adults and music youths too do several things in summer . To Kill A Mockingbird? They organize concerts and go to the beach in summer for fun and excitement. Autumn , Immune system , Plant 602 Words | 2 Pages. have converted it into a little garden. There are five flower-beds 'and all types of plants. I spend some of my leisure hours in this garden. I water the vs pakistan, . plants. Free? I weed out wild plants. I plant new ones.

My little garden looks splendid in the spring season . The dahlias, the roses, the jasmines and others add to the beauty of other flowers in full bloom. I have a separate piece of land in my garden for vegetables and fruit trees. Another hobby in which I am sometimes engaged in is photography. It is. 2003 Cricket World Cup , Garden , Sachin Dev Burman 1874 Words | 5 Pages.

Introduction We count five seasons in America. Vs Pakistan? Summer is a mockingbird one of them. It is the hot season . It rules over June, . July, and August. Music Is The? How it is caused The earth moves round the sun. The part of it, which comes nearer the sun, gets the summer season . Because here the sun's rays are straight and direct. Advantages In summer , everything is neat and free clean. National List? The earth is dry. Hence, there is no mud or marsh. Ways and a mockingbird free download paths are open to very place.

Mangoes ripe in summer . We get plenty of mangoes. Climate , Earth , Rain 373 Words | 2 Pages. ------------------------------------------------- Summer . A field during summer in Belgium. | | Summer is . the warmest of the four temperate seasons , between spring and autumn. At the summer solstice, the days are longest and the nights are shortest, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice. The date of the beginning of summer varies according to climate, culture, and tradition, but when it is summer in national patient goals the Northern Hemisphere it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Atlantic Ocean , Equator , Northern Hemisphere 436 Words | 2 Pages. Seasons: Equator and Wearing- Warm Clothes. Why do we have seasons and how do they affect my life? We have seasons because the earth is tilted on its axis, as it makes . its yearly journey around the sun. The Earthís axis is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees.

This means that the earth is always Ďpointingí to to kill a mockingbird download, one side as it goes around the music is the language, sun. So, sometimes the sun is in to kill a mockingbird free download the direction that the earth is pointing, but not at is the universal language other times. To Kill? The varying amount of sunlight around the earth, during the year, creates the seasons . We have hot. Earth , Equator , Latitude 854 Words | 3 Pages. Science: Advantages Disadvantages. Science Ė Its Advantages and Disadvantages One of the striking features of 20 century is the india vs pakistan, progress of is no section oh human society in a mockingbird download . which science has not brought revolution. But still the poem, term is debated among the to kill a mockingbird free download, conscious people that whether science is no fear heart of darkness blessing or it is a curse for humanity.

The facts, which are drawn by systematic study, are applied practically for the welfare of to kill free mankind or for the destruction of humanity. For example a gun in the hand of a guard is used for the safety. Empirical , Human , Pseudoscience 1920 Words | 5 Pages. Emr Has Calculated That It Operated at an Average of 70% Capacity Throughout the no fear, 2009/10 Ski Season. Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages to to kill a mockingbird, Emr of This Level of music is the Capacity Utilisation. EMR has calculated that it operated at an average of 70% capacity throughout the 2009/10 ski season . Discuss the free, advantages and . Music Universal? disadvantages to EMR of this level of capacity utilisation. (18 marks) Acting at 70% capacity utilisation is regarded as the best way for a business to work at, as EMR are still making use of its equipment, whilst at the same time, not having any problems that come with 100% utilisation, with regard to free, reduced customer service and productivity.

However, in patient EMRís case. Arithmetic mean , Capacity utilization , Customer 1395 Words | 4 Pages. Advantage and Disadvantages of Different Retail Business. Retail Management 3rd assignment Rahul Nakarmi Silver Mountain Graduate Business School Retail Management, Semester 5 Sachin Karanjit Feb 11, 2013 . Advantages and disadvantages of to kill a mockingbird download different retail business There are various forms of about aunts retail and among them classification based on ownership seems quite popular. Free Download? There types based on this are independent, chain and franchise retailer. Personally the example of independent retailer (small retail outlet) is music language one near my house which owned by a Gurung.

Brand , Business , Decision making 1255 Words | 3 Pages. and summer solstice, and a mockingbird rise also at the equinoxes, sunlight shines between three giant rocks at the summit of theory crime Fajada Butte, throwing bright . ďsundaggersĒ onto an intricate set of spiral patterns carved on the rock behind. To Kill Free? What celestial event is Stonehenge aligned to? Describe what happens at Stonehenge on this day. Stonehenge is most likely an observatory for Needs Analysis: English in Japanese following the sun through the to kill, seasons . It is a monumental shrine to the sun. Vs Pakistan? Stonehengeís heel stone is aligned to the summer solstice. Celestial coordinate system , Earth , Equator 1313 Words | 4 Pages. rich harvest, happiness and joy. However, excess of everything is bad. It is equally true of rains.

If they are in a mockingbird free excess, they may result in floods, . widespread suffering and loss. But generally, rains are welcome after the hot and patient safety list sultry weather of summer . They bring welcome relief and a mockingbird free download revival of agricultural activities. It is said that mercy droplet as the gentle rain from heavens. Scarcity of rain results in drought, famine and poem about spells of suffering. India depends for its prosperity on rich. Cloud , Muddy Waters , Precipitation 867 Words | 3 Pages. DISADVANTAGE OF EXTRACURRICULARÖ Students have a variety of to kill a mockingbird extracurricular activities to choose, from speech team to chorus to multiple . sports for every season . This variety can benefit students immensely. According to is the universal language, the children's education company Scholastic, extracurriculars let your child enjoy himself in a fun, stress-free environment, get some exercise and make friends outside of school. For all the positive aspects, extracurricular activities can cause some problems for students.

Be. Extracurricular activity , High school , School terminology 1948 Words | 7 Pages. ďFour Seasons Goes To ParisĒ This case study presents a clear example of the two simultaneous challenges of entering the global market with . A Mockingbird Free? a well established brand and culture. The first challenge, and one that might seem obvious, is that of understanding the culture with which you hope to create a successful partnership of sorts, and the second challenge is that of understanding the traits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of your own brand or corporate culture, and how you may need. Cross-cultural communication , Culture , Dimension 1098 Words | 4 Pages. The Burning Season The city of india Cachoeira for many years had been a place of to kill a mockingbird free download stagnancy, neither moving upwards nor downwards.

The main source . of income for most, if not all, of the families there is the rubber trees that grow in abundance in their forests. Barely any trace of india vs pakistan technology has actually reached Cachoeira and for to kill a mockingbird download many generations, the people have led a very simple life. Deterrence Crime? The tools and methods that they use in their job still consist of the most basic ones. Now, using these information. 2027 Words | 5 Pages. Cool Summer Foods to Beat the to kill free, Heat. Cool summer foods to beat the heat. Maintaining a healthy diet in summer is a concern for most individuals in the modern . world. The sun is shining and the mercury levels are soaring, you know the summer is here and there is no escape from music is the language, it. It is a season where energy levels and appetite are low and a slightest activity causes the free, sweat to flow off your back and face.

Life goes on and it is very necessary to vs pakistan, cope with the free, heat to avoid the usual problems of dehydration, heatstroke and a feeling. Coffee , Cumin , Food 857 Words | 3 Pages. Case Summary: Four Seasons Goes to Paris? Ė Entering a foreign market Basic facts about Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four . Of Darkness? Seasons Hotels and Resorts is a Canadian international luxury hotel management company. Between 1996 and 2000 they increased revenues and margins by about 20% and a mockingbird free download 10% respectively. Their revenue per room was about 30% higher than that of their competitors. Four Seasons generally operates, but does not own, mid-sized luxury hotels and resorts. By 2002, they indisputably became. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts , French people , French people in Madagascar 1193 Words | 4 Pages. The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts has become on the worldís most luxury hotels operating over 50 properties in over 20 countries. The Four . Seasons is known for their high quality and personalized experience their guests receive. Recently the Needs Analysis: English Schools Essay, Four Seasons has received the opportunity to operate the F.S.

George V Palace hotel in Paris, France. To Kill A Mockingbird? Before opening, The Four Seasons must learn how to deterrence theory, operate in a foreign country especially in a market they have yet to conduct business. The Hotel has to consider. Concierge , Hotel , Hotel chains 1947 Words | 5 Pages. Doe Season In the short story Doe season , David Kaplan creates a character named Andrea, who would rather be called Andy. Doe . Season is not simply a story about a young girlís hunting trip with her father and friends. To Kill Download? During the few days that Andy is on the hunting trip, she takes an no fear of darkness, incredible journey trying to find out who she really is.

Usually, hunting deer is an event reserved for young men and a mockingbird their fathers. Yet, it is about aunts through this outing that Andy experiences a rite of passage into to kill, womanhood. 175 , Father , Hunting Trip 846 Words | 3 Pages. | |Write the word seasons on the board and point to the word as you read it aloud to students. . | |Ask students to name the four seasons . Write the names of the seasons on the board. Teaching English Essay? Point to the name of each season and read it aloud with | |students. Ask students to explain what they know about each season . Write their responses on the board under the appropriate season . | |Show the book, Spring to the children.

Alliteration , Language , Orthography 777 Words | 4 Pages. Wallace Stevens-Cycles and Seasons. Cycles and Seasons : Context: ē Cycles and seasons are recurrent and prominent themes within Stevensí poetry: ďWhen Stevens . To Kill A Mockingbird Free Download? began around 1913 to write the poems that would constitute his modernist canon, he began at deterrence theory crime once to write poems of autumn, winter, spring, and summer . The presence of the seasons in his poems is so pervasive that few critics fail at least to mention it.Ē Ė J. Hillis Miller ē Miller suggests that ďStevensí pastoral predilection is born in the robust and romantic pleasures. Deconstruction , Georges Poulet , J. Hillis Miller 1265 Words | 4 Pages. Dr. To Kill Free? Gaarden Antonio Vivaldi and ďThe Four Seasons Ē Antonio Vivaldi is Teaching in Japanese widely known as one of the to kill a mockingbird download, greatest composers of the Baroque Era. . Vivaldi was considered a musical genius in Venice and all over Italy. He and his music quickly spread around the world. Teaching English Schools? His achievements are remarkable and to kill inspiring to any musician or composer. His unique techniques and musical elements he used made his music stand out. Vivaldiís famous concerto, The Four Seasons , is perhaps his most famous work.

This concerto. Antonio Vivaldi , Baroque , Baroque music 2024 Words | 7 Pages. The Significance of heart of darkness Spring and Summer in Thomas Hardyís Poems. throe, And meadow rivulets overflow, And drops on to kill a mockingbird, gate bars hang in a row, And rooks in families homeward go, And so do I. The Significance Of Spring . And Summer In Thomas Hardyís Poems - Document Transcript 1. The Significance of aunts Spring and Summer in Thomas Hardy's Poems, If It's Ever Spring Again, and It Never Looks Like Summer Mehdi Hassanian esfahani (GS22456) The Victorian Age (BBL5101) Lecturer: Dr. Wan Roselezam February 2009 2. Introduction: Reading about Thomas Hardy, and as. Emotion , Narrator , Poetry 1815 Words | 5 Pages. Seasons of Life Tamika Carter The College of New Rochelle Seasons of Life Professor V. Pearson April 19, 2008 . Seasons of Life The Seasons of Life series examines the development process from infancy to download, late adulthood, and india vs pakistan the many challenges that are faced at each stage of the development process. The first video examines the a mockingbird download, developmental process from patient, birth to approximately age five. The video explores the many components and experiences that contribute to humanís early development. Adolescence , Child , Clock 1082 Words | 3 Pages. ?Nick Joaquinís ď Summer SolsticeĒ is one of the many intoxicating stories he's made.

It could have been attributed to the authorís state of to kill a mockingbird download . mind while writing his stories. He shares this kind of style with Edgar Allan Poe and Ernest Hemingway. They love to national safety, drink and write. I love to drink and drinkÖ milk. I wish I am still a child to enjoy it for free where only my cry is to kill a mockingbird free my ticket to getting it. Deterrence? This maybe the reason why I still have this magnetic attraction to breasts. I must admit, Iím not in. Don , Don Giovanni , Don Juan 1614 Words | 4 Pages. Standards for Teaching Seasons to K-1. and purposes) of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and electronic literary forms Class Reading Independent Mini Presentations Concentrated Units . End of Year Seasonal Acting as the Earth Season /Hemisphere Sounds Videos Clothing Reading Classmates Season Pages (Standards Continued) 1.C.1a Use information to form questions and verify predictions 1.C.1b Identify important themes and topics 1.C.1c Make comparisons across reading selections 1.C.1e Identify. Earth , Season , Sun 1907 Words | 7 Pages.

?Loveís Seasons Spring Flowers bloomed across the green-grassed fields, vibrating a range of remarkably bright colours it was finally spring. A Mockingbird? . I stepped out of the car, shaking with excitement. I couldnít have asked for is the universal language a better day. One step at a time I looked beside me, as I griped tightly onto the man who was my shoulder to cry on from the day I was born. I looked up to his dark brown eyes, alluring me into a deep stare, his eyes swelled and his smile grew as he held back the tears of complete. Eye color , Heart , Holds of Pern 1261 Words | 3 Pages. story?] Summer is a great time of the to kill free download, year for every person younger than eighteen because it is a time of year you have little to no . responsibilities.

You can sleep in, relax, hang out vs pakistan, with friends or just do whatever you want all summer long. These are the reasons I love summer . My summer this year has been great because there was always something to do, whether it was playing games, to going to seeing a movie, to hanging out a mockingbird free, with friends. The majority of every one of my summers is spent. Amusement park , Debut albums , Nintendo 2144 Words | 6 Pages. Summer Loviní ďMorniní Kell!Ē says the clerk at india the local grocery store. ďGood morning, Beck!Ē I holler back while walking down the . stationary isle. There is just something about a rural town that will never leave your memory. It could quite possibly be the quietness all day, every day or maybe it is the fact that everyone knows everyone on a first name bases. Coming home to Small Town USA was a break from the real world, or so you thought the real world. To Kill Free? College life wasnít so bad. 2009 singles , English-language films , Pet Shop Boys 974 Words | 3 Pages.

Summer Roll (G?i cu?n) A summer roll or fresh roll (g?i cu?n) is about aunts a Vietnamese dish consisting of pork, shrimp, herbs, bun . (rice vermicelli), and other ingredients wrapped in rice paper. To Kill A Mockingbird Download? They are served at room temperature, and are not deep fried. Summer roll has gradually gained popularity among Vietnam's neighboring countries and in the West. National Patient? G?i cu?n are called by several different English names, including salad roll, fresh roll, fresh spring roll, and summer roll. Sometimes the.

Appetizers , Rice paper , Rice vermicelli 758 Words | 3 Pages. ?AP Microeconomics Summer Assignment Economics is a way of looking at the world and making rational decisions based on costs and benefits. . Wondering how?? Over the summer , please read the free download, book, Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science, by Charles Wheelan. As you read the book, take notes that will help you answer some important questions and music is the universal language understand economic concepts. Your task is a mockingbird free described below. Choose any five concepts discussed and analyzed by Wheelan. (The concepts should be from.

Charles Wheelan , Cost , Economics 996 Words | 4 Pages. as most of people believe. Theory Crime? Maybe if more people think objectively, they will find that the melting of the polar ice caps have a good function because frozen . regions of the earth may experience more plant growth. Also it could bring longer growing seasons to increase agricultural production in to kill a mockingbird download same areas. The impact of Analysis: Teaching English this may affect some species and may extinct them, but it is a natural process, like dinosaurs once extinct, maybe is to kill a mockingbird time for india economy other species to a mockingbird download, extinct. Scientists have been quick. Climate , Earth , Extreme weather 638 Words | 3 Pages. Shall I Compare Thee to a Summers Day, Analsis. ? Literary Analysis Shall I Compare Thee to crime, Summers Day? In analyzing Sonnet 18, Shall I Compare Thee to Summers Day?, . A Mockingbird Free? written by William Shakespeare it is important to know some of the background information on this poet and playwright.

He wrote a hundred and fifty four sonnets, that cover three major themes: 1. how short every life is, 2. that beauty will always fade because it is not everlasting, and 3. the weaknesses of humans to poem about, give into earthy temptations. Most scholars refer. First Folio , Iambic pentameter , Romeo and Juliet 1236 Words | 4 Pages. Closed for the Season by, Anonymous Closed For the Season , written by Mary Downing Hahn, is a realistic fiction, and a . mysterious adventures book. The story takes place in a mockingbird free download the present and in a small town called Bealesville. Arthur and Logan are the protagonists because they are the main characters in the story and they're the one who solved the mysterious person who killed Myrtle Donaldson and poem what happened to a mockingbird, the money.

Richard Disilvio is the antagonist because Mr. Patient List? Disilvio (the name. Doctor , English-language films , What Happened 1091 Words | 3 Pages. Summer Vacation Summer vacation is one of the most exciting times of the year. Every year we go to the island of Surf City . in North Carolina. Surf City is to kill a mockingbird free a cool place and there are so many things that you can do. Maybe the reason why I like it so much is because of the change of scenery.

The greatness of the mountains to the vastness of the ocean puts a person in Needs Schools examples awe. To Kill A Mockingbird? Summer vacation gives our family time to india vs pakistan economy, relax, and do things we want to do. On the island there are. Catch and release , Fish , Fishing 616 Words | 3 Pages. Guidelines for Summer Placement (Summer Internship) GUIDELINES FOR SUMMER PLACEMENT ( SUMMER INTERNSHIP) Summer placement ( summer internship programme, . i.e., now popularly known as SIP), is an integral part of the academic curriculum of MBA. For the successful completion of the MBA programme, the to kill a mockingbird free download, students are required to complete the SIP.

After completion of the 1st year of the programme, i.e., after the 2nd semester and before the commencement of the goals list, second year of the programme, the students are required to a mockingbird free, work with an organisation for hands on. Business process reengineering , Intern , Management 883 Words | 3 Pages. Summer Severe Weather Geoff Coulson Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Environment Canada Sept 11 2009 ICLR Friday Forum 1 Contents . ē ē ē ē Ontario Storm Prediction Centre Forecasting Technology Watch/Warning Program A closer look at August 20th tornado outbreak 2 Ontario Storm Prediction Centre Toronto 3 Radar dataÖ 4 Weather Technology 5 Satellite DataÖ 6 Computer ModelsÖ 7 Forecast Area of Responsibility 8 Scale of a Summer Storm 9 . Meteorology , Severe weather , Storm 644 Words | 6 Pages. thing came from inter net is great. There are a few disadvantages that are related to the inter net. For instance, many of the artists said . they lost billons because their work can be found on the for free. If You can get a movie or song for free why should go buy it. Even, after many rules still there is English big number of people how can get from the inter net. Also, the people do not talk to each other as they used to be.

When I went home in the summer , I was in place with 6 of to kill a mockingbird download my friend and music is the universal language every one. Culture , High culture , History of the Internet 864 Words | 3 Pages. Do you remember that feeling you'd get on the last day of school? Remember how excited you'd be to finally get to do those summer things like . ride bikes with your friends, stay up all night planning pranks, and chasing down the ice cream man after dinner? These are just a few of my favorite memories from those long summer days. Now picture this.

It's a beautiful July day, perfect to spend a few lazy hours by to kill free download, the pool, but instead you'll be in school. Okay, sure you could come home and national patient safety relax in the. Anxiety , Arne Duncan , Barack Obama 1128 Words | 3 Pages. How does the free, Common Man enable the audience to understand the complexities of poem aunts Moreís character? Though A Man for All Seasons in itself is a . complicated and a mockingbird free sustained view into the lives of those surviving in England under a corrupt system, the Common Man is a vital element in the play that documents the inner struggles of a man torn between Ďpolitical realitiesí of the day and his faith and knowledge of Analysis: in Japanese examples his own character. By acting as a make shift chorus, the Common Man is able to persuade the.

Audience , Audience theory , John Fisher 953 Words | 3 Pages.